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Ar y Ffordd i'r Ffwti yn Ffrainc

Ar y Ffordd i'r Ffwti yn Ffrainc

Dylan Ebenezer a Malcolm Allen ar grwydr i Bordeaux, Lens a Toulouse, lleoliadau gemau ...

Mon, 30 May 2016

Heno: Mon, 30 May 2016

Cawn hanes Gwobr Tir na n'Og a gweld pa lyfrau plant sydd wedi dod i'r brig eleni. A lo...


Nico Nôg: Llwgu!

Mae Nico ar lwgu am ei fod wedi gorfod gadael y cwch ben bore i fynd i'r pentref efo Ma...

Cyngerdd yr Urdd 2016

Eisteddfod yr Urdd: Eisteddfod yr Urdd 2016, Cyngerdd yr Urdd 2016

Gyda Mike Peters, Caryl Parry Jones, Mark Evans, Richard ac Adam, Eden, Côr Hyn ac Iau ...

Hud Disglair

Bing: Hud Disglair

Mae Bing yn mynd i chwarae gyda Swla sydd yn brysur yn chwarae gêm o 'hud disglair'. Bi...

Ethiopia a Gogledd Canada

Plant y Byd: Ethiopia a Gogledd Canada

Yn y rhaglen hon teithiwn i ddwy wlad gyferbyniol - Ethiopia a Gogledd Canada i gyfarfo...

Hanes Ffrind Newydd Nel Gynffo

Guto Gwningen: Hanes Ffrind Newydd Nel Gynffo

Mae Nel Gynffon-wen wedi mynd i chwilio am ei ffrind newydd, y Llyg. When Nel Gynffon-w...

Twt yn Gweld Sêr

Tŵt: Twt yn Gweld Sêr

Mae Twt wrth ei fodd yn dysgu am y sêr gan yr Harbwr Feistr. The Harbour Master is teac...

Isabel - Chwarae yn y Swyddfa

Ti Fi a Cyw: Isabel - Chwarae yn y Swyddfa

Rydyn ni yn y gweithle'r wythnos hon ac mae'n rhaid i fam Isabel ddyfalu pa luniau mae ...


Marcaroni: Cyfres 1, Abercwtch

Mae Marcaroni'n cael trafferth i gysgu. Mae o'n sylweddoli'i fod o wedi colli'r ffordd ...

Dwi ddim ishio tacluso

Y Dywysoges Fach: Dwi ddim ishio tacluso

Mae'r Dywysoges Fach yn flin ei bod yn gorfod rhoi ei theganau i gadw tra ei bod yng ng...

Episode 2

2. Lost & Found Jam Sessions: Episode 2

Cast members from Lost & Found Music Studios perform a track from the show.

Gabriel Prokofiev

2. Ten Little Pieces: Gabriel Prokofiev

London-based composer Gabriel Prokofiev introduces his extraordinary piece.

Episode 6

6. Family Finders: Series 2, Episode 6

A man discovers a half-brother he never knew living just 50 miles away.

Callin' Callin' Part One

13. Lost & Found Music Studios: Callin' Callin' Part One

The girls' band holds auditions, which presents Clara with an opportunity.


1. Ten Little Pieces: Wagner

Christopher Eccleston goes in search of the story behind Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries.

Episode 1

1. Lost & Found Jam Sessions: Episode 1

Cast members from Lost & Found Music Studios perform a track from the show.

Episode 11

11. Officially Amazing: Series 5, Episode 11

Incredible contortionist Claudia Hughes attempts a record involving eggs and her feet.

Episode 6

6. Council House Crackdown: Series 2, Episode 6

How one tenant used two social housing flats to make thousands in unlawful profits.

Episode 6

6. For What It's Worth: Series 2, Episode 6

Antiques expert David Harper assists Fern as the three teams compete to win.

Love is Not Love

4. Upstart Crow: Love is Not Love

Will has completed his final sonnet and senses literary immortality just around the corner

A Midsummer Night's Dream

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Classic Shakespeare play adapted for television by Russell T Davies.

Episode 64

64. Eggheads: Series 17, Episode 64

Jeremy Vine hosts a general knowledge quiz featuring the UK's top quiz champions.

Episode 4

4. I Lár an Aonaigh: Series 4, Episode 4

Featuring Micheál Ó Conghaile, with music from Caitlín Nic Gabhann & Caoimhín Ó Fearghail.

Championship Highlights

3. Golf: PGA Championship: 2016, Championship Highlights

Hazel Irvine presents highlights of the final two rounds from the PGA Championship.

Episode 1

1. The Instant Gardener: Series 2, Episode 1

The team tackles a back garden suffering from the after-effects of flooding in York.

Episode 1

1. Springwatch Unsprung: 2016, Episode 1

Chris Packham is joined live in Suffolk by some very special guests.

Episode 13

13. Homes Under the Hammer: Series 20, Episode 13

Featuring a house in Devon, a one-bedroom flat in Tottenham and a building in Derby.

Lingerie Week

3. The Great British Sewing Bee: Series 4, Lingerie Week

The sewers work with the fiddliest of pattern pieces and the most delicate fabric.

Episode 1

1. Springwatch: 2016, Episode 1

Iolo Williams arrives on the Farne Islands in Northumberland, his home for three weeks.



A man's wife issues him with an ultimatum over his drinking.

The Real Versailles

The Real Versailles

The real-life stories behind one of the world's grandest buildings.


5293. EastEnders: 30/05/2016

Lauren is back in Albert Square, but how will her friends and family react to her return?

Episode 8

8. Have I Got a Bit More News for You: Series 51, Episode 8

Katherine Ryan hosts, with guest panellists Joe Wilkinson and and Gyles Brandreth.

Episode 15

15. RHS Chelsea Flower Show: 2016, Episode 15

Sophie Raworth and Joe Swift look back at the highlights of the RHS Chelsea Flower Show.

Star Roses

34. Clangers: Star Roses

A special star passes over the planet and as it does, the star roses bloom.


47. Messy Goes to OKIDO: Snowflakes

Messy wants to chill out in the snow, so he's lucky when the snowflakes come out to play!

A Mini Golf Adventure

27. Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave: A Mini Golf Adventure

Ruff-Ruff, Tweet and Dave learn how to play a game of mini-golf.


40. Wussywat the Clumsy Cat: Leafy

Wussywat discovers leaves and learns how to how to rake.

Episode 6

6. Home Ground: Episode 6

Jo Scott joins the fire brigade in the Mourne Mountains to help prevent wildfires.


Outside Source: 30/05/2016

Ros Atkins with an innovative take on the latest global stories.


World Business Report: 30/05/2016

The latest business news with informed analysis from the world's financial centres.


HARDtalk: Chris Eubank

Stephen Sackur talks to boxer Chris Eubank, former WBO world super-middleweight champion.


Asia Business Report: 30/05/2016

Live from Singapore, the essential business news as it breaks.


The Papers: 29/05/2016

A lively and informed conversation about the next day's headlines.

Episode 2

2. Storm Troupers: The Fight to Forecast the Weather: Episode 2

How modern weather forecasting was born amid 20th-century disasters like war and famine.


World News Today: 30/05/2016

The latest news, exploring the day's events from a global perspective.

Episode 10

10. The Graham Norton Show: Series 19, Episode 10

Graham's guests include Matt LeBlanc, Emilia Clarke, Kate Beckinsale and Dominic Cooper.

Episode 2

2. The Arts Show: 2016/2017, Episode 2

Actor Simon Callow investigates Orson Welles's early career in Ireland.


BBC Newsline: 30/05/2016

Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.


Reporting Scotland: 30/05/2016

The latest news and weather from around Scotland presented by Jackie Bird.


BBC Wales Today: 30/05/2016

News from Wales with Jamie Owen and Lucy Owen, plus weather and sports news.


BBC News at Ten: 30/05/2016

Latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.


The One Show: 30/05/2016

Matt Baker and Alex Jones are joined by Sian Williams. Richard Jones performs a trick.


BBC News at Six: 30/05/2016

National and international news stories from the BBC News team, followed by weather.


Newsround: 30/05/2016

Topical news magazine for children.


Newsround: 30/05/2016

Topical news magazine for children.


Newsround: 30/05/2016

Topical news magazine for children.


Top of the Pops: 29/10/1981

With Altered Images, Trevor Walters, Haircut 100, Squeeze, Olivia Newton John and OMD.


Weather for the Week Ahead: 30/05/2016

Detailed weather forecast.

The International Space Station

1. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 3, The International Space Station

The Stargazers find out what it's like inside the International Space Station.


1. Escape to the Country: Series 15 Compilations, Oxfordshire

Jules Hudson and Nicki Chapman showcase the county of Oxfordshire.

Third Time Unlucky

6. Break-in Britain - The Crackdown: Series 2, Third Time Unlucky

A pillar of the community is burgled for the third time. Keeley Donovan lends a hand.


32. Bargain Hunt: Series 36, Lincoln

Tim Wonnacott and the Bargain Hunt team head for the Lincolnshire showground.

Beyonce v McBusted

2. Pop Slam!: Series 2, Beyonce v McBusted

Beyonce and McBusted go head to head in three rounds.

5SOS v Paloma Faith

1. Pop Slam!: Series 2, 5SOS v Paloma Faith

5SOS and Paloma Faith go head to head in three rounds.

Episode 21

21. Pointless: Series 12, Episode 21

Quiz in which contestants try to score as few points as possible.


27. Flog It!: Series 9 Reversions, Todmorden

Paul Martin is joined by experts Catherine Southon and Adam Partridge in Yorkshire.

Episode 16

16. Epic Quick Blast: Series 2, Episode 16

Experts demonstrate how to build a sandcastle, play air guitar and live with wolves.

New Babysitter

15. Topsy and Tim: Series 1, New Babysitter

Mummy and Dad are going out, and the twins are being looked after by their new babysitter.


2. Francesco's Venice: Beauty

The golden age of architecture saw stone and marble palaces replace wooden houses.

Pennod 3

Codi Gôl: Pennod 3

Mae'r posibilrwydd o gael taith i Ffrainc o fewn gafael i'r timau o rieni. There's only...

Urdd 2016

Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol: Urdd 2016

Ar y Sul cyn dechrau Eisteddfod yr Urdd, daw'r rhaglen hon o Sir y Fflint. A Jamboree f...

Seiclo: Felothon Cymru

Seiclo: Seiclo: Felothon Cymru

Uchafbwyntiau Felothon Cymru a gynhaliwyd ar 22 Mai. Highlights of Velothon Wales held ...

Pennod 26

Top 14: Rygbi Ffrainc: Pennod 26

Y gorau o La Rochelle v Racing 92 ac Oyonnax v Castres. Highlights from the Top 14 feat...

Hoffwn i fod yn...

Pen-blwydd Pwy?: Cyfres 2 Bachgen, Hoffwn i fod yn...

Cyfres adloniadol ac addysgiadol wedi ei hanimeiddio. Entertaining and educational anim...

Pennod 5

Penblwyddi Cyw: Pennod 5

Os wyt ti'n dathlu dy ben-blwydd, dyma gyfle i ti weld dy lun ar Cyw. If you're celebra...


4. Stupid Man, Smart Phone: Italy

Russell attempts to climb the Dolomite mountains of Italy with partner Humza Arshad.


2. Flat TV: Sauce

Tom resorts to breaking and entering to get closer to gorgeous new neighbour Sophie.

The Package

1. Flat TV: The Package

Tensions are high in the flat as Tom and Naz wait for a package to arrive.


Antur y Gorllewin: Iwerddon

Mae Iolo Williams wedi cyrraedd Iwerddon lle mae'n profi bywyd gwyllt a thirwedd anhygo...

Fi a Mistar Urdd

Pethe: Cyfres 1, Fi a Mistar Urdd

Stori sefydlu'r cymeriad Mistar Urdd gan Wynne Melville Jones, a'i bwysigrwydd i ddatbl...

Plas Bodegroes, Pwllheli

Brwydr y Fwydlen: Plas Bodegroes, Pwllheli

Bydd tri o drigolion ardal Pwllheli yn camu i gegin Plas Bodegroes ac yn wynebu'r her o...

Llys Meddyg, Trefdraeth

Brwydr y Fwydlen: Llys Meddyg, Trefdraeth

Bydd tri o drigolion ardal Trefdraeth yn camu i gegin Llys Meddyg ac yn wynebu'r her o ...

Episode 9

9. Points of View: 2016, Episode 9

Jeremy Vine presents audience views on BBC TV over the week.


The Andrew Marr Show: 29/05/2016

With guests Tony Blair, Liam Fox, Elizabeth McGovern, Yanis Varoufakis and Amanda Platell.


Songs of Praise: 29/05/2016

Claire McCollum is aboard the only remaining ship to have fought in the Battle of Jutland.

Episode 18

18. The Big Questions: Series 9, Episode 18

The one question this week: did man create God? Nicky Campbell presents.


Countryfile: Snowdonia

John Craven races a hill runner to the summit of Snowdon.

Eugene, Oregon: Highlights

Athletics: IAAF Diamond League: 2016, Eugene, Oregon: Highlights

Highlights of the fourth event on the 2016 Diamond League calendar in Eugene, Oregon.

England v Wales Highlights

Rugby Union: 2015/2016, England v Wales Highlights

Highlights of England v Wales from Twickenham.

From Space!

544. CBeebies Bedtime Stories: From Space!

Astronaut Tim Peake reads a bedtime story from space!

Final Round Highlights

2. Golf: PGA Championship: 2016, Final Round Highlights

Highlights of the final round from the PGA Championship at the Wentworth Club in Surrey.

Men's Apparatus Final

Gymnastics: European Championships: 2016, Men's Apparatus Final

Highlights of the men's apparatus finals at the European Championships in Bern.

Belfast's Richest Radical

5. Groundbreakers: Belfast's Richest Radical

Historian John Bew explores the story of William Tennent.


4. Mozart Uncovered: Arias

Examining arias and duets from Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro and The Magic Flute.

Episode 1

1. Top Gear: Series 23, Episode 1

Chris Evans and Matt LeBlanc take a trip to Blackpool in a pair of Reliant three-wheelers.

Episode 2

2. General Assembly: 2016, Episode 2

Sheena McDonald reports on the final day of the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland

Belfast's Forgotten Hero: HMS Caroline

Belfast's Forgotten Hero: HMS Caroline

Following the restoration of HMS Caroline.

Coldplay Live

BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend: 2016, Coldplay Live

Coldplay play live as local boy Chris Martin leads the band in a return to the main stage.

Battle of Jutland: The Navy's Bloodiest Day

Battle of Jutland: The Navy's Bloodiest Day

Dan Snow investigates the events and the legacy of the largest naval battle of WWI.

Playing Beethoven's Fifth

Playing Beethoven's Fifth

Performed by Sir John Eliot Gardiner and the Orchestre Révolutionnaire et Romantique.

Lucerne - Live Coverage

Rowing World Cup: 2016, Lucerne - Live Coverage

Sir Matthew Pinsent with live coverage of this year's second World Cup event in Lucerne.

Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons Side by Side: The Interview

Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons Side by Side: The Interview

Kirsty Wark talks to two of the biggest stars of the modern art world.

Tiny's Good Idea

33. Clangers: Tiny's Good Idea

Mother's flowers are wilting. Tiny comes up with a brilliant idea to help her water them.


World News Today: 29/05/2016

The news programme for audiences who want more depth to their daily coverage.


The Papers: 29/05/2016

A lively, informed and in-depth conversation about the Sunday papers.

Veggie Theme

Countryfile: Veggie Theme

To mark National Vegetarian Week, Countryfile takes a look at all things veggie.

Episode 6

6. Later... with Jools Holland: Series 48, Episode 6

Guests on this show include the Last Shadow Puppets and Bonnie Raitt.


Newsround: 29/05/2016

Topical news magazine for children.


Newsround: 29/05/2016

Topical news magazine for children.


Newsround: 29/05/2016

Topical news magazine for children.

Spring Special

Countryfile: Spring Special

A snapshot of spring across Britain, including a look at dolphins in Cardigan Bay.


BBC Newsline: 29/05/2016

Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.


BBC Newsline: 29/05/2016

Local news worth watching from across Northern Ireland.


Reporting Scotland: 29/05/2016

The latest news and weather from around Scotland.


Reporting Scotland: 29/05/2016

The latest news and weather from BBC News Scotland.


BBC Wales Today: 29/05/2016

News and weather from BBC Wales.


BBC Wales Today: 29/05/2016

News and weather from BBC Wales.


BBC Weekend News: 29/05/2016

Latest national and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.


BBC Weekend News: 29/05/2016

The latest national and international news stories from the BBC.


BBC Weekend News: 29/05/2016

National and international news from the BBC.


Weather for the Week Ahead: 29/05/2016

Detailed weather forecast.

Episode 3

3. Copycats: Series 4, Episode 3

April's team from Falkirk go up against Sylvan's team from North Yorkshire.


35. Teletubbies: Series 1, Waving

The Teletubbies play a waving game and watch children wave as they set off on a boat trip.


34. Teletubbies: Series 1, Conga

The Teletubbies do conga dances over the hills and into Home Dome.


33. Teletubbies: Series 1, Rolling

Laa-Laa and Po have fun, first rolling a ball down a hill and then rolling each other!

A Lesson in Love

2. Wallander: Series 4, A Lesson in Love

When a woman's body is found, Wallander must act quickly to find the victim's daughter.

Episode 4

4. Normal for Norfolk: Episode 4

As winter approaches, life on Wiveton Hall farm is slowing down.


3. QI: Series M, M-Places

Stephen Fry meanders about places which start with an 'm' with Sue Perkins and Sami Shah.

Episode 8

8. Room 101 - Extra Storage: Series 4, Episode 8

Jameela Jamil, Adrian Chiles and Des O'Connor compete to banish their pet hates.

Children's TV

2. Pointless Celebrities: Series 8, Children's TV

Guests include Anthea Turner, Justin Fletcher, Dave Benson-Phillips and Sally James.

Friday Brainload!

6. Ultimate Brain: Series 2, Friday Brainload!

Stars of the series Friday Download take on two young teams.

Japan - Tokyo

4. The Hairy Bikers' Asian Adventure: Series 1 Cutdowns, Japan - Tokyo

Dave and Si discover the ultimate sushi at Tokyo's famous fish market.

Tredegar House 2

26. Antiques Roadshow: Series 37, Tredegar House 2

Treasures include a locket given by Queen Victoria and a Welsh-made classic car.

Biggest Band Break Ups and Make Ups

Biggest Band Break Ups and Make Ups

Mark Radcliffe looks at why bands break up and the secrets of those that stay together.

Roses and Climbers & Creepers

1. Great British Garden Revival: Series 2, Roses and Climbers & Creepers

Rachel de Thame champions old roses and Joe Swift praises climbers and creepers.

Finding Friends

5. Our School: Series 1, Finding Friends

Katie tries to make new friends and the pupils start some unusual subjects.

Australia 1

7. Deadly 60: Series 3, Australia 1

Steve and the crew are in Australia and it's deadly to the extreme.

The Baby Dolphin

35. Octonauts: Series 1, The Baby Dolphin

A young dolphin follows Kwazii home.


15. Wanted Down Under: Series 3 - 60 Minute Versions, Harris

Stonemason Mat Harris and his young family have a test week in Hobart, Tasmania.

Dilwyn Pierce

Noson Lawen: Cyfres 2006, Dilwyn Pierce

Ymunwch â Dilwyn Pierce, Dafydd Iwan, Eden, Côr Meibion Maelgwn, Siân ac Emyr Gibson ac...

Gwyl Wanwyn 2016

Gwyl Wanwyn 2016

Heledd Cynwal ac Ioan Doyle sy'n cyflwyno uchafbwyntiau Gwyl Wanwyn Frenhinol Cymru. An...

Bwystfil Bresych

Traed Moch: Bwystfil Bresych

Cyfres gartwn am deulu o foch a'u ffrindiau ar y fferm. Cartoon series following the ad...

Tim Peldroed Ysgol Pontygwaith

Lle Aeth Pawb?: Cyfres 1, Tim Peldroed Ysgol Pontygwaith

Ail greu llun a dynnwyd ym 1975 o dîm pêl-droed Ysgol Gynradd Gymraeg Pontygwaith. Recr...

Cofio Gwersylloedd yr Urdd

Cofio: Cofio Gwersylloedd yr Urdd

Ymunwch â Lisa Gwilym allu o wynebau cyfarwydd i gofio gwersylloedd yr Urdd. Join Lisa ...

Hanes Map Benja

Guto Gwningen: Hanes Map Benja

Ar ôl i Benja fynd ar goll, mae Guto a Lili yn rhoi map iddo i'w helpu i ddod o hyd i'w...

Rhys Jones: Gwr y Gan

Rhys Jones: Gwr y Gan

Rhaglen o 2010 sy'n cael ei dangos eto er cof am y cyfansoddwr Rhys Jones fu farw yn dd...

Y Diwrnod yr Aeth Blaidd i Bal

Bla Bla Blewog: Y Diwrnod yr Aeth Blaidd i Bal

Mae Nain yn edrych ar ôl Blaidd ac i ffwrdd â nhw am erddi Château Shampw. Nain is loo...

Gwreiddiau Roc: Y Tebot Piws

Gwreiddiau Roc: Y Tebot Piws

Golwg ar sut y daeth Dewi Pws, Emyr Huws Jones, Alun Sbardun Huws a Stan Morgan-Jones a...

Stiw yr Arlunydd

Stiw: Stiw yr Arlunydd

Er nad ydy Stiw'n ennill y gystadleuaeth Celf yn y Parc, mae Ceidwad y Parc am gael cad...

Episode 8

8. Can't Touch This: Episode 8

A stuntwoman, a grandfather and a flying farmer attempt to get their hands on the prizes.


Saturday Kitchen: 28/05/2016

John Torode presents, with Andy Oliver, Angela Hartnett and Julia Bradbury.


Talking Business: 27/05/2016

Talking Business comes from Japan, as it hosts the meeting of G7 leaders.

Ice Station Antarctica: Part Two

8. Horizon: 2015-2016, Ice Station Antarctica: Part Two

BBC weatherman Peter Gibbs's return to Antarctica becomes something of a rescue mission.


121. The Travel Show: 28/05/2016

Ade Adepitan looks at tech that's helping preserve historic monuments from armed conflict.

Disabled and Displaced

Our World: Disabled and Displaced

For disabled refugees, the future looks particularly difficult.


Click - Short Edition: 28/05/2016

A guide to all the latest gadgets, websites, games and computer industry news.

Episode 1

1. The Musketeers: Series 3, Episode 1

The battle-scarred musketeers reunite to rescue orphans from a brutal mercenary.

Episode 2


The team look back through all things Newsround, this time from the month of May.

Episode 3

3. This Week's World: Episode 3

Emily Maitlis speaks to Tony Blair about proposals to challenge the ideology behind ISIS.

Law and Order

7. Pointless Celebrities: Series 9, Law and Order

A special law and order edition of the quiz featuring four teams of celebrities.

Third Round Highlights

1. Golf: PGA Championship: 2016, Third Round Highlights

Hazel Irvine presents highlights of the third round from the PGA Championship.


3. Nick Baker's Wild West: Wetlands

Naturalist Nick Baker explores the wildlife-rich wetlands of south west England.

Men's Team Final

Gymnastics: European Championships: 2016, Men's Team Final

Matt Baker presents live coverage of the final of the men's team competition.

The Secret of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

The Secret of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony

John Eliot Gardiner reveals the story behind Beethoven's Fifth Symphony.

Episode 4

4. The National Lottery: In It to Win It: Series 18, Episode 4

Five contestants compete to win a big-money jackpot. Includes the weekend Lottery draws.

Episode 6

6. Michael McIntyre's Big Show: Episode 6

With music from All Saints and a game of Send to All featuring Alex Jones.

Episode 14

14. RHS Chelsea Flower Show: 2016, Episode 14

Monty Don and Joe Swift look back at the highlights of the week at the Chelsea Flower Show

Itsy Pixies: Dancing Bees

15. Spot Bots Zoople Time: Itsy Pixies: Dancing Bees

How many bees can you spot during the pixie dance?

Mumford & Sons

BBC Radio 1's Big Weekend: 2016, Mumford & Sons

From Powderham Castle near Exeter, the headline set from Mumford & Sons on the main stage.

This Life

36. Casualty: Series 30, This Life

Big Mac struggles to hide the toll his addiction is taking.


The Papers: 28/05/2016

A lively conversation about the next day's headlines.


World News Today: 28/05/2016

The news programme for audiences who want more depth to their daily coverage.


Reporters: 28/05/2016

A weekly showcase of the best reports from the BBC's global network of correspondents.


Click: 28/05/2016

A look at ad-blocking software and how it can affect content creation.


Dateline London: 28/05/2016

Foreign correspondents based in London give their views on the week's international news.

With Bebe Rexha

9. CBBC Official Chart Show: With Bebe Rexha

Cel joined by Bebe Rexha. The show also catches up with Caspar Lee and Craig David.

Space Spectacular

59. Blue Peter: Space Spectacular

Lindsey experiences what it is like to float like an astronaut in a zero-gravity plane.


Road to Rio: 27/05/2016

A catch-up with events and issues in the build-up to 2016's games in Rio.

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