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Ballina to Westport

15. Great British Railway Journeys: Series 8, Ballina to Westport

On the last leg of the journey, a seaweed bath is followed by a steamy scene in Ballina.


3. The World's Most Extraordinary Homes: Coast

Piers Taylor and Caroline Quentin explore extraordinary homes built in coastal locations.

Episode 2

2. Hospital: Episode 2

With nearly all their beds occupied, the pressure is on St Mary's to discharge patients.

Episode 2

2. Yorkshire Wolds Way: Episode 2

Paul Rose explores the Yorkshire Wolds Way, with a unique view of the chalk downland.

Something's Coming

2. Sound of Musicals with Neil Brand: Something's Coming

How a new generation of composers embraced more gritty, challenging subjects.

Rivers and Seas Collide 1

7. Coast: Series 8 Reversions, Rivers and Seas Collide 1

A journey around the great estuaries of Britain - the Firth of Forth, Thames and Severn.

Inside Chernobyl's Mega Tomb

Inside Chernobyl's Mega Tomb

The construction of a structure to entomb the ruins of the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.


2. Spy in the Wild: Intelligence

In Borneo, a spy creature meets real orangutans and discovers how they use human tools.

Dromod to Sligo

14. Great British Railway Journeys: Series 8, Dromod to Sligo

Michael Portillo learns how the Emerald Isle inspired the poet WB Yeats.

Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth

18. Horizon: 2016-2017, Clean Eating - The Dirty Truth

Dr Giles Yeo investigates the latest diet craze and social media sensation - clean eating.

Rapid Fire

3. Sword, Musket & Machine Gun: Britain's Armed History: Rapid Fire

Dr Sam Willis looks at the drive to develop ever more precise weapons on the battlefield.

Second Opinion

Second Opinion

Dr Xand van Tulleken takes a satirical look back on 2016 in health news.

Finding Love Online

3. Hayley: Finding Love Online

The serial swipers and the success and horror stories of their search for love online.

The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms

The Secret Rules of Modern Living: Algorithms

The hidden world of algorithms, which run everything from search engines to satnavs.

Navan to Mullingar

13. Great British Railway Journeys: Series 8, Navan to Mullingar

Michael Portillo gets up to speed with modern archaeology in County Meath.

Portable Record Player

4. James May: The Reassembler: Series 2, Portable Record Player

James May pieces together the 195 parts of the Dansette Bermuda portable record player.

Autism: Challenging Behaviour

Autism: Challenging Behaviour

A look at how ABA (applied behaviour analysis) is used to treat autism.

A Very English Winter: The Unthanks

A Very English Winter: The Unthanks

Rachel and Becky Unthank explore England's hidden winter customs and dance traditions.

It's Just Like Switzerland

6. Grand Tours of Scotland: Series 3, It's Just Like Switzerland

Paul Murton learns how Scotland was first promoted as a winter holiday destination.

Stacey on the Frontline: Girls, Guns and Isis

Stacey on the Frontline: Girls, Guns and Isis

Stacey embeds herself with the all-female Yazidi battalion fighting Isis in Iraq.

Greystones to Dublin

12. Great British Railway Journeys: Series 8, Greystones to Dublin

At Trinity College, Dublin, Michael Portillo discovers one of Ireland's greatest treasures


2. Our Dancing Town: Skipton

Steve Elias heads to Skipton, to find out what makes this picturesque market town tick.

The Paper Thistle: 200 Years of the Scotsman

The Paper Thistle: 200 Years of the Scotsman

The story of The Scotsman, one of Britain's most famous newspapers.

Episode 2

2. Saved: At the Heart of the Health Service: Episode 2

Series taking a look at the health service in Northern Ireland.

Building Britain

1. Britain Beneath Your Feet: Building Britain

Dallas Campbell reveals the hidden wonders beneath our feet.


3. The King & the Playwright: A Jacobean History: Legacy

How later plays saw Shakespeare still alert to the troubled Jacobean world around him.

Wexford to Wicklow

11. Great British Railway Journeys: Series 8, Wexford to Wicklow

Armed with his Bradshaw's Handbook, Michael Portillo begins a journey across Ireland.

The People's Champions

1. Talking Snooker: The People's Champions

A look at the lives and careers of Alex Higgins, Jimmy White and Ronnie O'Sullivan.

Episode 3

3. Britain's Ancient Capital: Secrets of Orkney: Episode 3

Andy Torbet dives below the waves in search of the inspiration for the first stone circle.

A Grey Head is a Crown of Glory

3. An Island Parish: Anguilla, A Grey Head is a Crown of Glory

Celebrations are taking place as the Queen turns 90 and ex-pat Margaret Jones turns 100.

The Mysterious North

3. Thailand: Earth's Tropical Paradise: The Mysterious North

Northern Thailand hides ancient creatures and surprising partnerships.

Zero Day: Nuclear Cyber Sabotage

Storyville: Zero Day: Nuclear Cyber Sabotage

The computer malware allegedly unleashed to destroy part of an Iranian nuclear facility.

The Casebook

Call the Midwife: The Casebook

The history of childbirth in the 1950s and 60s and its portrayal in the drama series.

The Bus Awakens

1. Bus Wars: The Bus Awakens

As the tourist season starts, the tour operators fight for every last customer.

Episode 2

2. The Mart: Series 2, Episode 2

Auctioneer Scott faces his biggest challenge yet - selling eggs that are hatching.

Padarn Country Park

3. Iolo's Great Welsh Parks: Series 3, Padarn Country Park

Iolo Williams visits Padarn Country Park near Llanberis in Snowdonia.