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Sasha Bellman P.I.

7. The Dumping Ground: Series 5, Sasha Bellman P.I.

Sasha turns PI when a parcel disappears.


10. Wolfblood Secrets: Accused

Jones and Smith come head to head as the investigation nears its conclusion.


9. Wolfblood Secrets: Lies

The investigation into wolfbloods is at a critical stage as Smith calls in a witness.

The Big Day

12. Millie Inbetween: Series 3, The Big Day

Mum and Mike decide to get married but the only available slot is just days away.

Maud's Big Mistake

8. The Worst Witch: Maud's Big Mistake

Maud's panic about parent's evening pushes her to use a forgetting powder.


8. Wolfblood Secrets: Morwal

Tension rises as Jones delves into a subject Jana would rather avoid - the Morwal.


7. Wolfblood Secrets: Hatred

The interrogation grows more personal and Matei struggles to cooperate.

Last Shot

21. Lost & Found Music Studios: Last Shot

The girls swap a band member with the boys and Leia schemes to keep Luke and Maggie apart.


6. Wolfblood Secrets: Control

Smith hits a nerve with Selina when he accuses her of not being able to control her wolf.

Millie in the Mirror

7. Millie Inbetween: Series 3, Millie in the Mirror

Millie helps Craig get his self-confidence back - but what can she do about her own?

Faking It

6. The Dumping Ground: Series 5, Faking It

Opportunity knocks for Floss but facing the cameras means facing her fears.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

How to Train Your Dragon 2

When they discover a secret cave, it is up to Hiccup and Toothless to protect the peace.

Valentine's Day

11. Millie Inbetween: Series 3, Valentine's Day

Millie pretends she has a new boyfriend to get her sister's attention.

The Future Is Now

6. Millie Inbetween: Series 3, The Future Is Now

Millie has to choose her school subjects but she is finding it impossible.

The Best Teacher

7. The Worst Witch: The Best Teacher

Mildred learns not to take short cuts when a wisdom spell goes wrong.

Selection Day Part 2

2. The Worst Witch: Selection Day Part 2

Mildred attempts to enrol at Cackle's Academy by taking the magical exam.

Selection Day Part 1

1. The Worst Witch: Selection Day Part 1

Mildred Hubble's world changes when she learns about selection day at Cackle's Academy.

How Far We've Come

20. Lost & Found Music Studios: How Far We've Come

Isaac forces Tully out of Lost & Found, leaving Mary heartbroken.

Mum's the Word

5. Millie Inbetween: Series 3, Mum's the Word

Millie learns that Mike has lost his job at the gym, but he's too depressed to tell mum.

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

Animation. A young Viking forms an unlikely friendship with Toothless, an injured dragon.

Dream Christmas

4. Millie Inbetween: Series 3, Dream Christmas

Millie is surprised by her grandparents' arrival on Christmas Day.

Dad's New Flat

1. Millie Inbetween: Series 3, Dad's New Flat

Dad, Amber and the family move into a bigger flat - with an extra bedroom.

Sittin' in a Tree

5. The Dumping Ground: Series 5, Sittin' in a Tree

Jody realises that playing Cupid has consequences she may not like.

Hit My Heart

19. Lost & Found Music Studios: Hit My Heart

Isaac stews as Tully spends more time at Lost & Found.


10. Millie Inbetween: Series 3, Playdate

Mum and Mike plan a caravan holiday, but the kids want to spend time away from grown-ups.

Take Control

18. Lost & Found Music Studios: Take Control

Luke's interview on Annabelle's vlog angers the whole studio.

The Great Wizard's Visit

6. The Worst Witch: The Great Wizard's Visit

Miss Cackle isn't herself when the Great Wizard visits, leaving her job in jeopardy.


17. Lost & Found Music Studios: Wondering

Luke and the boys come up with a crazy video idea.

Rhythm is my Heartbeat

16. Lost & Found Music Studios: Rhythm is my Heartbeat

Leia's plan to fix Luke's van backfires, jeopardising Rachel and Leia's friendship.

Sweet Tart

15. Lost & Found Music Studios: Sweet Tart

The girls' band experiences a power struggle as Maggie questions the old rules.

The Fairytale Princess

4. The Dumping Ground: Series 5, The Fairytale Princess

Chloe meets the girly Candi-Rose, but is their friendship doomed to fail?


12. DIXI: Series 3, Showtime

Shari and Mimi finally face down the Nameless One. Whodunnit?

Going Green

9. Millie Inbetween: Series 3, Going Green

Millie goes green and insists the whole family make do without the internet for a week.

Pond Life

5. The Worst Witch: Pond Life

Mildred makes a mistake which has unfortunate consequences for Ethel.

Who Sent in the Clowns?

11. DIXI: Series 3, Who Sent in the Clowns?

The Nameless One causes new chaos on the evening of the showcase.

The Show Must Go On

10. DIXI: Series 3, The Show Must Go On

An old Dixi post from the past leads to upset for one of the students.