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Five Days

28. Casualty: Series 31, Five Days

Five days spent with Robyn on the neonatal intensive care unit.


172. Doctors: Series 18, Twisted

Emma's desperation for company leads her to make the wrong move with the wrong person.

Water Works

171. Doctors: Series 18, Water Works

A relaxed Jimmi is back from his trip, but gets a harsh reality check.

Crossing Palms

170. Doctors: Series 18, Crossing Palms

Valerie gets a frosty warning from Mrs Tembe.

The Hangover

23. Holby City: Series 19, The Hangover

Fletch makes a shocking discovery about the man Morven has been messaging.

Growing Pains

24. Holby City: Series 19, Growing Pains

Essie is shocked when Parker turns up at the hospital with his injured friend.

Tangled Webs

169. Doctors: Series 18, Tangled Webs

Valerie goes too far when she pries into Emma and Sid's personal life.

I Do

168. Doctors: Series 18, I Do

Bonding over a motorbike steers Mrs Tembe and JJ's relationship in a new direction.


27. Casualty: Series 31, Mobile

Robyn tries to make David see sense as the team rush to find them.

The Beginning

167. Doctors: Series 18, The Beginning

Sid faces one of the most important interviews of his career.


166. Doctors: Series 18, Granimosity

Heston and Ruhma plan their trip to Tuscany, and Mrs Tembe has a lunch date.

Restricted View

165. Doctors: Series 18, Restricted View

Mrs Tembe comes to a decision at the opera, and Sid visits his mentor.

The Luckiest Person in the World... Ever!

164. Doctors: Series 18, The Luckiest Person in the World... Ever!

Emma has a nervous wait, and Valerie tries to help the luckiest man in the world.


163. Doctors: Series 18, Stuck

A straightforward consultation ends up having life-changing consequences for Emma.

Episode 8

8. Call the Midwife: Series 6, Episode 8

A wedding is hastily arranged following an unexpected turn of events.

The Good Samaritan

26. Casualty: Series 31, The Good Samaritan

Charlie helps a reluctant friend to face her fears.

Mate's Rates

162. Doctors: Series 18, Mate's Rates

Mrs Tembe is happy to find someone who shares her love of reading, but it isn't Charles.

Episode 7

7. Call the Midwife: Series 6, Episode 7

The legacy of thalidomide becomes apparent and Nurse Crane faces an unexpected crisis.

Far from the Tree

161. Doctors: Series 18, Far from the Tree

It is Emma's first day back, and she gives Al a piece of her mind.


160. Doctors: Series 18, Surveillance

Rob ends up counselling a burglar. Daniel takes a huge risk and visits Sarah.

Other People's Dreams

22. Holby City: Series 19, Other People's Dreams

Jasmine fights chronic fatigue while trying to impress Serena and support Morven.

Parlez-Moi D'Amour

159. Doctors: Series 18, Parlez-Moi D'Amour

Heston and Ruhma clash when they have very different ideas about the perfect dinner party.

Life after Death

158. Doctors: Series 18, Life after Death

Daniel's car breaks down and traps Daniel and Al inside.

It Starts with the Shoes

25. Casualty: Series 31, It Starts with the Shoes

David's behaviour is cause for concern, and Gem struggles on her first day at work.

The Icarus Complex

157. Doctors: Series 18, The Icarus Complex

Ruhma visits Mrs Tembe at home with an ulterior motive.

The Evil One

156. Doctors: Series 18, The Evil One

Daniel struggles to deal with the events of the previous day.

A Sticky End

155. Doctors: Series 18, A Sticky End

Daniel has to deal with an emergency in a camping shop.

The Price We Pay

21. Holby City: Series 19, The Price We Pay

Raf's plans for his future with Kim are shattered by a shocking revelation.

Calling George

154. Doctors: Series 18, Calling George

Barry is tasked with looking after a haunted building on campus.

The Prize

153. Doctors: Series 18, The Prize

Mrs Tembe and JJ take to the hospital kitchens to prove a point.

Episode 6

6. Call the Midwife: Series 6, Episode 6

Valerie Dyer cares for a pregnant Somali woman whose culture has some unfamiliar aspects.

Slipping Under

24. Casualty: Series 31, Slipping Under

Connie is faced with a difficult decision when an opportunity for vengeance arises.

The Best Days of Your Life

152. Doctors: Series 18, The Best Days of Your Life

Heston attempts to avoid an old enemy, while Mrs Tembe enlists JJ's help.

Illegally High

151. Doctors: Series 18, Illegally High

Emma and Lena have a massive row.

Stuff Happens

150. Doctors: Series 18, Stuff Happens

Emma is shocked when Lena's daughter lays into her for breaking up her family.

What We Pretend to Be

20. Holby City: Series 19, What We Pretend to Be

Isaac's relationship with Dominic reaches breaking point.