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Episode 4

4. The Code: Series 2, Episode 4

Jesse must lie to Roth in order to save his own skin and that of Hani's father.

Episode 3

3. The Code: Series 2, Episode 3

Racing to find Callum before it is too late, Jesse and Roth forge an unlikely alliance.

Episode 1

1. The Code: Series 2, Episode 1

Jesse and Ned Banks are confronted with the possibility of being extradited to the US.

Episode 2

2. The Code: Series 2, Episode 2

Kidnapped by Roth, Jesse and Hani disappear into the West Papua jungles.

The Walker

The Walker

A male escort in Washington DC becomes unwittingly embroiled in a murder plot.

One Month in Summer

1. 37 Days: One Month in Summer

The British Foreign Office receives news of an assassination in the Balkans.

A Child of Denmark

1. Borgen: Series 3, A Child of Denmark

Having left politics and now divorced, Birgitte Nyborg is moving house with her children.

Salting the Battlefield

Salting the Battlefield

Johnny Worricker is on the run across Europe with Margot Tyrell, with the net closing in.

Turks & Caicos

Turks & Caicos

An MI5 agent's life is endangered after he becomes embroiled in a political scandal.

One Long Weekend

3. 37 Days: One Long Weekend

Events in Britain reach a crescendo as Germany issues its ultimatum to Belgium.

One Week in July

2. 37 Days: One Week in July

The German military command conspires to force the kaiser's hand.



Cold War drama. A trainee spy is asked to 'turn' a Russian diplomat he knew at university.

Sons of the Past

6. Borgen: Series 3, Sons of the Past

Birgitte suggests a former Communist Party member should run for the New Democrats.

Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

5. Borgen: Series 3, Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery

The New Democrats assert themselves by condemning prostitution in Denmark.

Their Loss...

4. Borgen: Series 3, Their Loss...

The quality of Danish bacon is called into question as Birgitte's boyfriend falls ill.

The Right Shade of Brown

3. Borgen: Series 3, The Right Shade of Brown

The New Democrats participate in a TV discussion on the integration of ethnic minorities.

The Land is Built on Law

2. Borgen: Series 3, The Land is Built on Law

Angry over the government's immigration legislation Nyborg chooses to start a new party.

The Election

10. Borgen: Series 3, The Election

The day of the election arrives, but politics is not the only thing on Birgitte's mind.

Sense and Sensibility

9. Borgen: Series 3, Sense and Sensibility

With the general election nearing, the mudslinging begins.

If You Never Change Your Mind

8. Borgen: Series 3, If You Never Change Your Mind

As election day nears, Birgitte comes clean to her party about her recent performance.

The Ides of March

The Ides of March

Political drama. A staffer working for a presidential candidate learns a harsh lesson.

Animal Farm

Animal Farm

An animated version of George Orwell's classic allegorical novel.

Episode 1

1. The Politician's Husband: Episode 1

A stellar political couple face an unstable future after his resignation from the cabinet.

Episode 3

3. The Politician's Husband: Episode 3

Aiden plots a brilliant comeback - as well as Freya and Bruce's downfall.

Episode 2

2. The Politician's Husband: Episode 2

Unable to accept his wife's success, Aiden begins to plot Freya and Bruce's downfall.

An Extraordinary Remark

10. Borgen: Series 2, An Extraordinary Remark

Birgitte's deputy Hans-Christian Thorsen positions himself as her successor.

The Sanctity of Private Life

9. Borgen: Series 2, The Sanctity of Private Life

Birgitte's private life is strained as she is forced to make tough healthcare decisions.

What Is Lost Inwardly Must Be Won Outwardly - Part 2

8. Borgen: Series 2, What Is Lost Inwardly Must Be Won Outwardly - Part 2

The eyes of the world are on Copenhagen as the peace talks draw near.

What Is Lost Inwardly Must Be Won Outwardly - Part 1

7. Borgen: Series 2, What Is Lost Inwardly Must Be Won Outwardly - Part 1

For popularity, Birgitte is tempted to help broker peace in a central African country.

Them and Us

6. Borgen: Series 2, Them and Us

The coalition's right wing submits a bill to lower the age of criminal responsibility.

Plant a Tree

5. Borgen: Series 2, Plant a Tree

Birgitte's government negotiates the environmental element of a new reform package.

The Last Worker

3. Borgen: Series 2, The Last Worker

Birgitte's government prepares to present a new welfare reform package.

Battle Ready

4. Borgen: Series 2, Battle Ready

Brigitte's private life is in tatters and she makes a mistake that threatens her career.

In Brussels, No-One Can Hear You Scream

2. Borgen: Series 2, In Brussels, No-One Can Hear You Scream

Nyborg is to appoint a new EU commissioner and her old mentor is an obvious candidate.

89,000 Children

1. Borgen: Series 2, 89,000 Children

Prime minister Nyborg visits the Danish troops in Afghanistan.

Thirteen Days

Thirteen Days

Tense political thriller set during the Cuban missile crisis in October 1962.