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148. Doctors: Series 18, Scaredy-Cat

Al makes a bet with Ayesha that he can go two hours without human contact.


5445. EastEnders: 17/02/2017

The Carters hold the next themed night at The Vic but things take an unexpected turn.

Suspicious Mind

147. Doctors: Series 18, Suspicious Mind

Valerie tricks Mrs Tembe into going pheromone dating.


5443. EastEnders: 16/02/2017

Michelle struggles with her situation. Stacey steps in to help a friend.

The Ties That Bind

146. Doctors: Series 18, The Ties That Bind

Karen and Rob help foster child Adam to reconnect with his mum.


145. Doctors: Series 18, Trespass

Al is all fired up for the pub quiz, but will he lead his team to victory?


5442. EastEnders: 14/02/2017

It's Valentine's Day in Albert Square, and one Walford couple try to look to the future.

The Food of Love

144. Doctors: Series 18, The Food of Love

Emma receives Valentine's flowers, but who sent them?


1065. River City: 14/02/2017

Pete is befriended by a doctor at the hospital, but is he who he says he is?


5441. EastEnders: 13/02/2017

Whitney and Lee's relationship reaches breaking point. Jay struggles with recent news.


143. Doctors: Series 18, Magpie

Sid is mortified when he discovers Bethany has a crush on him.


5440. EastEnders: 10/02/2017

The pressure builds for one Walford couple. Michelle reaches out to Bex.


142. Doctors: Series 18, Hoops

Sid discovers there is more to the work experience girl than meets the eye.

09/02/2017 Part Two

5439. EastEnders: 09/02/2017 Part Two

Jack grows paranoid at Glenda's intentions. Mick does his best to remain positive.

09/02/2017 Part One

5438. EastEnders: 09/02/2017 Part One

Babe attempts to make amends. One resident is faced with a tough decision.

The Silent Land

141. Doctors: Series 18, The Silent Land

Emma and Lena bond over a leisurely picnic.


5437. EastEnders: 07/02/2017

The Carters reach crisis point. Shakil struggles to cope with the gossip.


5436. EastEnders: 06/02/2017

Tensions simmer for the Fox family. Carmel is disappointed by Shakil's latest actions.

The Lunch Break

140. Doctors: Series 18, The Lunch Break

A self-help book leaves a bad taste in everyone's mouth.


139. Doctors: Series 18, Saturated

Sid suspects something is wrong with Mrs Tembe, but can he persuade her to accept help?

Cool Mom

138. Doctors: Series 18, Cool Mom

It is the library launch, and Mrs Tembe is determined to make it work.


5435. EastEnders: 02/02/2017

Things go from bad to worse for one Walford family, and Babe stirs up more trouble.


5433. EastEnders: 30/01/2017

The residents reel from the events of last week and do their best to return to normal.


5434. EastEnders: 31/01/2017

Tina takes matters into her own hands, and there is more trouble in store for the Carters.


1064. River City: 07/02/2017

Caitlin's plans to give Drew a great send-off go awry.

Girls and Boys

137. Doctors: Series 18, Girls and Boys

Karen has pulled out all the stops for Adam, but will he appreciate her efforts?

New Leaf

136. Doctors: Series 18, New Leaf

Karen is mystified when she hears strange noises coming from Jimmi's consulting room.

A Question of Faith

135. Doctors: Series 18, A Question of Faith

Jimmi has a new interest, and Karen is in turmoil - what should she do about Adam?

The Cost of Living

134. Doctors: Series 18, The Cost of Living

Zara returns and is shocked to find that Mrs Tembe has introduced a library at the Mill.

The Cat's Pyjamas

133. Doctors: Series 18, The Cat's Pyjamas

Rosie is ready to quit university, while Emma wants them to fight fire with fire.


1063. River City: 31/01/2017

With Jimmy's debt paid off, Scarlett decides to close down her weed operation.


5432. EastEnders: 26/01/2017

One resident makes a huge decision.

Bake Off

132. Doctors: Series 18, Bake Off

Bren wakes up and, whilst Ayesha wants her to move in, Tyler is keen to talk to her alone.


131. Doctors: Series 18, Fragile

Ruhma grows concerned for the wellbeing of a pregnant woman with learning difficulties.


5431. EastEnders: 24/01/2017

Mick is shocked by what he sees. Stacey receives some alarming news.


5430. EastEnders: 23/01/2017

Stacey grows frustrated at Martin's actions. Louise is left mortified by recent events.