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5466. EastEnders: 28/03/2017

Michelle's world comes crashing down. Denise has a proposition for Kush.

Seven Years

174. Doctors: Series 18, Seven Years

Zara hatches a new plan, and JJ is worried about his future with Mrs Tembe.


1071. River City: 28/03/2017

Bob accidentally tells Kim that he loves her and worries that he has scared her off.

Hell Is More Kind

173. Doctors: Series 18, Hell Is More Kind

A desperate Emma goes too far in trying to forget her troubles.


172. Doctors: Series 18, Twisted

Emma's desperation for company leads her to make the wrong move with the wrong person.


5464. EastEnders: 23/03/2017

Michelle struggles with the rising pressure.

Water Works

171. Doctors: Series 18, Water Works

A relaxed Jimmi is back from his trip, but gets a harsh reality check.

Crossing Palms

170. Doctors: Series 18, Crossing Palms

Valerie gets a frosty warning from Mrs Tembe.

21/03/2017 Part Two

5463. EastEnders: 21/03/2017 Part Two

Whitney grows concerned at Lauren's intentions.

21/03/2017 Part One

5462. EastEnders: 21/03/2017 Part One

Jay throws a house party for Ben's birthday but soon gets a shock.

Tangled Webs

169. Doctors: Series 18, Tangled Webs

Valerie goes too far when she pries into Emma and Sid's personal life.


1070. River City: 21/03/2017

Will the men in Amber's life save her from certain death? Liz pines for Alasdair.


5461. EastEnders: 20/03/2017

Denise remains on edge as she waits to hear about her future. Lauren confides in Whitney.

I Do

168. Doctors: Series 18, I Do

Bonding over a motorbike steers Mrs Tembe and JJ's relationship in a new direction.

17/03/2017 Part One

5459. EastEnders: 17/03/2017 Part One

Lauren tries to build bridges with Max. Bex finds herself in a desperate situation.

17/03/2017 Part Two

5460. EastEnders: 17/03/2017 Part Two

The Carters prepare for St Patrick's Day celebrations at the Vic.

The Beginning

167. Doctors: Series 18, The Beginning

Sid faces one of the most important interviews of his career.


5458. EastEnders: 16/03/2017

Mick gets a shock. Kush makes matters worse for himself.


166. Doctors: Series 18, Granimosity

Heston and Ruhma plan their trip to Tuscany, and Mrs Tembe has a lunch date.


5457. EastEnders: 14/03/2017

Mick throws himself into turning things around for the Carters.

Restricted View

165. Doctors: Series 18, Restricted View

Mrs Tembe comes to a decision at the opera, and Sid visits his mentor.

The Luckiest Person in the World... Ever!

164. Doctors: Series 18, The Luckiest Person in the World... Ever!

Emma has a nervous wait, and Valerie tries to help the luckiest man in the world.


163. Doctors: Series 18, Stuck

A straightforward consultation ends up having life-changing consequences for Emma.


1069. River City: 14/03/2017

Amber realises that Belinda is holding her hostage.

09/03/2017 Part Two

5456. EastEnders: 09/03/2017 Part Two

Carmel crosses a line, leading to a fraught situation.

Mate's Rates

162. Doctors: Series 18, Mate's Rates

Mrs Tembe is happy to find someone who shares her love of reading, but it isn't Charles.

09/03/2017 Part One

5455. EastEnders: 09/03/2017 Part One

Mick receives an unexpected offer. Bex remains in turmoil.

Far from the Tree

161. Doctors: Series 18, Far from the Tree

It is Emma's first day back, and she gives Al a piece of her mind.


160. Doctors: Series 18, Surveillance

Rob ends up counselling a burglar. Daniel takes a huge risk and visits Sarah.


5454. EastEnders: 07/03/2017

Things grow even worse for Bex. Recent actions catch up with Michelle.

Parlez-Moi D'Amour

159. Doctors: Series 18, Parlez-Moi D'Amour

Heston and Ruhma clash when they have very different ideas about the perfect dinner party.


1068. River City: 07/03/2017

Angel prepares to head back to Berlin. Patrick is faced with a tough decision.


5453. EastEnders: 06/03/2017

Michelle is thrown into panic. Shirley comes up with an idea to help Mick.

Life after Death

158. Doctors: Series 18, Life after Death

Daniel's car breaks down and traps Daniel and Al inside.


5452. EastEnders: 03/03/2017

A desperate Mick sees a way out - will he get the answer he hopes for?

The Icarus Complex

157. Doctors: Series 18, The Icarus Complex

Ruhma visits Mrs Tembe at home with an ulterior motive.