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The Ring

The Ring

A journalist faces a race against time when she investigates a strange videotape.

The Uninvited

The Uninvited

Thriller. A teenager is plagued by supernatural visions after surviving a house fire.

Eagle Eye

Eagle Eye

Thriller involving two strangers thrust together by a mysterious telephone call.

Episode 1

1. The Witness for the Prosecution: Episode 1

A dashing young chancer is accused of murdering a rich widow for her money.

Episode 2

2. The Witness for the Prosecution: Episode 2

Mayhew's case teeters on defeat after Romaine turns on him.


7. The Missing: Series 2, 1991

Julien finally learns the truth behind Alice and Sophie's abduction.

Episode 4

4. Deep Water: Episode 4

Nick and Tori discover a vital lead previously masked by dodgy detective work.

Episode 3

3. Deep Water: Episode 3

Reeling with guilt, Nick and Tori investigate Toohey's past links to the Pointers gang.

Episode 8

8. Modus: Series 1, Episode 8

Inger Johanne and Ingvar finally have a clear picture of the killer's identity and motive.

Episode 7

7. Modus: Series 1, Episode 7

Inger Johanne gets closer to understanding the killer's frame of mind.

Episode 6

6. Modus: Series 1, Episode 6

The noose is tightening around Marcus Stahl, who also finds himself suspected of murder.

Episode 5

5. Modus: Series 1, Episode 5

Police begin to grapple with what they now believe is a homophobic motive.

Episode 2

2. Modus: Series 1, Episode 2

Detective Nyman is dispatched to Uppsala to investigate the killing of Bishop Lindgren.

Episode 1

1. Modus: Series 1, Episode 1

Criminal profiler Inger's autistic daughter becomes an unwitting witness to a murder.

Mystery Road

Mystery Road

An indigenous detective investigates when a murdered girl is found on a remote road.

The Las Vegas Story

The Las Vegas Story

A woman who used to sing in Vegas returns only to find herself involved in a mystery.

Hard Rain

Hard Rain

Action thriller. A security guard in a flooding town tries to stop a major bank heist.


4. The Missing: Series 2, Statice

Gemma is forced to face up to the destruction wrought on her family.

A Prison Without Walls

3. The Missing: Series 2, A Prison Without Walls

Julien visits the father of Sophie Giroux, but Remy isn't all that pleased to see him.

Episode 4

4. The Code: Series 2, Episode 4

Jesse must lie to Roth in order to save his own skin and that of Hani's father.

Episode 3

3. The Code: Series 2, Episode 3

Racing to find Callum before it is too late, Jesse and Roth forge an unlikely alliance.

Episode 1

1. The Code: Series 2, Episode 1

Jesse and Ned Banks are confronted with the possibility of being extradited to the US.

Episode 2

2. The Code: Series 2, Episode 2

Kidnapped by Roth, Jesse and Hani disappear into the West Papua jungles.

The Turtle and the Stick

2. The Missing: Series 2, The Turtle and the Stick

After Alice returns to her home, the Websters struggle to deal with what she's suffered.

Midnight's Children

Midnight's Children

Two newborn babies are swapped in a hospital, doomed to live each other's life.

Department Q: The Keeper of Lost Causes

Department Q: The Keeper of Lost Causes

A detective is thrown into the mystery of a politician's disappearance five years earlier.

Come Home

1. The Missing: Series 2, Episode 1

A woman, previously abducted, may hold the key to the location of another missing girl.

The Last Day

4. Beck: Series 6, The Last Day

When traffic officers try to stop a speeding car, they are shot at and one is killed.

Episode 4

4. Hinterland: Series 2 (full length), Episode 4

Mathias must deal with feuding family members before he can solve the Aron Bowen case.

Adam and Grace

4. One of Us: Adam and Grace

Claire is still desperately hunting for answers.

Point Blank

Point Blank

A nurse tries to rescue his pregnant wife when she is taken hostage by a thief's henchmen.

Episode 3

3. Hinterland: Series 2 (full length), Episode 3

Mathias and the team investigate the complicated private life of a missing schoolteacher.

Glenarvon Loch

3. One of Us: Glenarvon Loch

Secrets and lies begin to unravel as Jamie makes a fateful decision.

Episode 2

2. Hinterland: Series 2 (full length), Episode 2

The murder of a local dignitary and barrister leads to the uncovering of a tragic story.

Beneath the Surface

2. One of Us: Beneath the Surface

The police come knocking, and the Elliots and Douglases must decide what to do.

Keeping Rosy

Keeping Rosy

A career woman's life begins to unravel after she is passed over for a promotion.