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Countryfile: Somerset

Ellie helps to give Cheddar Gorge its annual clean-up.

Open Ocean

3. The Blue Planet: Open Ocean

Looking at the hunting skills of whales, dolphins, tuna, shark and rapier-nosed billfish.


Click - Short Edition: Projectors

A look at how visual technology can change our perceptions.

Episode 5

5. Nature's Weirdest Events: Series 2: 30 Minute Reversions, Episode 5

In this episode, Chris Packham uncovers nature's super survivors.

The Power of the East

3. Britain's Secret Seas: The Power of the East

A look at the rapidly changing environment of the waters of the UK's eastern coastline.

Rosyth to Sunderland

13. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, Rosyth to Sunderland

The team are travelling down the UK's north east coast.


Click: Projectors

A look at how visual technology can change our perceptions.

Episode 18

18. Landward: 2015/2016, Episode 18

Dougie meets the chef creating tasty meals from food destined for the bin.

Seasonal Seas

5. The Blue Planet: Seasonal Seas

Exploring the richest waters on earth, where the solar cycle drives an explosion of life.

Episode 17

17. Landward: 2015/2016, Episode 17

Dougie travels the roads of Sutherland and Wester Ross on a Triumph Bonneville.


11. Countryfile: Shorts, 15/02/2017

In the historic kingdom of Fife, Matt Baker explores Tentsmuir forest.

Episode 16

16. Landward: 2015/2016, Episode 16

Dougie and Sarah explore the islands of Barra, Eriskay, South and North Uist.

Rivers and Seas Collide 2

14. Coast: Series 8 Reversions, Rivers and Seas Collide 2

The Coast team visit the most dynamic and dramatic of our waterways.

Episode 15

15. Landward: 2015/2016, Episode 15

Dougie travels the west coast roads from Sutherland to Wester Ross on a classic motorbike.

The Deep

2. The Blue Planet: The Deep

David Attenborough looks at the strange creatures that live in the depths of the ocean.

Episode 14

14. Landward: 2015/2016, Episode 14

Dougie goes in search of Scotland's best biking road on a Triumph Bonneville.


1. The Blue Planet: Introduction

This travels to the very depths of the seas, to reveal a spectacular variety of life.

Winter Special

Countryfile: Winter Special

Ellie Harrison is on a winter safari in the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland.

Telescope Takeover

The Sky at Night: Telescope Takeover

In the Canary Islands the team take control of some of the world's largest telescopes.


Click - Short Edition: 11/02/2017

Click visits 500 Years of Robots at the Science Museum in London.


Click: 11/02/2017

Click visits 500 Years of Robots at the Science Museum in London.

The Wild North

2. Britain's Secret Seas: The Wild North

The team travel to Bass Rock, one of the largest gannet colonies in the world.

Episode 13

13. Landward: 2015/2016, Episode 13

The team explore the Borders as a new railway opens up the region to more visitors.

Landward at the Royal Highland Show

10. Landward: 2015/2016, Landward at the Royal Highland Show

Landward comes live from the Royal Highland Show.


Click - Short Edition: 04/02/2017

Can a human give artificial intelligence a real live voice?

Feathered Friends

Countryfile: Feathered Friends

Matt is on the Norfolk coast to witness thousands of pink-footed geese taking flight.

The Joy of Coast

13. Coast: Series 8 Reversions, The Joy of Coast

Ruth Gordon heads to Polperro for some knitting tips.


Click: 04/02/2017

Can a human give artificial intelligence a real live voice?

North Wales

10. Countryfile: Shorts, North Wales

Ellie Harrison gets up close to a strange and wonderful coastal habitat.


9. Countryfile: Shorts, Northamptonshire

Julia Bradbury discovers the hidden heritage of Northamptonshire.

Cheetahs: Growing Up Fast

9. Natural World: 2016-2017, Cheetahs: Growing Up Fast

David Attenborough narrates this astonishing story of a wild cheetah family.

Episode 9

9. Landward: 2015/2016, Episode 9

Dougie goes underwater off the west coast with wildlife photographer Doug Allan.

Episode 8

8. Landward: 2015/2016, Episode 8

Sarah Mack visits one of the hundreds of farms opening their doors to visitors.

Episode 7

7. Landward: 2015/2016, Episode 7

Euan McIlwraith investigates the topic of land reform.

Episode 6

6. Landward: 2015/2016, Episode 6

Dougie Vipond drives along the North Coast 500 route - Scotland's answer to Route 66.

Episode 5

5. Landward: 2015/2016, Episode 5

Euan McIlwraith meets the makers of the copper stills being demanded by new distilleries.