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Lemon Tree

9. Olobob Top: Series 1, Lemon Tree

The Olobobs create Treewheeler, who takes the Leafs on an exciting rocket ride in the sky.

More About Louder and Louder

4. Twirlywoos: Series 4, More About Louder and Louder

The Twirlywoos are making a noise in the kitchen, and they are getting louder and louder.

Leaf Show

8. Olobob Top: Series 1, Leaf Show

With no viewers for their Leaf Show, the Olobobs create Happy Clappy to be their audience.

More About Down

3. Twirlywoos: Series 4, More About Down

The Twirlywoos watch two men carry some furniture down the stairs in a block of flats.

Nutty Books

7. Olobob Top: Series 1, Nutty Books

The Olobobs create Book-a-Beep-Beep, who makes books for Crunch's treehouse library.

Rainbow Race

26. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Rainbow Race

When Rainbow has to go before finishing his story, the gang try to work out how it ends.

More About Collecting

2. Twirlywoos: Series 4, More About Collecting

The Twirlywoos watch children collecting shells on a beach and decide to help.

The Baltic Sea Anomaly

2. The Deep: Series 2, The Baltic Sea Anomaly

The Nektons try to discover that the truth behind the Baltic Sea anomaly.

Bad Luck

6. Olobob Top: Series 1, Bad Luck

Nothing's going right for Tib, so the Olobobs create Gigglegoon to turn their luck around.

Mr Peabody & Sherman

Mr Peabody & Sherman

Mr Peabody has to come to the rescue when his son takes their time machine out for a spin.

Star Catching

5. Olobob Top: Series 1, Star Catching

Bobble spots a lone star in the sky, so the Olobobs create Skyder to carry them up to it.

Caring Sharing Monty

60. Kazoops!: Caring Sharing Monty

When Monty's friend doesn't return a toy, Monty decides to stop sharing his things.

More About Going Over

10. Twirlywoos: Series 4, More About Going Over

The Twirlywoos decide to try going over some hurdles in an obstacle course.

Bobble Ball

4. Olobob Top: Series 1, Bobble Ball

The Olobobs invent a new ball game but can't agree on the rules.


59. Kazoops!: Camping

Monty overpacks for a camping trip, but soon realises that fewer things can mean more fun.

More About Joining Up

9. Twirlywoos: Series 4, More About Joining Up

The Twirlywoos learn about joining up by making paperclip chains in an office.

Kite Flight

3. Olobob Top: Series 1, Kite Flight

The Olobobs get their kite stuck in a tree, so they create Loopy Longtail to reach it.

Same Old Story

58. Kazoops!: Same Old Story

Monty doesn't like the end of a story and wonders if you can change the way a story ends.

More About Hiding

8. Twirlywoos: Series 4, More About Hiding

The Twirlywoos are in a hotel, hiding from a porter behind some suitcases.

Seabed Sleepover

57. Kazoops!: Seabed Sleepover

Monty is going for a sleepover, but he is worried about being away from Jimmy Jones.

More About Wrapping

7. Twirlywoos: Series 4, More About Wrapping

The Twirlywoos watch a man's leg being wrapped in bandages and decide to try wrapping too.

Donkey Jump

25. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Donkey Jump

Sarah and Duck try to help Donkey get his jumping confidence back.

From the Stars

1. The Deep: Series 2, From the Stars

The Nektons try to stop a fallen satellite's fuel from polluting a marine sanctuary.


1. Olobob Top: Series 1, Pic-Pic

On a rainy day, the Olobobs create Elesnorter to blow the clouds away with his trunk.

Bath Night

56. Kazoops!: Bath Night

Monty is avoiding taking a bath and wonders if you really need to get wet to get clean.

More About More and More

6. Twirlywoos: Series 4, More About More and More

The Twirlywoos are at the seaside and end up building more and more sandcastles.

More About Pulling

5. Twirlywoos: Series 4, More About Pulling

The Twirlywoos help a man who is pulling his car out of the mud.

Monty Repeats Himself

55. Kazoops!: Monty Repeats Himself

Monty's teacher asks him not to repeat himself, but Monty thinks repetition can be useful.

Parcel Puzzle

54. Kazoops!: Parcel Puzzle

Monty wonders if only big people can solve big problems.

Take a Break

53. Kazoops: Take a Break

Seeing Violet enjoying doing nothing, Monty wonders if it's better to stop and relax.

The Brandenburg Gate, Germany

8. Go Jetters: Series 1, The Brandenburg Gate, Germany

Grandmaster Glitch steals part of the Brandenburg Gate. Can the Go Jetter's stop him?

Mars as Moon

24. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Mars as Moon

Mars tries to fill in for a missing moon, but needs a little coaching from Sarah and Duck.

The Greatest Gift

52. Kazoops: The Greatest Gift

Monty wonders if a gift has to be big or cost money to be special.

More About Full

1. Twirlywoos: Series 4, More About Full

The Twirlywoos watch a man pick fruit until his basket is full.

Round and Round

51. Kazoops: Round and Round

Jeanie says going round in circles won't help find a missing key, but Monty isn't so sure.

Wish List

50. Kazoops: Wish List

Monty and Jimmy Jones imagine what it would be like to have everything you want.