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The Hamster Effect

26. Danger Mouse: The Hamster Effect

Brunel, the time-travelling Victorian gentlechimp, is back.

The Good Winner

44. Kazoops: The Good Winner

Monty wonders whether you can turn a sore loser into a good loser.


Numberblocks: Series 1, Nine

Numberblock Nine arrives in Numberland and sings a song about squares.

Happy Farmers' Day

16. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Happy Farmers' Day

When Bitzer's pie goes missing, Bitzer makes the mistake of accepting Shaun's help.

Keeping the Peace

15. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Keeping the Peace

The Farmer has a lie in and Bitzer tries to make sure his master's rest is uninterrupted.

Fix It, Mum and Dad

43. Kazoops: Fix It, Mum and Dad

Monty thinks mums and dads can fix everything, but finds out this isn't always true.


Numberblocks: Series 1, Eight

Numberland is rocked by the arrival of superblock Eight, also known as Octoblock.

Rude Dude

14. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Rude Dude

The farmer's rock 'n' roll idol is stranded at the farm after his limousine breaks down.


13. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Wanted

The farm is paid an unexpected visit by an escapee from the nearby prison.


Numberblocks: Series 1, Seven

It's a rainy day for a picnic, but lucky number Seven makes everything come up rainbows.

Turf Wars

11. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Turf Wars

Battle ensues when the pigs muscle in on Shaun's private club and steal all the pizza.

Timmy the Artist

4. Timmy Time: Series 1, Timmy the Artist

Timmy and Mittens get messy when they are supposed to paint each other's portrait.

Ugli Fruit

41. Kazoops: Ugli Fruit

When offered an odd-looking fruit, Monty realises you shouldn't judge a book by its cover.


Numberblocks: Series 1, Six

The Numberblocks make a new friend who likes to roll dice.

Techno Monty

40. Kazoops: Techno Monty

Monty wonders how a computer game can be more fun than playing with friends in real life.

Dad Dancing

39. Kazoops: Dad Dancing

Stan isn't a good dancer, but do you have to be good at things to enjoy them?

Dodgy Lodger

7. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Dodgy Lodger

When one of the pigs attempts to make friends with Timmy, his cohorts evict him.

Do Elephants Forget?

38. Kazoops: Do Elephants Forget?

After he forgets to do his chores, Monty wonders if it's possible to remember everything.

Silence for Stan

37. Kazoops: Silence for Stan

Stan is sick in bed, so Monty tries to find a game to play that isn't noisy.

Old Toys

20. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Old Toys

Duck is bored of his toy collection, so he and Sarah search for old toys in the attic.

Crowded House

36. Kazoops: Crowded House

Monty imagines what it would be like if he and Jimmy Jones lived by themselves.

Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

Wallace and Gromit: The Wrong Trousers

A mysterious penguin moves in with Wallace and Gromit, embroiling them in a heist.

Bold Knight

35. Kazoops: Bold Knight

When Stan is too scared to go into the cellar, Monty wonders if even adults get scared.

Basking Shark

19. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Basking Shark

Sarah is keen to adopt a sea creature, but doesn't get her first choice.

Different Folks

34. Kazoops: Different Folks

Monty wonders if people who like different things can still be friends.

Balloon Barnacles

18. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Balloon Barnacles

Sarah's hat goes on an adventure without her, on top of a balloon.

King of the City

33. Kazoops: King of the City

During a painting contest, Monty wonders if being the best is the most important thing.

Cake Decorate

17. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Cake Decorate

Cake decides to teach Sarah and Duck how to decorate with icing.

Wild Thing

32. Kazoops: Wild Thing

Monty and Jimmy Jones imagine how exciting it would be to have a pet lion at home.

Daydreamer Monty

31. Kazoops: Daydreamer Monty

Monty is dreaming up fantastical ways to get the new piano upstairs.

Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos

Puss in Boots: The Three Diablos

Puss in Boots returns in this Shrek spin-off special.

Shallot Boat

16. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Shallot Boat

After a night of strong rain, the Shallots set sail on a seafaring adventure.

Planetarium Aquarium

15. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Planetarium Aquarium

When Sarah and Duck's favourite bench is in use, the pair find other things to do.

Hello Goodbye

28. Kazoops: Hello Goodbye

Monty wonders if it is possible to feel both happy and sad at the same time.

Bench Blocked

14. Sarah & Duck: Series 3, Bench Blocked

When their favourite bench is in use, Sarah and Duck find other things to do in the park.

The Other Day the Earth Stood Still

8. Danger Mouse: The Other Day the Earth Stood Still

The Baron stops the world spinning with a plague of traffic lights.