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Numberblocks: Series 1, Fluffies

One finds a furball, two of them tickle Two and soon Numberland is full of fluffies!

Funny Bones

21. School of Roars: Series 1, Funny Bones

Miss Grizzlesniff brings a dinosaur skeleton to class, but the monsters break it.


17. Small Potatoes: Conga

The Small Potatoes conga their way through a fantastical world filled with fruit.

Odds and Evens

Numberblocks: Series 1, Odds and Evens

The Numberblocks play a game of bounceball, with Even Tops versus Odd Blocks.

Fun Factory

42. Kazoops: Fun Factory

It's time to leave the park, and Monty wonders why fun things have to come to an end.


20. School of Roars: Series 1, Doodah

Mrs Twirlyhorn teaches Icklewoo the importance of asking a grown-up for help.

The Three Threes

Numberblocks: Series 1, The Three Threes

When Nine needs a helping hand, he turns into a talented trio - the Three Threes.

Full Moon

19. School of Roars: Series 1, Full Moon

It's full moon day at the School of Roars and Wingston hopes to see the Moon Monster.

Double Trouble

Numberblocks: Series 1, Double Trouble

Learn how to double and halve numbers up to 8 with the Numberblocks.

Dressing Up

18. School of Roars: Series 1, Dressing Up

The monsters dress up in costumes, but Meepa can't find a costume to fit her four arms.

Counting Sheep

Numberblocks: Series 1, Counting Sheep

Six tries to get the sheep to sleep and finds two (or three) heads are better than one.

The Statue of Liberty, USA

7. Go Jetters: Series 1, The Statue of Liberty, USA

Grandmaster Glitch makes the Statue of Liberty fall into the path of a passing ferry.

This Is My Family

13. Small Potatoes: This Is My Family

The Small Potatoes sing about the importance of family and friends.


17. School of Roars: Series 1, Sleepover

Wingston and Yummble have a sleepover at Wufflebump's house, but they can't get to sleep.

Blast Off

Numberblocks: Series 1, Blast Off

Find out which pairs of numbers add together to make ten with the Numberblocks.

Shriekend News

16. School of Roars: Series 1, Shriekend News

Wufflebump doesn't have any exciting 'shriekend news' to share with his classmates.

Just Add One

Numberblocks: Series 1, Just Add One

One's idea of fun is singing, dancing and making friends by adding One.

Sheep Farmer

20. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Sheep Farmer

Timmy sees a particularly grumpy farmer giving one of the flock a hard time.

Cone of Shame

19. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Cone of Shame

Bitzer is an all-too willing volunteer when he has to wear the cone of shame.

The Good the Baaa & the Ugly

27. Danger Mouse: Series 1, The Good the Baaa & the Ugly

Danger Mouse and Penfold are sent on a rescue mission to a mysterious island.

Big and Small

45. Kazoops: Big and Small

Preparing a gift for Jimmy Jones, Monty wonders if the best things come in small packages.


Numberblocks: Series 1, Ten

Ten turns up to tell the Numberblocks what it's like to be a perfect ten.

Return to Sender

18. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Return to Sender

The Farmer attempts to throw away a strange gift, only for it to keep reappearing.


17. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Checklist

Bitzer's over-officious management style becomes too much for the sheep.

The Hamster Effect

26. Danger Mouse: Series 1, The Hamster Effect

Brunel, the time-travelling Victorian gentlechimp, is back.

The Good Winner

44. Kazoops: The Good Winner

Monty wonders whether you can turn a sore loser into a good loser.


Numberblocks: Series 1, Nine

Numberblock Nine arrives in Numberland and sings a song about squares.

Happy Farmers' Day

16. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Happy Farmers' Day

When Bitzer's pie goes missing, Bitzer makes the mistake of accepting Shaun's help.

Keeping the Peace

15. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Keeping the Peace

The Farmer has a lie in and Bitzer tries to make sure his master's rest is uninterrupted.

Fix It, Mum and Dad

43. Kazoops: Fix It, Mum and Dad

Monty thinks mums and dads can fix everything, but finds out this isn't always true.


Numberblocks: Series 1, Eight

Numberland is rocked by the arrival of superblock Eight, also known as Octoblock.

Rude Dude

14. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Rude Dude

The farmer's rock 'n' roll idol is stranded at the farm after his limousine breaks down.


13. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Wanted

The farm is paid an unexpected visit by an escapee from the nearby prison.


Numberblocks: Series 1, Seven

It's a rainy day for a picnic, but lucky number Seven makes everything come up rainbows.

Turf Wars

11. Shaun the Sheep: Series 5, Turf Wars

Battle ensues when the pigs muscle in on Shaun's private club and steal all the pizza.

Timmy the Artist

4. Timmy Time: Series 1, Timmy the Artist

Timmy and Mittens get messy when they are supposed to paint each other's portrait.