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Episode 8

8. Dragons' Den: Series 14, Episode 8

A teacher tries to get the party started with his dance mats.

Why I Fired Them

13. The Apprentice: Series 12, Why I Fired Them

A look at the candidates who fell before the final hurdle and the tasks that tested them.

The Final Five

11. The Apprentice: Series 12, The Final Five

Exploration of the backgrounds of the remaining budding tycoons and what makes them tick.


12. The Apprentice: Series 12, Interviews

The candidates face four interviews, before Lord Sugar selects his two finalists.


10. The Apprentice: Series 12, Gin

Lord Sugar tasks the teams with creating and producing the spirit of the moment - gin.

Virtual Reality Game

9. The Apprentice: Series 12, Virtual Reality Game

The candidates have to create a new virtual reality game and pitch it at Comic Con.

London Landmarks

8. The Apprentice: Series 12, London Landmarks

The candidates organise an exclusive event at two of London's top tourist attractions.

Episode 14

14. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 14

Tommy Walsh meets Zena whose dreams of retirement were destroyed.

Episode 13

13. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 13

Maggie calls for help to deal with suspected squirrels squatting in her loft.

Episode 12

12. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 12

Tommy hears how a home full of memories became a house of horrors.

Episode 11

11. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 11

Plumber Peter and roofer Jason search high and low to try to find the cause of a leak.

Episode 1

1. Close Calls: On Camera: Series 1, Episode 1

When a family car catches fire in the lion enclosure at a safari park, there's no way out.

Department Store

4. The Apprentice: Series 12, Department Store

The candidates introduce and sell a new product line in department store Liberty of London

Episode 10

10. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 10

Tommy meets Brenda and Paul, who hired a builder to erect an orangery.

Episode 8

8. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 8

Tommy travels to Huddersfield to meet Alex, who paid nearly £40,000 to extend his home.

Episode 7

7. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 7

Plumber Wes and his apprentice Brett help when water starts gushing through a ceiling.

Episode 6

6. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 6

A tree surgeon comes to the rescue when Eric's giant beech tree puts his house at risk.

Corporate Candy

3. The Apprentice: Series 12, Corporate Candy

The candidates must design, manufacture and sell their own brand of sweets.

Episode 5

5. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 5

Pest controller Ken is called out to deal with a foul smell at a family home.

Episode 4

4. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 4

Tommy Walsh gives advice to Daryl and Jo, whose builder took their £50,000 inheritance.

Episode 3

3. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 3

Tommy Walsh meets a family who can't even get out of their own kitchen door.

Episode 2

2. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 2

Tommy Walsh meets Sue, who was taken in by a con man who took £12,000 of her savings.

Episode 1

1. Cowboys and Angels: Episode 1

Plumber Graham has to do a little detective work when a woman's radiator springs a leak.

Episode 10

10. Thief Trackers: Series 2, Episode 10

This programme revisits the series to show just how brazen thieves can be.

Episode 9

9. Thief Trackers: Series 2, Episode 9

The thief tracker team follow two crooks who have stolen a woman's bag in London.

Advertising - Jeans

2. The Apprentice: Series 12, Advertising - Jeans

The candidates are tasked with creating an advertising campaign for jeans.

Episode 8

8. Thief Trackers: Series 2, Episode 8

A traffic management company recover a stolen van thanks to having fitted a tracker to it.

Episode 7

7. Thief Trackers: Series 2, Episode 7

The team uses GPS technology to follow criminals as they snatch a purse from a woman.

Episode 6

6. Thief Trackers: Series 2, Episode 6

The team use GPS technology to follow a criminal who steals a computer from outside a cafe

Episode 5

5. Thief Trackers: Series 2, Episode 5

The team uses GPS technology to follow people stealing from outside charity shops.

Episode 4

4. Thief Trackers: Series 2, Episode 4

The undercover thief tracker team follow a criminal who steals a laptop from a car.


1. The Apprentice: Series 12, Collectables

A new set of candidates begin their first task, selling collectables at a car boot sale.

The Big Build - Cheltenham

3. DIY SOS: Series 27, The Big Build - Cheltenham

The team are in Cheltenham to help 17-year-old disabled athlete Scott Jones.

Episode 3

3. Thief Trackers: Series 2, Episode 3

The Metropolitan Police's Super Recogniser squad track down a shoplifter.

Episode 2

2. Thief Trackers: Series 2, Episode 2

The thief tracker team uses GPS technology to follow a criminal who steals a camera.

Episode 1

1. Thief Trackers: Series 2, Episode 1

A pub landlord in Bristol tracks the criminals who try to steal his caravan.