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The Baltic Sea Anomaly

2. The Deep: Series 2, The Baltic Sea Anomaly

The Nektons try to discover that the truth behind the Baltic Sea anomaly.

Mr Peabody & Sherman

Mr Peabody & Sherman

Mr Peabody has to come to the rescue when his son takes their time machine out for a spin.

The Edge of Glory

35. The Next Step: Series 4, The Edge of Glory

The team prepares to leave for regionals, and Cassie is made the alternate dancer.

From the Stars

1. The Deep: Series 2, From the Stars

The Nektons try to stop a fallen satellite's fuel from polluting a marine sanctuary.

Taking Care of Business

34. The Next Step: Series 4, Taking Care of Business

Jiley is reunited! But the team has lost a member.

The Past Returns

10. Hetty Feather: Series 3, The Past Returns

Hetty plans to rescue a kidnapped girl, leading to a final confrontation with her enemy.

The Unexpected Friend

2. Hetty Feather: Series 3, The Unexpected Friend

Hetty searches the streets of London for Ida. Matron has her own plans to find her.

Bold as Love

33. The Next Step: Series 4, Bold as Love

Alfie asks Riley to go on a trip. She does, but not where he planned.

New Pet

2. Topsy and Tim: Series 2, New Pet

Topsy and Tim love caring for their new pet rabbit, but struggle to agree on his name.

New Beginnings

9. Hetty Feather: Series 3, New Beginnings

Hetty starts her new life in a grand country house but is drawn into a world of mystery.

Dinosaur Bones

15. Apple Tree House: Series 1, Dinosaur Bones

A mysterious bone is discovered in the community garden at Apple Tree House.

It Ain't Easy

32. The Next Step: Series 4, It Ain't Easy

Riley questions her relationship with Alfie.

Farewell Service

8. Hetty Feather: Series 3, Farewell Service

Hetty is shocked when she discovers that Matron has sinister plans for her future.

Shake it Off

31. The Next Step: Series 4, Shake it Off

Riley makes a mistake with Alfie and tries to make it up to him.

The Last Sunday

7. Hetty Feather: Series 3, The Last Sunday

Special visitors to the hospital are caught up in a fight among the boys.

Secrets Out

10. Secret Life of Boys: Series 2, Secrets Out

Matt and Tabitha discover Ginger has been secretly filming her cousins.

Nobody's Perfect

30. The Next Step: Series 4, Nobody's Perfect

James returns to London and Riley and Alfie have their first date.

Cannon Fodder

6. Hetty Feather: Series 3, Cannon Fodder

Hetty's plan to help Nurse Winterson backfires when an innocent man is accused of theft.


9. Secret Life of Boys: Series 2, Action

Penny accidentally deletes the stop-motion film Ginger is working on.

End Game

10. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, End Game

Kingsmount are through to the cup final at St George's Park, and the pressure is immense.


29. The Next Step: Series 4, Rivalry

James and Alfie represent the Next Step at the final qualifier.


14. Apple Tree House: Series 1, BikeAthon

Sam & Bella are excited about an upcoming bike riding challenge at school.


13. Apple Tree House: Series 1, Masterpiece

After meeting a supertalented street artist, Bella decides to try her hand at painting.

Missing Milk

12. Apple Tree House: Series 1, Missing Milk

The residents' milk goes missing and all clues point towards Bella, Sam and a stray cat.

Locustium Insectium

3. So Awkward: Series 2, Locustium Insectium

Jas has fallen in love with the school locusts and is tenderly looking after them.

Dangerous Game

5. Hetty Feather: Series 3, Dangerous Game

Hetty discovers that others are planning a daring visit.

Not My Patch

11. Apple Tree House: Series 1, Not My Patch

The children learn about taking responsibility as they help to tidy up the estate.

How to Train Your Dragon

How to Train Your Dragon

Animation. A young Viking forms an unlikely friendship with Toothless, an injured dragon.

Holes in the Story

8. Secret Life of Boys: Series 2, Holes in the Story

Aunt Corey and uncle Bob try to discover who broke uncle Bob's new TV.

The Choice

10. Apple Tree House: Series 1, The Choice

Bella wants to learn how to play a musical instrument but can't seem to decide which one.

Lost Toy

9. Apple Tree House: Series 1, Lost Toy

After an exciting day at the zoo, Mali discovers that he's lost his new dinosaur toy.

Second Chances

9. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, Second Chances

The team are rallied when it seems Boggy might have unearthed some good news.


8. Apple Tree House: Series 1, Glamping

The children hear a news story about families living in tents because they have no homes.

Danger Zone

28. The Next Step: Series 4, Danger Zone

Riley asks James for an impossible favour for the studio.

Sponge Cake

7. Apple Tree House: Series 1, Sponge Cake

Mali and Grandma Zainab decide to help out at Flo's cafe by baking a cake.

Land of Opportunity

4. Hetty Feather: Series 3, Land of Opportunity

Hetty searches for the secret book that could bring Matron's downfall.