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Here Comes Your Man

23. The Next Step: Series 4, Here Comes Your Man

Amanda's cousin Cooper visits and notices the tension between Riley and Piper.

The War With the Humans

9. Wolfblood: Series 5, The War With the Humans

Jana realises that she can't save everyone and must make a decision about her future.

The Scout

3. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, The Scout

Harry and Dillon discover that it was Mike who ended Hansard's career.

Maud's Big Mistake

8. The Worst Witch: Maud's Big Mistake

Maud's panic about parent's evening pushes her to use a forgetting powder.

Rumour Has It

22. The Next Step: Series 4, Rumour Has It

Piper gives Riley an ultimatum to tell James about her kiss with Alfie.

The One Who Sees

8. Wolfblood: Series 5, The One Who Sees

Jana resolves to find a way to help the other trapped wolfbloods.

Anger Management

2. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, Anger Management

Jamie finds it hard to control his temper when he misses a visit from his hero.

Kiss and Tell

21. The Next Step: Series 4, Kiss and Tell

Piper struggles to keep the fact that she saw Riley and Alfie kiss to herself.


7. Wolfblood: Series 5, Torn

Jana and the pack ask Emilia to tread carefully but she has no intention of backing down.

Hero to Zero

1. Jamie Johnson: Series 2, Hero to Zero

The video of Jamie scoring against Tibbs has gone viral - but it starts to go to his head.

The Last Dark Moon

6. Wolfblood: Series 5, The Last Dark Moon

It is dark moon day, and Katrina's grandfather has made the Kafe a wolfblood-free zone.

The Visitor

5. Secret Life of Boys: Series 2, The Visitor

Ethan and Ginger find out Matt has been so mysterious all summer.


12. The Dumping Ground: Series 5, Farvel

Kazima gets news from her father - he wants Kazima to join him in Denmark.

Big Mouth Strikes Again

5. Strange Hill High: Series 1, Big Mouth Strikes Again

Becky's new health snacks lead her into battle with a monstrous creature from fairy tales.

Happy Both-Day

4. Secret Life of Boys: Series 2, Happy Both-Day

Matt and Chris decide to celebrate their birthdays separately this year.

Ears Everywhere

3. Secret Life of Boys: Series 2, Ears Everywhere

Aunt Corey and uncle Bob use hidden cameras to make sure the kids are behaving.

The Worst Headmistress

13. The Worst Witch: The Worst Headmistress

Agatha takes over the school, and without Mildred there, who will save the day?

The Call

2. Secret Life of Boys: Series 2, The Call

Ethan and Robbie become over-protective of Ginger when a boy calls the house for her.


5. Wolfblood: Series 5, Humans

TJ's good intentions land him in hot water with Selina.

I Wish

1. Secret Life of Boys: Series 2, I Wish

Chris is heartbroken when Ginger lets slip that the summer fairy isn't real.

A Minus

3. So Awkward: Series 1, A Minus

Jas helps Lily come up with a plan to get closer to Matt.

A Day in the Country

8. Tracy Beaker Returns: Series 2, A Day in the Country

A fun weekend in the country turns into disaster when Tracy is made team leader.

The Wardrobe

11. The Dumping Ground: Series 5, The Wardrobe

A wardrobe carrying an ancient curse brings trouble for Ryan, Joseph, and Kazima.

Out of Bounds

12. The Worst Witch: Out of Bounds

As the end of year exams loom, Miss Cackle's secret is still weighing on Mildred's mind.

The Sound of Change

26. Lost & Found Music Studios: The Sound of Change

John is tormented by his past. Luke has a surprise for Leia. Theo has a revelation.

You Could Have It All

25. Lost & Found Music Studios: You Could Have It All

Clara has a hard time with the band's demo. Leia and Rachel decide to perform together.

The Shadow in the Light

4. Wolfblood: Series 5, The Shadow in the Light

Jana and Imara run into familiar faces as they track Hartington.


10. The Dumping Ground: Series 5, Free

Kaz's good intentions force Alex into a corner when he returns to Ashdene Ridge.

The Dawnus Torc

3. Wolfblood: Series 5, The Dawnus Torc

The pack investigate the Segolia Vault and in doing so find the precious Dawnus Torc.

The Mists of Time

11. The Worst Witch: The Mists of Time

Mildred and Ethel accidentally slip into the Cackle's Academy of the past.

Call My Name

24. Lost & Found Music Studios: Call My Name

Annabelle wants to reunite her band, and Britney asks Theo for help.

The Once and Future Alpha

2. Wolfblood: Series 5, The Once and Future Alpha

The mystery wolfblood is unmasked and brings startling news from the Wild Pack.

Vox Populi

9. The Dumping Ground: Series 5, Vox Populi

A radio internship gives Tyler a big story, but the truth is not always what it seems.

6:00 to 6:05 Part 2

40. Odd Squad: 6:00 to 6:05 Part 2

Olive and Otto must travel back in time to save the day.

6:00 to 6:05 Part 1

39. Odd Squad: 6:00 to 6:05 Part 1

Dinosaurs break out of the dinosaur room in headquarters.

Spelling Bee

10. The Worst Witch: Spelling Bee

Miss Hardbroom's rival comes to Cackle's Academy for the Annual Spelling Bee.