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6. Treasure Champs: Series 1, Sharing

Barry, Kari and Thingy come to see that sharing games together is the best way.

Winners and Wipeouts!

95. Blue Peter: Winners and Wipeouts!

Lindsey joins Awesome Animation competition winner Rory on the red carpet.

I Can't Do It... Yet

6. Our School: Series 3, I Can't Do It... Yet

Year 7 have a special guest in assembly - Paralympic swimmer Clare Cashmore.

Just the Job

5. Our School: Series 3, Just the Job

The hall has been taken over for a job fair. Also, Year 7 interact with exotic animals.

Day of the Food

1. Art Ninja: Series 4, Day of the Food

Nadiya Hussain is looking for locals to enter a foodie competition.

Turkish Den

9. The Dengineers: Series 3, Turkish Den

Dilara wants somewhere that she can share her passion for Turkey with her friends.

Angkor Wat, Dabbawalas and Lion Dancing

3. All Over the Place: Asia: Part 2, Angkor Wat, Dabbawalas and Lion Dancing

Ed Petrie and his friends visit a Chinese mythological theme park in Singapore.


5. Treasure Champs: Series 1, Adventurousness

Barry is adventurous, exploring a land of glitter and unicorns beyond a magical trapdoor.


6. Brain Freeze: Series 2, Venom

Knowles and McCork ask what the world's most venomous animal is.

Missing Dad

4. My Life: Series 9, Missing Dad

Documentary following Tala and Flynn, who both have fathers who are in prison.


4. Treasure Champs: Series 1, Loyalty

When he decides not to go rowing with Kari, Barry regrets his lack of loyalty to her.

Orange Badge Special!

94. Blue Peter: Orange Badge Special!

It's an orange badge special. We announce the winner of the Awesome Animation competition.

Meaty Matters

4. Our School: Series 3, Meaty Matters

Abdul is facing a dilemma - whether or not to become a vegetarian.

A Goal For Wayne

3. Our School: Series 3, A Goal For Wayne

Wayne's keenness to stand out and be noticed is getting him into trouble in classes.

Hard Work

3. Treasure Champs: Series 1, Hard Work

Kari has been training hard for a dance competition, but Barry hasn't practiced at all.

Martial Arts Den

8. The Dengineers: Series 3, Martial Arts Den

Nine-year-old Nya needs her own space to indulge her love of martial arts.

Komodo Dragons, K-Pop and Songkran

2. All Over the Place: Asia: Part 2, Komodo Dragons, K-Pop and Songkran

Ed Petrie and his friends try out some K-Pop moves in South Korea.

Goodbye Old Banger

8. Ali-A's Superchargers: Series 1, Goodbye Old Banger

Vlogging sensation Ali-A helps fashion-mad Molly change her parents' 'Old Banger' forever.

Freddie Airways

7. Ali-A's Superchargers: Series 1, Freddie Airways

Vlogging sensation Ali-A helps aeroplane enthusiast Joe transform his family car forever.


2. Treasure Champs: Series 1, Teamwork

Barry and Kari are in the snowy hills and have to work together to build an igloo.

True Colours

2. Our School: Series 3, True Colours

Alojz, originally from Slovakia, is trying to find his place in year 7.


1. Treasure Champs: Series 1, Courage

Kari is scared of playing her trumpet in front of the Treasure Champs. She needs courage.

Supertrees, Laughter Yoga and Rockets

1. All Over the Place: Asia: Part 2, Supertrees, Laughter Yoga and Rockets

Ed Petrie and his friends discover solar-powered super-trees in Singapore, and more.

Scottish Castle Den

7. The Dengineers: Series 3, Scottish Castle Den

Brothers Alec and William want a den that looks like a traditional Scottish castle.

Community Den - Part 2

15. The Dengineers: Series 3, Community Den - Part 2

Joe and Lauren build a den for children at Claire House Children's Hospice in Liverpool.

Radzi's Free Fall!

93. Blue Peter: Radzi's Free Fall!

Relive Radzi's entire skydiving challenge, from training to attempting a parachute stack.

Community Den - Part 1

14. The Dengineers: Series 3, Community Den - Part 1

Joe and Lauren build a den for children at Claire House Children's Hospice in Liverpool.

Horrid Health

10. Horrible Histories: Series 7, Horrid Health

A look at the history of health, featuring the origins of toilet paper and cornflakes.

The Winner's Story

11. Got What It Takes?: Series 2, The Winner's Story

Jorja is put through her paces before her performance at Radio 1's Big Weekend.

Revolting Russian Revolutions

9. Horrible Histories: Series 7, Revolting Russian Revolutions

Tsar Nicholas II gives tips for survival in Russia's extreme climate.

Awesome 2017!

92. Blue Peter: Awesome 2017!

Blue Peter look back at an epic 2017 - a whole year of Blue Peter awesomeness!

It's Chriiiiistmaaaaas!

91. Blue Peter: It's Chriiiiistmaaaaas!

Blue Peter does Christmas with a 250-strong choir and a festive Boogie Storm performance.

Christmas Den

5. The Dengineers: Christmas Den

Astrid needs a Christmas den so she can enjoy that special day all year round.

Flabbergasting Favourites

13. Operation Ouch!: Series 6, Flabbergasting Favourites

In the last episode of the series, the doctors pick out some of their favourite moments.

Strictly Year Seven

16. Our School: Series 3, Strictly Year Seven

It's the last show in the series - and the big night of year 7's Strictly competition.

A Christmas Mission

6. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 4, A Christmas Mission

Join in with Maggie's Christmas stargazing mission to follow the North Star.