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2. Show Me What You're Made Of: UK, Sandwiches

The kids travel to a massive sandwich factory in London.

Mascot Mania

Blue Peter: Mascot Mania

Find out who won the London 2017 Mascot Competition and see their design take shape.


1. Show Me What You're Made Of: UK, Recycling

The kids start their working trip with one of the UK's biggest recycling firms.

Calving and Asparagus

3. Down on the Farm: Series 2, Calving and Asparagus

Storm learns about asparagus, and JB finds out about calving and shares a new poem.

The Grand Final

10. Got What It Takes?: Series 2, The Grand Final

The finalists perform in front of a studio audience and a panel of industry judges.

Terrific Scientific

Blue Peter: Terrifically Scientific!

Radzi and Lindsey take on a zip-wire challenge, testing the science of friction.

Social Responsibility

16. Lifebabble: Series 2, Social Responsibility

The team talk about what being socially responsible means.

Makes, Bakes and More Makes!

Blue Peter: Makes, Bakes and More Makes!

Just in time for Easter, artist Jon Burgerman makes some fun egg splats.

Celebrity Special

17. Top Class: Series 1, Celebrity Special

Two teams of CBBC stars battle it out in the Top Class studio.

The Public Vote

9. Got What It Takes?: Series 2, The Public Vote

Lauren Platt presents the semi-final from a world famous recording studio.


3. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 4, Spheres

The Stargazers find lots of round things in space and learn how gravity makes spheres.

Purple Badge Takeover

Blue Peter: Purple Badge Takeover

It's the purple badge takeover, so everything has been requested by the viewers.

Back to Earth

5. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 4, Back to Earth

The Stargazers are on a mission to find tiny things on Earth that remind them of space.

Going Green

20. Lifebabble: Series 2, Going Green

The Lifebabble team talk about going green and why it's important to look after the world.


4. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 4, Orion

The Stargazers learn about the constellation of Orion and its nebula.


19. Lifebabble: Series 2, Poverty

The Lifebabble team talk about poverty and the different ways it can affect people.

Inside My Head

Newsround Specials: Inside My Head

Inside My Head - A Newsround Special.

Let's Dance

8. Got What It Takes?: Series 2, Let's Dance

It's the final week and the eight contestants have to freestyle in a hip-hop routine.

Are You Ready for This?

11. My Life: Series 8, Are You Ready for This?

Documentary following an 11-year-old who dreams of being the UK's youngest grime artist.


2. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 4, Mars

The Stargazers collect rocks to discover more about the surface of the red planet, Mars.

Ninja Girl!

12. My Life: Series 8, Ninja Girl!

Documentary following ten-year-old world champion kick-boxer Jesse-Jane.


18. Lifebabble: Series 2, Prejudice

The team talk about prejudice - what it means and how it feels to experience it.

A Universe to Explore

1. CBeebies Stargazing: Series 4, A Universe to Explore

Astronaut Tim Peake gives a mission update and Robert the Robot tours the universe.

Tim Peake and a Space Make

Blue Peter: Tim Peake and a Space Make

Get ready for blast-off with the very best of Blue Peter and space.

Day of the Talent

10. Art Ninja: Series 3, Day of the Talent

Gav is out to prove that Bristol's got talent and transforms his flat into a studio.


19. Andy's Secret Hideout: Series 1, Spiders

Meet some scary spiders with Andy!


17. Lifebabble: Series 2, Gangs

The Lifebabble team talk about gangs and Chavala offers advice.

Red Nose Day Extravaganza!

Blue Peter: Red Nose Day Extravaganza!

It's Blue Peter's Red Nose Day spectacular and Barney takes on a jokeathon challenge.

Kale and Winter Fair

15. Down on the Farm: Series 2, Kale and Winter Fair

JB, Storm and Rory learn about mushrooms, kale and horseshoes, and visit a winter fair.


15. Lifebabble: Series 2, Loneliness

The Lifebabble team talk about loneliness - a feeling that can happen to all of us.


14. Lifebabble: Series 2, Jealousy

The Lifebabble team talk about jealousy - a feeling everyone experiences.

The Catwalk

7. Got What It Takes?: Series 2, The Catwalk

The contestants must sing a One Republic single and impress a fashion industry expert.

Learning to Fly

10. My Life: Series 8, Learning to Fly

Documentary following two air cadets as they fly an aeroplane for the first time.


13. Lifebabble: Series 2, Crushes

The Lifebabble team talk about crushes and how they make you feel.


18. Andy's Secret Hideout: Series 1, Smart

Andy learns about the brainy beasts!