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Union J Harmony Challenge

6. Got What It Takes?: Series 3, Union J Harmony Challenge

British boyband Union J pop by with a harmony challenge for the kids.

The Playlist with Calum Scott

41. The Playlist: Series 1, The Playlist with Calum Scott

Calum Scott reveals which of your favourite tracks you have been voting for.

Dress Like A Popstar

5. Got What It Takes?: Series 3, Dress Like A Popstar

The singers must create their own popstar image. The mums brush up on their art skills.

Samantha Harvey's Playlist

40. The Playlist: Series 1, Samantha Harvey's Playlist

Vlogging and singing sensation Samantha Harvey hosts her very own Playlist.

The Big Interview

4. Got What It Takes?: Series 3, The Big Interview

The eight young singers are grilled by Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo.

Lewys Ball's Playlist

39. The Playlist: Series 1, Lewys Ball's Playlist

Lewys Ball, aka LookingForLewys, joins Lauren to play the tracks you voted for.

Strictly Stars Dance-Off

3. Got What It Takes?: Series 3, Strictly Stars Dance-Off

Featuring Strictly Come Dancing stars AJ Pritchard and Chloe Hewitt.

Nina Nesbitt's Playlist

38. The Playlist: Series 1, Nina Nesbitt's Playlist

Nina Nesbitt hosts her very own Playlist this week, with the help of Lauren Layfield.

Jake Mitchell Pranks the Mums

2. Got What It Takes?: Series 3, Jake Mitchell Pranks the Mums

Jake Mitchell, YouTube sensation, pranks his way into the Music Mansion.

Reggie and Bollie's Playlist

37. The Playlist: Series 1, Reggie and Bollie's Playlist

The floor is lava, and Reggie 'n' Bollie do their best to avoid it as they host.

Spice Girl Surprise

1. Got What It Takes?: Series 3, Spice Girl Surprise

Eight fresh young wannabes arrive to battle it out for their spot in the first sing-off.

Sigrid's Valentine's Playlist

36. The Playlist: Series 1, Sigrid's Valentine's Playlist

BBC Sound of 2018 Winner Sigrid hosts her very own Valentine's Playlist!

MO's Playlist

35. The Playlist: Series 1, MO's Playlist

Pop princesses MO Join Lauren to reveal the choices you voted for.

Matt Terry's Playlist

34. The Playlist: Series 1, Matt Terry's Playlist

X Factor winner Matt Terry joins Lauren Layfield to reveal your most voted-for tracks.

Stylo G's Playlist

33. The Playlist: Series 1, Stylo G's Playlist

Stylo G joins Lauren to reveals which three tracks have been voted onto The Playlist.

Coat of Leaves

12. Melody: Series 1, Coat of Leaves

Melody listens to The Four Seasons - Autumn by Vivaldi and imagines the seasons changing.

Raye's Best of the Year Playlist

32. The Playlist: Series 1, Raye's Best of the Year Playlist

Raye is back on the Playlist to reveal your most voted for tracks of 2017!

Best Bits

31. The Playlist: Series 1, Best Bits

The Playlist is back for 2018 with some favourite moments.

The Winner's Story

11. Got What It Takes?: Series 2, The Winner's Story

Jorja is put through her paces before her performance at Radio 1's Big Weekend.

The Vamps' Christmas Playlist

30. The Playlist: Series 1, The Vamps' Christmas Playlist

The Vamps reveal and play your favourite Christmas tracks.

The X-Factor Playlist

29. The Playlist: Series 1, The X-Factor Playlist

It's The Playlist with the X-Factor this week - hosted by all the favourite finalists.

Sigma's Playlist

28. The Playlist: Series 1, Sigma's Playlist

DJs Sigma join Lauren to reveal which tracks have been voted onto their playlist.

Dan TDM's Playlist

27. The Playlist: Series 1, Dan TDM's Playlist

Dan TDM takes over The Playlist, revealing which tracks viewers have voted for.

Pixie's Playlist

26. The Playlist: Series 1, Pixie's Playlist

Pop Princess Pixie likes hosting The Playlist - a Lott!

Josh Pieters' Playlist

24. The Playlist: Series 1, Josh Pieters' Playlist

Jack Maynard invites best vlog-pal Josh Pieters to host The Playlist.

Jonas Blue's Playlist

25. The Playlist: Series 1, Jonas Blue's Playlist

Jonas Blue plays the top three tracks, voted for by you.

Max and Harvey's Playlist

22. The Playlist: Series 1, Max and Harvey's Playlist

Pop celebs play you the tracks you love - chosen by you on the CBBC website.

Sophia Grace's Playlist

23. The Playlist: Series 1, Sophia Grace's Playlist

Internet and pop sensation Sophia Grace reveals top three songs voted onto The Playlist.

Matt Edmondson's Playlist

14. The Playlist: Series 1, Matt Edmondson's Playlist

The Playlist hosts have gone on holiday, leaving Radio 1's Matt Edmondson to run the show.

Calum Scott's Playlist

13. The Playlist: Series 1, Calum Scott's Playlist

It's Calum Scott's turn to takeover the Playlist. Featuring the latest entertainment news.

RAYE's Playlist

12. The Playlist: Series 1, RAYE's Playlist

Pop princess Raye is in the director's chair as she takes over the show.

The Amazons' Playlist

11. The Playlist: Series 1, The Amazons' Playlist

The Amazons unveil the top tracks viewers have been voting for.

Diversity's Dance Playlist

10. The Playlist: Series 1, Diversity's Dance Playlist

Join Diversity's dance school as they reveal which dance tracks you have voted for.

5 After Midnight's Playlist

9. The Playlist: Series 1, 5 After Midnight's Playlist

5 After Midnight play the top tracks viewers have been voting for on the CBBC website.

JP Cooper's Playlist

8. The Playlist: Series 1, JP Cooper's Playlist

September Song's JP Cooper spins the tracks that you voted for on the CBBC website.

Jonas Blue's Collaboration Playlist

7. The Playlist: Series 1, Jonas Blue's Collaboration Playlist

Jonas Blue drives this collaborator special, playing the videos you voted for.