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Mister Winner

2. Comedy Playhouse: Series 18, Mister Winner

Leslie plans to propose to his girlfriend, but she is having doubts.

The Indian Mesmerist

4. Quacks: Series 1, The Indian Mesmerist

William has a bladder stone and needs Robert to perform a lithotrity on him.


3. People Just Do Nothing: Series 4, War

With the station under siege, Beats decides reinforcements are needed.

Tim Vine Travels in Time

1. Comedy Playhouse: Series 18, Tim Vine Travels in Time

Tim Vine travels back in time with Ore Oduba to mend a golden arrow and a broken heart.

The Madman's Trial

3. Quacks: Series 1, The Madman's Trial

William concocts a daring plan to cure a patient of his delusion.


2. People Just Do Nothing: Series 4, Rivalry

Beats and the boys attempt to take down rival station Kold FM.

The Lady's Abscess

2. Quacks: Series 1, The Lady's Abscess

Caroline bags an invitation to meet her hero, Charles Dickens.


7. Not Going Out: Series 8, Enough

Are Lee and Lucy ready for another child?

The Duke's Tracheotomy

1. Quacks: Series 1, The Duke's Tracheotomy

After a botched amputation, surgeon Robert is put under pressure by the royal physician.

Mammy's Secret

2. Mrs Brown's Boys: Series 1, Mammy's Secret

Agnes becomes concerned that her family are keeping too many secrets.

Safari Park

7. Count Arthur Strong: Series 3, Safari Park

Michael finds himself with a whole new family on a birthday outing.

The Lucky Streak

6. Count Arthur Strong: Series 3, The Lucky Streak

Arthur makes some unlikely new friends while in search of biscuits.

The Three Wishes

5. Count Arthur Strong: Series 3, The Three Wishes

Arthur attempts to build bridges with a surprising figure from his past.

The Soupover

4. Count Arthur Strong: Series 3, The Soupover

What begins as a sleepover turns into something slightly more sinister.

Episode 6

6. Detectorists: Series 1, Episode 6

A huge hole has been excavated and police are looking into it.

The Charity Single

6. Hospital People: The Charity Single

Manager Susan Mitchell decides to record a charity single.

Untrue Detective

3. Count Arthur Strong: Series 3, Untrue Detective

A knock on the head results in Arthur joining the police force as a high-ranking detective

Episode 5

5. Detectorists: Series 1, Episode 5

Andy, Lance, Becky and Sophie's secrets are on the verge of being revealed.

Episode 4

4. Detectorists: Series 1, Episode 4

Terry announces that he is standing down as leader of the DMDC.

Episode 3

3. Detectorists: Series 1, Episode 3

Lance is determined to get his ex along to hear him play at the local pub's folk night.

The Big Sleet

6. Murder in Successville: Series 3, The Big Sleet

Sleet must turn his back on one of his personas, but will it be cop or superhero?

Arthur the Hat

2. Count Arthur Strong: Series 3, Arthur the Hat

Some of John the Watch's old criminal associates take an interest in Bulent's cafe.

The New Ward

5. Hospital People: The New Ward

Father Kenny sees an opportunity to increase his audience.

Episode 2

2. Detectorists: Series 1, Episode 2

Lance and Andy are on the trail of the resting place of King Sexred of the East Saxons.

A Rat's Tale

5. Murder in Successville: Series 3, A Rat's Tale

Professor Green tries to help DI Sleet solve the murder of Bear Grylls.

Count Arthur's House of Horrors

1. Count Arthur Strong: Series 3, Count Arthur's House of Horrors

Arthur is enlisted to rid a haunted house of its demonic occupants.

The Health Guru

4. Hospital People: The Health Guru

Susan Mitchell hires a celebrity nutritionist to promote healthy living.

Episode 1

1. Detectorists: Series 1, Episode 1

After a chance encounter, Lance and Andy journey towards the discovery of a lifetime.

A Nest of Vipers

4. Murder in Successville: Series 3, A Nest of Vipers

DI Sleet and Reggie Yates try to solve the murder of undercover detective Noel Edmonds.

A Murder in Ye Olde Successville

2. Murder in Successville: Series 3, A Murder in Ye Olde Successville

Guest rookie Martin Kemp is tasked with solving a murder in Victorian Successville.

Room at the Bottom

6. Dad's Army: Series 3, Room at the Bottom

Captain Mainwaring is horrified to discover that he is not a commissioned officer.

I Saw a Monster!

3. Murder in Successville: Series 3, I Saw a Monster!

Reporter Harry Hill is found dead, covered with radiation burns.

Episode 5

5. Witless: Series 2, Episode 5

Posing as mourners, Leanne and Rhona attempt to infiltrate gang member Ian's funeral.

The Local Millionaire

3. Hospital People: The Local Millionaire

Susan Mitchell is delighted when a local businessman is admitted to Brimlington Hospital.

Episode 4

4. Peter Kay's Car Share: Series 2, Episode 4

John enlists the help of his reluctant nan to wait in for a parcel delivery.

Episode 4

4. Witless: Series 2, Episode 4

Rhona and Leanne hatch a daredevil plan to get out of witness protection.