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Episode 8

8. Death in Paradise: Series 7, Episode 8

Jack and his team must crack a cold case that has haunted the commissioner for years.

Pieces of Eight

9. The Coroner: Series 2, Pieces of Eight

Lighthaven's Pirate Festival provides the perfect cover for a robbery.

Perfect Pair

7. The Coroner: Series 2, Perfect Pair

A window cleaner is found dead next to a sports car he doesn't own.

Episode 2

2. Shetland: Series 4, Episode 2

Perez hunts Malone's attacker. Tosh suspects a cover-up when she talks to Forst energy.

Episode 2

2. Collateral: Series 1, Episode 2

Abdullah's sisters hold the key to his death, but why is MI5 derailing the investigation?

Episode 4

4. Modus: Series 1, Episode 4

The police hear the results of the autopsy on the body of artist Niclas Rosen.

Episode 4

4. Modus: Series 2, Episode 4

Ingvar suggests he and Inger Johanne team up to track down the mole inside the police.

Episode 3

3. Modus: Series 2, Episode 3

Inger steels herself to work with Warren and the search leads to a dead body.

Episode 7

7. Death in Paradise: Series 7, Episode 7

JP is thrown when someone from his past is caught red-handed at a murder scene.

Episode 1

1. Strike: The Silkworm, Episode 1

Cormoran Strike investigates the disappearance of a provocative author.

Episode 3

3. Strike: The Cuckoo's Calling, Episode 3

Long-buried secrets are revealed, putting Strike and Robin in danger.

Episode 1

1. Shetland: Series 4, Episode 1

Thomas Malone returns home to Shetland after spending 23 years in jail for murder.

Episode 1

1. Collateral: Series 1, Episode 1

DI Kip Glaspie investigates the unexplained shooting of a pizza delivery driver.

Episode 8

8. McMafia: Series 1, Episode 8

The final showdown takes place in Moscow.

Episode 6

6. Hard Sun: Series 1, Episode 6

An internet killer is targeting people who believe they wish to die.

Episode 1

1. Modus: Series 2, Episode 1

The Swedish police must ensure the US president's safety during her visit.

Episode 2

2. Modus: Series 2, Episode 2

The police throw all their resources into the search for the missing US president.

Episode 6

6. Death in Paradise: Series 7, Episode 6

Jack and the team are baffled when the leader of a spiritual retreat is found strangled.

Family, Part Two

10. Silent Witness: Series 21, Family, Part Two

With the conclusion of a challenging Christmas, the team are reunited with their families.

Family, Part One

9. Silent Witness: Series 21, Family, Part One

The team's festivities are interrupted by a call-out to a tragedy at a family home.

Episode 7

7. McMafia: Series 1, Episode 7

Alex learns the dreadful price of his actions.

Episode 5

5. Hard Sun: Series 1, Episode 5

The murder of a jogger has dire personal implications for Renko.

Episode 12

12. Spiral: Series 6, Episode 12

Time is running out to locate Moldovan, change Josephine's tune and salvage Roban's career

Episode 11

11. Spiral: Series 6, Episode 11

Revelations fracture relationships for both the crooks and the cops out to catch them.

The Talented Mr Ripley

The Talented Mr Ripley

A young man (Matt Damon) is mistaken for a college contemporary of a wealthy man's son.

Episode 5

5. Death in Paradise: Series 7, Episode 5

A young woman is murdered during the Day of the Dead festival, but everyone has an alibi.

One Day, Part Two

8. Silent Witness: Series 21, One Day, Part Two

The team are determined to uncover the truth about unexplained care home deaths.

One Day, Part One

7. Silent Witness: Series 21, One Day, Part One

A care home resident is implicated after a fatal road crash.

Episode 6

6. McMafia: Series 1, Episode 6

Drama series. Alex increases security as Vadim starts to close in on the Godman family.

Episode 4

4. Hard Sun: Series 1, Episode 4

London is under siege as Blackwood's reign of terror escalates.

Episode 10

10. Spiral: Series 6, Episode 10

The hunt for teen Maria hots up, and pressure mounts on Roban over his cover-up of a case.

Episode 9

9. Spiral: Series 6, Episode 9

Street riots result after a shameful shooting, while Josephine tackles another injustice.

Episode 4

4. Death in Paradise: Series 7, Episode 4

A mysterious poisoning at a faith healing ceremony challenges Jack and the team.

A Special Relationship, Part Two

6. Silent Witness: Series 21, A Special Relationship, Part Two

The team uncover a secret held by those at the very top of the US government.

A Special Relationship, Part One

5. Silent Witness: Series 21, A Special Relationship, Part One

The team must work with the embassy and the FBI when a US diplomat is shot dead in London.

Episode 5

5. McMafia: Series 1, Episode 5

Drama series. Semiyon awakes to an awful accusation and Katya unravels a shocking secret.