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6. Doctors: Series 19, Shutdown

Rob has a lead in the cashpoint case, but can he convince some witnesses to cooperate?

Reap the Whirlwind - Part One

32. Casualty: Series 31, Reap the Whirlwind - Part One

Iain's disappointment in his sister leads to tragic consequences.

The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Swimmer

5. Doctors: Series 19, The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Swimmer

It's a day full of surprises when Mrs Tembe discovers a man wearing only a towel.

Love and Duty

4. Doctors: Series 19, Love and Duty

Rob has an explosive start to the day whilst Jimmi and Mrs Tembe have a clash of opinions.

The Terminator

3. Doctors: Series 19, The Terminator

When an unpopular doctor at St Phil's has a streak of bad luck Ruhma is drawn in.


2. Doctors: Series 19, Freak

Valerie enjoys her invalid status a little too much. Ayesha reports Karl missing.

Past Imperfect

28. Holby City: Series 19, Past Imperfect

Jac uncovers skeletons in Matteo's closet - will he come clean or risk losing her?

Something Whiskered This Way Comes

1. Doctors: Series 19, Something Whiskered This Way Comes

Mrs Tembe and JJ return from holiday only to discover the police on their doorstep.

When the Whistle Blows

31. Casualty: Series 31, When the Whistle Blows

Jez's promiscuity lands him in hot water, as Cal rallies the team to take on Sam.


187. Doctors: Series 18, Positive

Karen deals with a patient who makes a shocking discovery.

I Don't Do Animals (Part Two)

186. Doctors: Series 18, I Don't Do Animals (Part Two)

Emma and Zara go out of their way to avoid attending the conference.

I Don't Do Animals (Part One)

185. Doctors: Series 18, I Don't Do Animals (Part One)

Al is exasperated by the man running their outward-bound course.

Wise Up (Part Two)

184. Doctors: Series 18, Wise Up (Part Two)

Sid ends up contemplating his own anxieties when he tries to help Karl.

Someone to Look After Me

27. Holby City: Series 19, Someone to Look After Me

Fletch is shattered by a life-changing revelation. Matteo tries to reunite Jac and Jasmine

Wise Up (Part One)

183. Doctors: Series 18, Wise Up (Part One)

Karl gets his test results from Jimmi. Daniel presents Zara with a challenge.

The Hangover

23. Holby City: Series 19, The Hangover

Fletch makes a shocking discovery about the man Morven has been messaging.

Child of Mine

30. Casualty: Series 31, Child of Mine

Connie is faced with a tough decision when Hugo's dad delivers some shocking news.

Do Geese See God?

182. Doctors: Series 18, Do Geese See God?

Karl visits Jimmi for a check-up to try to get the bottom of his problems.

Golden Boy

181. Doctors: Series 18, Golden Boy

A dying woman gets ready for her son's final visit.

Goodness and Mercy

180. Doctors: Series 18, Goodness and Mercy

Al reluctantly returns home for a memorial dedication to his late father.

It's Only Love If It Hurts

26. Holby City: Series 19, It's Only Love If It Hurts

Serena faces her demons. Mo risks her professional reputation.

One of the Lads

179. Doctors: Series 18, One of the Lads

When Mrs Tembe makes an announcement, her friends wonder if it is the right decision.

Versions of Us

178. Doctors: Series 18, Versions of Us

When a patient seems to be lying, Valerie turns to Daniel for advice.

Sleeping with the Enemy

29. Casualty: Series 31, Sleeping with the Enemy

There's bad news in store for the team as Sam announces budget cuts.


177. Doctors: Series 18, Legacy

Ayesha is overjoyed by her visitor but soon finds he is not himself.

The Open Road

176. Doctors: Series 18, The Open Road

Daniel is caught in the middle when a family pitches up in a camper van.

Take a Dive into Lake Me

175. Doctors: Series 18, Take a Dive into Lake Me

Al shares his deepest fear with Jimmi, but will he take his friend's advice?


25. Holby City: Series 19, Unbreakable

Serena is dealt a further blow, and a drunken mistake prompts Ollie to take a big step.

Seven Years

174. Doctors: Series 18, Seven Years

Zara hatches a new plan, and JJ is worried about his future with Mrs Tembe.

Hell Is More Kind

173. Doctors: Series 18, Hell Is More Kind

A desperate Emma goes too far in trying to forget her troubles.

Five Days

28. Casualty: Series 31, Five Days

Five days spent with Robyn on the neonatal intensive care unit.


172. Doctors: Series 18, Twisted

Emma's desperation for company leads her to make the wrong move with the wrong person.

Water Works

171. Doctors: Series 18, Water Works

A relaxed Jimmi is back from his trip, but gets a harsh reality check.

Crossing Palms

170. Doctors: Series 18, Crossing Palms

Valerie gets a frosty warning from Mrs Tembe.

Growing Pains

24. Holby City: Series 19, Growing Pains

Essie is shocked when Parker turns up at the hospital with his injured friend.

Tangled Webs

169. Doctors: Series 18, Tangled Webs

Valerie goes too far when she pries into Emma and Sid's personal life.