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Episode 1

1. Call the Midwife: Series 7, Episode 1

The winter continues, and the team at Nonnatus House welcome their newest midwife.

Episode 20

20. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 20

A schoolteacher faces the consequences of her decision. Ethan goes for his interview.


142. Doctors: Series 19, Ransom

Valerie continues to push her diet on everyone, while Jimmi puts an idea to Emma.


141. Doctors: Series 19, Eric

Mrs Tembe introduces her replacement - and not everyone thinks it is a good idea.

Dreams are Made On

140. Doctors: Series 19, Dreams are Made On

Mrs Tembe loses her temper with an author from Botswana who has a secret.


139. Doctors: Series 19, Boisterous

Ruhma goes before Al and Emma to explain what happened with Besa.

There by the Grace of...

3. Holby City: Series 20, There by the Grace of...

Essie struggles to use her head over her heart as she gets involved with Gaskell's trial.


138. Doctors: Series 19, Playtime

Karen and Valerie's lunch plans are spoilt when Mrs Tembe springs a surprise on them.

Episode 19

19. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 19

Max is confronted with his estranged wife Zoe, and Jacob's son arrives in the ED.

Lamb Dopiaza Nights

137. Doctors: Series 19, Lamb Dopiaza Nights

Daniel abandons Zara's home cooking for a night out with an old mate.

False Friend

136. Doctors: Series 19, False Friend

A young nurse has a truly emotional day before making a life-changing call for help.


135. Doctors: Series 19, Lullaby

When Besa absconds from the hostel, Ruhma fears for her safety and that of baby Tamanna.

Ready or Not

2. Holby City: Series 20, Ready or Not

Sacha struggles to judge whether his patient can be trusted.

A Safe Place

134. Doctors: Series 19, A Safe Place

Jimmi finds himself under siege, while Ruhma is feeling the pressure.

The Best Policy?

133. Doctors: Series 19, The Best Policy?

Rob starts to investigate Ruhma's connection to Besa, while Emma says farewell to Sid.

Episode 18

18. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 18

Connie takes matters into her own hands, while Dylan struggles to keep things together.

Blood, Sweat and Tears

132. Doctors: Series 19, Blood, Sweat and Tears

As events spiral out of control, Ruhma struggles to protect Besa.

Risk Management

131. Doctors: Series 19, Risk Management

Al reveals the real reason he has been volunteering for evening shifts.


130. Doctors: Series 19, Tinselitis

Al offers to cover the evening shift for the second day in a row.

The Prisoner

1. Holby City: Series 20, The Prisoner

A popular prisoner takes Ric under his wing, but Ric begins to question whom he can trust.

Any Moment

129. Doctors: Series 19, Any Moment

Emma is left disappointed when Sid makes an announcement.

Christmas Special 2017

13. Call the Midwife: Christmas Special 2017

The team care for their patients during the big freeze, the worst winter in living memory.

Episode 17

17. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 17

Connie struggles to keep her secret.

Always Forever

64. Holby City: Series 19, Always Forever

Morven finds herself torn between her past and her future on Christmas Eve.

Twinkle Twinkle Video Star

128. Doctors: Series 19, Twinkle Twinkle Video Star

Ruhma feels the strain with Besa. Barry is humiliated in front of The Mill staff.

No Room at the Inn

127. Doctors: Series 19, No Room at the Inn

Daniel cannot wait to get involved with the Christmas plans.


126. Doctors: Series 19, Confidence

A last-minute testimony is heard as the case comes to a close.

We Need to Talk About Fredrik

63. Holby City: Series 19, We Need to Talk About Fredrik

Dominic is determined to push Meena to the limit.


125. Doctors: Series 19, Borderline

Zara has a revelation about the murder case. Emma plays counsellor to a PIP assessor.

A Woman Goes to War

124. Doctors: Series 19, A Woman Goes to War

Jimmi helps to recruit some reluctant singers for Sid's Christmas venture.

Episode 16

16. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 16

Elle has a shock in store for Jacob.

Fairy Tales

123. Doctors: Series 19, Fairy Tales

Zara starts to wonder just who she can trust. Why is Ruhma behaving strangely?

Group Animal, Part Two

62. Holby City: Series 19, Group Animal, Part Two

The resolve of the Holby family is put to the test when a face from the past arrives.

A Tale of Two Kittys

122. Doctors: Series 19, A Tale of Two Kittys

Zara makes a difficult decision for the good of her family.

Flickering Light

121. Doctors: Series 19, Flickering Light

Zara confronts Daniel for not supporting her. Rob tries to bond with a new dad.

The Sharp End

120. Doctors: Series 19, The Sharp End

Al makes plans for Eve. Sid looks for a new project.