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Somewhere Between Silences - Part Two

43. Casualty: Series 31, Somewhere Between Silences - Part Two

The Ellissons are back in the ED creating trouble, while Connie shows off a fixed Grace.

Going the Distance

41. Holby City: Series 19, Going the Distance

Essie worries she is not being a good foster parent to Parker.

Somewhere Between Silences - Part One

42. Casualty: Series 31, Somewhere Between Silences - Part One

Jez and Mickey's relationship is put to the test.

Sleep Well

40. Holby City: Series 19, Sleep Well

Jac and Fran get the shock of their lives when someone from their past turns up.

Man Up

41. Casualty: Series 31, Man Up

Ethan's obsession with Scott Ellisson comes between his relationship with Alicia.

Keeping the Faith

39. Holby City: Series 19, Keeping the Faith

A grieving Morven will not accept the circumstances of a close tragedy.

War of the Roses

40. Casualty: Series 31, War of the Roses

A new registrar arrives for his first shift, sending shockwaves through the ED.

Stop All the Clocks

53. Doctors: Series 19, Stop All the Clocks

It's the day of the wedding, but will Shak turn up? Rob deals with the arrest of Bren.


52. Doctors: Series 19, Manoeuvres

Ayesha gets frustrated when she isn't allowed to leave work to see her mother.


51. Doctors: Series 19, Swansong

Ayesha takes Bren on a surprise trip, while Rob tries to get to the bottom of a burglary.

Paper Wishes

38. Holby City: Series 19, Paper Wishes

Wrestling with her feelings in the wake of tragedy, Jac buries herself in work.


50. Doctors: Series 19, Betrothed

Ruhma's hen night gets into full swing, but will Ayesha spoil the party?


49. Doctors: Series 19, Butterflies

Mrs Tembe has a job on her hands to pin down Ruhma for important wedding business.

It Had to Be You

39. Casualty: Series 31, It Had to Be You

It is the day of the consultants' interviews, but who is going to lose their job?


48. Doctors: Series 19, Distractions

Rob experiences life in front of the camera.

Field Fever

47. Doctors: Series 19, Field Fever

Sid acts on his jealousy over Megan, but ends up making things awkward.

For You May Be the Next to Die...

37. Holby City: Series 19, For You May Be the Next to Die...

As Jasmine begins to investigate the past, she makes a shocking discovery.


45. Doctors: Series 19, Monsters

Megan sets a boundary in her relationship with Sid.

Doctor Shopping

44. Doctors: Series 19, Doctor Shopping

Emma has a run-in with a supposedly reformed Bren.

Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

38. Casualty: Series 31, Do Not Stand at My Grave and Weep

Ethan looks for answers about Cal's last moments as he plans his last goodbye.


43. Doctors: Series 19, Legless

Sid and Megan's first date doesn't go well. Could this be the end of their affair?

White Noise

42. Doctors: Series 19, White Noise

Rob struggles with his inner feelings and jeopardises a court case.

Factor of One

41. Doctors: Series 19, Factor of One

Ruhma makes wedding plans, but is Shak ready to support her yet?

For the Love of Maureen

36. Holby City: Series 19, For the Love of Maureen

It is crunch time for Mo, who has some difficult life choices to make.


40. Doctors: Series 19, Dynamics

Ayesha finally talks to Bren, but is she there to rebuild bridges?

A Curate's Egg

39. Doctors: Series 19, A Curate's Egg

Ayesha cooks something up to take her mind off recent events.

Swift Vengeance Waits

37. Casualty: Series 31, Swift Vengeance Waits

When Ethan comes face to face with Scott Ellisson, will he get the answers he wants?

What Men Want

37. Doctors: Series 19, What Men Want

Emma is curious to know how Zara would respond if Daniel ever proposed.

Hands On

36. Doctors: Series 19, Hands On

Mrs Tembe is on a mission to discover the secrets of Ruhma's heart.


35. Doctors: Series 19, Devotion

Emma reaches out to a vulnerable woman - but is she in too deep?

The Hard Way Home

35. Holby City: Series 19, The Hard Way Home

An out-of-control Dominic reaches crisis point.

Is It a Bird?

34. Doctors: Series 19, Is It a Bird?

Mrs Tembe proposes she undertake a secret mission for the good of Heston's relationship.


36. Casualty: Series 31, Roadman

Elle's career talk at her son Blake's school doesn't go to plan.


33. Doctors: Series 19, Separation

What should be a walk in the park turns into a living nightmare for Rob.

Taxi for Carter

32. Doctors: Series 19, Taxi for Carter

Daniel offers Jimmi some dating advice, but will the object of his affections reciprocate?

The Deal

31. Doctors: Series 19, The Deal

Rob continues to bottle up his emotions despite things heating up at the Hollins house.