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185. Doctors: Series 19, Perfection

Valerie is still reeling from the revelation when Ashley turns up on her doorstep.

No Matter Where You Go, There You Are - Part One

12. Holby City: Series 20, No Matter Where You Go, There You Are - Part One

Ric Griffin finally stands trial. Ollie accepts the ultimate challenge from Roxanna.

Monster Love

184. Doctors: Series 19, Monster Love

Emma helps DI Addison identify a murder suspect with an ice-cold heart.

All Art Is Theft

183. Doctors: Series 19, All Art Is Theft

Ayesha invites herself to the Icon with Ashley.

Episode 28

28. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 28

Rash's new-found confidence is tested by a prisoner, who also leads Gem into danger.


182. Doctors: Series 19, Blink

After a medical emergency, a young couple's life is changed in the blink of an eye.

A Man Called Brown

181. Doctors: Series 19, A Man Called Brown

Sid volunteers to find the cause of the virus affecting the Mill.

Home Truths

180. Doctors: Series 19, Home Truths

Jimmi risks his counselling qualification when he turns the tables on his assessor.

The L Word

11. Holby City: Series 20, The L Word

Roxanna tries to cure Oliver, but in the process opens old wounds.

The Accidental Muse

179. Doctors: Series 19, The Accidental Muse

Could Al's solution to the IT problems have actually worked?

Who Knew?

178. Doctors: Series 19, Who Knew?

Daniel finds someone to fix the IT problem, but is he really the right man for the job?

Episode 8

8. Call the Midwife: Series 7, Episode 8

The team must rally to prepare for Sister Monica Joan's birthday.

Episode 27

27. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 27

Pressure on Ethan intensifies as he has a day to track down the blog author.

Who's the Daddy?

177. Doctors: Series 19, Who's the Daddy?

The crisis continues and all hopes are pinned on Al.

In a Heartbeat

176. Doctors: Series 19, In a Heartbeat

With the computer system still down and staff struggling, Daniel goes on the PR offensive.

Power Cuts

175. Doctors: Series 19, Power Cuts

A power cut sends the Mill into crisis. Heston treats a stressed-out head teacher.

Square One

10. Holby City: Series 20, Square One

Gaskell battles to protect his trial and save his patient.

Call Waiting

174. Doctors: Series 19, Call Waiting

Al argues with his mother about her future, and Valerie wrestles with a dilemma.


173. Doctors: Series 19, Rumspringa

Al sets a trap, and Valerie tries to ignore Ashley. Emma finds herself in a moral dilemma.

Episode 7

7. Call the Midwife: Series 7, Episode 7

Dr Turner gets involved with a troubled young man, and Barbara lies ill in hospital.

Episode 26

26. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 26

Dylan struggles to keep his alcoholism a secret from his colleagues.

All Over Again

172. Doctors: Series 19, All Over Again

Ayesha tries to deal with the past by visiting the police station - but will it help?

'Im Next Door

171. Doctors: Series 19, 'Im Next Door

Ayesha tries to convince Valerie to not get involved with Ashley.


9. Holby City: Series 20, Ache

Dominic tries to help a deeply worried Lofty plan for Sheilagh's future.


170. Doctors: Series 19, Click-Bait

Jimmi finds the behaviour of an old man slightly odd. Rob gets a series of phone calls.


169. Doctors: Series 19, Invincible

Valerie is excited after attending the PPG meeting. Callum is hit by a car.

The Beautiful Game

168. Doctors: Series 19, The Beautiful Game

Al receives some alarming news from his mother.

Episode 6

6. Call the Midwife: Series 7, Episode 6

Barbara gets involved with a recently widowed pregnant woman.

Episode 25

25. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 25

The pressures of clinical lead cause Ethan to lose his way as a doctor.

Best Friend

167. Doctors: Series 19, Best Friend

Eve invites a stranger in. Valerie receives some worrying news.

Sophie's Choice

166. Doctors: Series 19, Sophie's Choice

Emma meets a handsome man at a neighbourhood meeting.

In the Dark

165. Doctors: Series 19, In the Dark

Karen and Valerie finally discover the source of their itching.

Hard Day's Night

8. Holby City: Series 20, Hard Day's Night

Fletch and Jac are thrust together on an overnight transplant case.

Al in the Mind

164. Doctors: Series 19, Al in the Mind

Ayesha takes a huge risk for a young patient. Sid struggles to help a patient with anxiety

No Sweat

163. Doctors: Series 19, No Sweat

Jimmi counsels Ben. A man suffering from excessive sweating comes to see Daniel.

Episode 5

5. Call the Midwife: Series 7, Episode 5

Lucille must win the trust of a mother who is terrified of giving birth.