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Episode 24

24. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 24

Under-pressure Ethan makes a decision that exposes the weaknesses of the ED.

Desperately Seeking Susan

162. Doctors: Series 19, Desperately Seeking Susan

Ben upsets Will's plans for the future. Heston puts himself in danger to unmask the truth.

The Value of Nothing

161. Doctors: Series 19, The Value of Nothing

Heston decides it is time for a heart to heart with Liam. Ben makes a big announcement.

The Song Without End

160. Doctors: Series 19, The Song Without End

Heston is a man on a mission, but finding Liam is no bed of roses.


7. Holby City: Series 20, Precipice

A leaking bullet is poisoning Oliver's brain and must be removed.

Circles - Part 2

159. Doctors: Series 19, Circles - Part 2

Heston is found, but have the drugs he has been force fed caused any serious damage?

Circles - Part 1

158. Doctors: Series 19, Circles - Part 1

Ruhma is forced to report Heston missing when he doesn't come home.

Episode 4

4. Call the Midwife: Series 7, Episode 4

Sister Julienne learns about a new culture as she helps a family at a difficult time.

Episode 23

23. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 23

On the day of her son's trial, Elle finds herself looking after the boy he assaulted.

You Robot

157. Doctors: Series 19, You Robot

Ben gets a frosty reception when he tries to make Karen more comfortable at work.

A Rock and a Hard Place

156. Doctors: Series 19, A Rock and a Hard Place

Ben has to deal with the fallout from yesterday, but can he forgive Will?


155. Doctors: Series 19, Vigilante

Heston turns vigilante in his mission to find the viper supplier.

Not Your Home Now

6. Holby City: Series 20, Not Your Home Now

Serena Campbell returns to steady the ship at Holby and Oliver struggles with his identity

Doctor Haskey and the All Seeing Eye

154. Doctors: Series 19, Doctor Haskey and the All Seeing Eye

Heston tries to get a lead on the viper case by winning the trust of a user.

Sense and Sensitivity

153. Doctors: Series 19, Sense and Sensitivity

Emma unwittingly puts herself in danger, but will Ayesha come to her rescue?

Episode 3

3. Call the Midwife: Series 7, Episode 3

A pregnant mum hears a devastating diagnosis. Fred and Violet organise a beauty contest.

Episode 22

22. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 22

Alicia takes matters into her own hands when queuing ambulances put patients in danger.

Long Haul

152. Doctors: Series 19, Long Haul

Heston and Zara clash over a young patient, can they make a diagnosis in time?

Dead Men Kiss No Womble

151. Doctors: Series 19, Dead Men Kiss No Womble

It is the dreaded team building day, and there is no easy escape.

Suffer the Children

150. Doctors: Series 19, Suffer the Children

Jimmi tries to get over his awkwardness with Ben to help him with an important speech.

A Chip off the Old Block?

149. Doctors: Series 19, A Chip off the Old Block?

Jimmi gets a shock when Will brings home his new love interest.

One Day at a Time

5. Holby City: Series 20, One Day at a Time

It's time for Gaskell to live up to his reputation. Nicky tests Sacha's patience.

Will You Be My Friend?

148. Doctors: Series 19, Will You Be My Friend?

Heston shadows on an FME shift and witnesses the full horror of Viper for himself.

Episode 2

2. Call the Midwife: Series 7, Episode 2

Lucille faces racism and prejudice when a new mother falls ill.

Episode 21

21. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 21

Dylan's alcoholism spirals out of control while he deals with a stabbing.


147. Doctors: Series 19, Staggered

A fed-up Jimmi gives Will some home truths. Al works his magic at a stag do.

Under My Skin

146. Doctors: Series 19, Under My Skin

Valerie is floored by everyone's reaction to her healthy-eating regime.

Check Mate

145. Doctors: Series 19, Check Mate

Ben tries to put his own stamp on the Mill, but one thing stands in his way - Zara.

Hanssen Is as Hanssen Does

4. Holby City: Series 20, Hanssen Is as Hanssen Does

Hanssen is pushed to the brink. Jac turns to an old friend for support.

The Inheritance

144. Doctors: Series 19, The Inheritance

Daniel and Zara visit Emma's as a test, while Rob and Heston attend the men's group.

A Mother's Love

143. Doctors: Series 19, A Mother's Love

Emma starts to put her plan into action, and Jimmi prepares himself for a night out.

Episode 1

1. Call the Midwife: Series 7, Episode 1

The winter continues, and the team at Nonnatus House welcome their newest midwife.

Episode 20

20. Casualty: Series 32, Episode 20

A schoolteacher faces the consequences of her decision. Ethan goes for his interview.


142. Doctors: Series 19, Ransom

Valerie continues to push her diet on everyone, while Jimmi puts an idea to Emma.


141. Doctors: Series 19, Eric

Mrs Tembe introduces her replacement - and not everyone thinks it is a good idea.

Dreams are Made On

140. Doctors: Series 19, Dreams are Made On

Mrs Tembe loses her temper with an author from Botswana who has a secret.