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5548. EastEnders: 18/08/2017

The Mitchells grow concerned about Phil's behaviour - can anyone get through to him?

Episode 25

25. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 25

Keith Kiely strikes out on his own.


5547. EastEnders: 17/08/2017

Jay attempts to fix things for Ben but gets more than he bargained for.

Episode 24

24. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 24

Resentments are resurrected by a Hennessy homecoming.

Episode 23

23. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 23

Stung by criticism, Nikki's success feels hollow. Paudge is told a guilty secret.


5546. EastEnders: 15/08/2017

Ben comes to an upsetting realisation, leaving him questioning his relationship with Phil.

Episode 22

22. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 22

Returning to the night of the murder, Brian's killer is revealed.


5545. EastEnders: 14/08/2017

Phil is left pondering a huge decision. Fi attempts to help Linda see sense.

Episode 21

21. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 21

Angela's lies and Tommy's secrets attract scrutiny. Bridget has business in mind.

Episode 20

20. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 20

Tipping points are reached as the Kielys make an irrevocable move.


5544. EastEnders: 11/08/2017

Steven tries to regain control. Carmel gets a glimpse of Max's true colours.

Episode 19

19. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 19

Joe Fallon's plans for Bridget mean he won't take no for an answer.


5543. EastEnders: 10/08/2017

Mick and Linda are at breaking point. Carmel is stunned by Max's latest act.

Episode 18

18. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 18

Paudge deduces Sharon has reason to be guilty. Can Sean alter Adrijan's decision?

Episode 17

17. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 17

A corpse sparks recriminations and fresh enquiries. Brian's state of mind is questioned.


5542. EastEnders: 08/08/2017

With Linda back, Mick finally admits the truth about what happened while she was away.

Episode 16

16. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 16

Is mischief or malice behind a disappearance? A transaction goes wrong for Tommy.


5541. EastEnders: 07/08/2017

Mick is left on tenterhooks as Linda makes her return to the square.

Episode 15

15. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 15

Paudge regrets abetting a thug. Drained Rachel is under pressure.

Episode 14

14. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 14

Brian is winning his wife over. Liam confronts Rachel, but can he keep control?

03/08/2017 Part Two

5540. EastEnders: 03/08/2017 Part Two

Whitney and Mick have a heart-to-heart. Can they keep their emotions under control?

03/08/2017 Part One

5539. EastEnders: 03/08/2017 Part One

Past actions catch up with the Taylor family. Lauren confides in Whitney.

Episode 13

13. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 13

The Tyrrells are targets for blackmail. Rachel makes a discovery about Brian.

Episode 12

12. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 12

Brian provokes Sharon. Will Bridget be tempted by her old flame?


5538. EastEnders: 01/08/2017

Whitney shares her news with a stunned Mick. Steven is backed into a corner by Max.

Episode 11

11. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 11

A robbery report leads to cash-strapped Vincent Kiely. Fallon makes Bridget an offer.


5537. EastEnders: 31/07/2017

Whitney returns to Albert Square - how will the Carters react?

Episode 10

10. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 10

Can the costly christening party pass off peacefully?


5536. EastEnders: 28/07/2017

Denise tries to get to the bottom of what is going on with Carmel.

Episode 9

9. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 9

The Kielys scramble to raise some cash. Adrijan finds it hard to focus.


5535. EastEnders: 27/07/2017

Max makes things worse for an oblivious Lauren. Carmel is thrown by some unexpected news.

Episode 8

8. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 8

Sean's effort to protect Adrijan backfires badly.

Episode 7

7. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 7

Rachel's lies result in Liam lashing out.


5534. EastEnders: 25/07/2017

Abi sees a glimmer of hope for her future with Steven - is all as it seems?

Episode 6

6. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 6

Is there an answer for Adrijan's anger problem? Rachel's affections are torn.


5533. EastEnders: 24/07/2017

Lauren is taken aback by Steven's latest request.