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5602. EastEnders: 21/11/2017

Karen tries to take control of her financial situation.


110. Doctors: Series 19, Moonlight

Emma's house call turns mysterious as the patient complains of seeing a ghost.


5601. EastEnders: 20/11/2017

Whitney gets a surprise visitor, causing tension with Woody.

The Impotence of Iain Ernest

109. Doctors: Series 19, The Impotence of Iain Ernest

Sid has to deal with an unexpected situation when examining Lily.

A Shade Too Far

108. Doctors: Series 19, A Shade Too Far

When her cousin turns up with a business proposition, Ayesha finds herself drawn in.

16/11/2017 Part Two

5600. EastEnders: 16/11/2017 Part Two

Ian is concerned by Kathy's latest plan. Kim makes a surprising discovery.

16/11/2017 Part One

5599. EastEnders: 16/11/2017 Part One

Ben makes a brave decision. Louise tries to help Shakil and Bex get back on track.

Free Lunch

107. Doctors: Series 19, Free Lunch

Jimmi meets a monk collecting money and quickly realises that all is not what it seems.

Close to Home

106. Doctors: Series 19, Close to Home

Valerie tries to help a vulnerable teenage girl who has reached crisis point.


5598. EastEnders: 14/11/2017

Ben is left seething by recent discoveries. Gethin's plan does not go how he hoped.


105. Doctors: Series 19, Shells

Al is faced with a dilemma when he finds himself looking after a giant African land snail.


5597. EastEnders: 13/11/2017

Phil takes matters into his own hands. Mick comes to a decision about The Vic.

Sad Face

104. Doctors: Series 19, Sad Face

The campus is besieged by well-wishers when a shrine appears outside their front door.


1103. River City: 07/11/2017

Annie resorts to desperate measures to save her livelihood.


1102. River City: 31/10/2017

Suzie deals with a haunted flat. Ellie prepares herself for AJ's return.


1101. River City: 24/10/2017

Romance comes knocking at Scarlett's door. Alex is worried about Annie.


5595. EastEnders: 09/11/2017

Sharon is concerned when Michelle takes matters into her own hands.

A Duty of Care

102. Doctors: Series 19, A Duty of Care

Al is silenced when Gwen's harsh words cut him to the core.


5594. EastEnders: 07/11/2017

Billy is horrified to learn the truth about what happened. Abi makes a big decision.


5593. EastEnders: 06/11/2017

Kathy comes face to face with a ghost from the past. Billy reels from recent events.

The Talking Cure

101. Doctors: Series 19, The Talking Cure

Mrs Tembe comes up with a new way for Sid to use his voice.

Impulse Control

100. Doctors: Series 19, Impulse Control

Sid returns from holiday to find his recent PR exercise has horribly backfired.


99. Doctors: Series 19, Remorse

Mrs Tembe worries about Sid being exploited, but Al sees it as an opportunity for fun.


5592. EastEnders: 03/11/2017

Tina comes to a horrifying realisation. Lauren reels from Abi's latest bombshell.


5591. EastEnders: 02/11/2017

Shirley does her best to support Tina. Honey and Billy's world is turned upside down.


5590. EastEnders: 31/10/2017

Lauren realises everything she knew was a lie. Tina's problems worsen.


5589. EastEnders: 30/10/2017

Lauren attempts to put the past behind her. Tina finds herself in a terrifying situation.

The Girl in the Headscarf

98. Doctors: Series 19, The Girl in the Headscarf

Shak has a confession to make, but it puts Heston in a difficult situation.

Baby Steps

97. Doctors: Series 19, Baby Steps

Al's date backfires when he is the one left feeling sorry for himself at the end of it.


96. Doctors: Series 19, Displacement

Zara makes a grisly discovery and starts to wonder if she is being threatened.

Personal Demons

95. Doctors: Series 19, Personal Demons

It is Halloween, and Heston, Emma and Valerie unleash their personal demons.

Once upon a Time

94. Doctors: Series 19, Once upon a Time

There has been another stabbing, but can Tom find the victim before it is too late?


5588. EastEnders: 27/10/2017

The Carters are left to contemplate their future. The past catches up with Abi.


5587. EastEnders: 26/10/2017

Max stands his ground. Billy faces an unsettling reality.


5586. EastEnders: 24/10/2017

Max starts to waiver on his plan. Luke takes advantage of his relationship with Ben.


5585. EastEnders: 23/10/2017

Fi heaps the pressure on Max. The Carters' problems go from bad to worse.