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5560. EastEnders: 08/09/2017

As things look up for one family, tragedy strikes for another.

Episode 40

40. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 40

Sparks fly as Michael's situation worsens.

The Silence

58. Doctors: Series 19, The Silence

Zara is left stunned when an elderly lady reacts unexpectedly to some bad news.


5559. EastEnders: 07/09/2017

Lives are left hanging in the balance as recent actions lead to tragic consequences.

Episode 39

39. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 39

A rough reception greets Patricia at the family firm.

Name and Blame

57. Doctors: Series 19, Name and Blame

Karen attempts to heal the rift between a family and a carer. Sid tries to support Ayesha.

Episode 38

38. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 38

Concerned for Conor, Angela bends rules.

Breaking the Cycle

56. Doctors: Series 19, Breaking the Cycle

Emma seeks professional support from Jimmi as she faces questioning from the IPCC.


5558. EastEnders: 05/09/2017

The Walford in Bloom celebrations are thrown into chaos as disaster strikes the square.

Episode 37

37. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 37

David's drastic behaviour raises fears for baby Luke's safety.

Piece by Piece

55. Doctors: Series 19, Piece by Piece

Ayesha's anger at who she blames for Bren's death shocks Al.


5557. EastEnders: 04/09/2017

Linda makes a huge decision about her future - is this the end of Mick and Linda?

Episode 36

36. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 36

Conor reacts harshly to his mother's visit.

Time of Death

54. Doctors: Series 19, Time of Death

The investigation into Bren's death begins.

Episode 35

35. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 35

Michael's criminal endeavour seems doomed. Lashing out lands Conor in more trouble.


5556. EastEnders: 01/09/2017

Fi opens up to Mick about her past. Jane makes a startling discovery.

Episode 34

34. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 34

Bridget is tempted to ignore Katie's loathing of the loans business.


5555. EastEnders: 31/08/2017

Mick tries his best to fix things. Max worries about Steven's latest act.

Episode 33

33. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 33

Johno oversees an undercover sting in Patricia's bar.

Episode 32

32. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 32

Mocked Keith gets violent, appalling even his parents.


5554. EastEnders: 29/08/2017

Lauren urges Steven to tell his family the truth.

Episode 31

31. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 31

Johno is surprised at who a restaurant wants arrested.


5553. EastEnders: 28/08/2017

With tensions still high at the Vic, Shirley attempts to resolve matters once and for all.

Episode 30

30. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 30

Michael's illegal plans draw unwelcome attention. Katie feels guilty after an accident.


5552. EastEnders: 25/08/2017

Michelle causes a scene in front of her friends.

Episode 29

29. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 29

Investigating the business break-in, Johno smells a rat while Michael faces a dilemma.


5551. EastEnders: 24/08/2017

Mick does his best to make things up to Linda. Michelle gets an unexpected visitor.

Episode 28

28. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 28

Paudge is dismissive of a disappearance. Claire takes her baby to the Garda station.

Episode 27

27. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 27

A revelation reopens old wounds - the Hennessy and Kiely feud is rekindled.


5550. EastEnders: 22/08/2017

Linda continues to undermine Fi. Jack is made to think about his recent behaviour.

Episode 26

26. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 26

Solicitor Claire fails to reassure Conor, while Rachel tries to reconnect with him.


5549. EastEnders: 21/08/2017

Jay's world crumbles around him as Phil reveals a shocking revelation about the past.


5548. EastEnders: 18/08/2017

The Mitchells grow concerned about Phil's behaviour - can anyone get through to him?

Episode 25

25. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 25

Keith Kiely strikes out on his own.


5547. EastEnders: 17/08/2017

Jay attempts to fix things for Ben but gets more than he bargained for.

Episode 24

24. Red Rock: Series 2, Episode 24

Resentments are resurrected by a Hennessy homecoming.