War & Disaster

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2. Our World War: Pals

A soldier fights both the Germans and a system requiring him to execute one of his pals.

One Month in Summer

1. 37 Days: One Month in Summer

The British Foreign Office receives news of an assassination in the Balkans.

The Wipers Times

The Wipers Times

A soldier finds a printing press in the ruins of Ypres and decides to print a magazine.

Episode 2

2. Our Girl: Series 1, Episode 2

Molly's friendship with a little Afghan girl has consequences when she gets too close.

War Machine

3. Our World War: War Machine

At the Battle of Amiens, a tank commander and his crew must storm through enemy lines.

A Different Country

3. Generation War: Our Mothers, Our Fathers: A Different Country

A country lies in ruins, and the friends who survived the war pick up the pieces.

A Different War

2. Generation War: Our Mothers, Our Fathers: A Different War

Wilhelm and Friedhelm see action, but Viktor fears for his life.

A Different Time

1. Generation War: Our Mothers, Our Fathers: A Different Time

In the summer of 1941, five German friends meet in Berlin to say their farewells.

One Long Weekend

3. 37 Days: One Long Weekend

Events in Britain reach a crescendo as Germany issues its ultimatum to Belgium.

One Week in July

2. 37 Days: One Week in July

The German military command conspires to force the kaiser's hand.

Episode 9

9. The White Queen: Episode 9

The future of the princes in the Tower is in Richard's hands.



The true story of a woman (Anna Neagle) who returns to her occupied homeland as a spy.

Free Men

Free Men

An Algerian immigrant in Paris is pressured by the police to spy in a mosque during WWII.



In his Berlin bunker, an increasingly unhinged Hitler readies himself for the end.

War Requiem

War Requiem

Film with no spoken dialogue which follows the music and lyrics of Britten's War Requiem.

Cross of Iron

Cross of Iron

A group of disillusioned German soldiers are trapped on the Russian front in 1943.

Female Agents

Female Agents

A group of French servicewomen try to rescue a British army geologist in Normandy.

The Captive Heart

The Captive Heart

An English-educated Czech captain attempts to escape the Gestapo.

Shooting Dogs

Shooting Dogs

Drama. A British priest and a teacher face the reality of the 1994 Rwandan massacres.

Shout at the Devil

Shout at the Devil

An Englishman and an American attempt to destroy a German warship.

The Trench

The Trench

World War I drama evoking the tedium of trench life on the eve of the Battle of the Somme.

We Dive at Dawn

We Dive at Dawn

World War II drama about a mission to hunt and destroy a dangerous German battleship.

Episode 1

1. The White Queen: Episode 1

After meeting Elizabeth Woodville, King Edward IV must choose between love and loyalty.

Episode 8

8. The White Queen: Episode 8

An untimely death once again engulfs Elizabeth in a fight for the throne.

Churchill's First World War

Churchill's First World War

Drama-documentary about Winston Churchill's experiences during the First World War.

Episode 7

7. The White Queen: Episode 7

George's anger at losing the inheritance and his failure to capture the crown resurfaces.

Episode 6

6. The White Queen: Episode 6

Elizabeth suffers more emotional turmoil as she loses those closest to her.

Episode 5

5. The White Queen: Episode 5

Lancaster is restored to the throne, with Warwick in control. But Edward is returning.

Episode 3

3. The White Queen: Episode 3

Desperate to further her son's claim to the throne, Margaret joins Warwick's rebellion.

Episode 2

2. The White Queen: Episode 2

After Elizabeth's coronation, Edward needs a son to secure his reign.

Back to the Land

1. Land Girls: Series 2, Back to the Land

New girl Connie arrives on the farm, and immediately sets her sights on Billy.

Final Reckoning

3. Land Girls: Series 2, Final Reckoning

Connie finds out her new love is a bit more than a piano player.

Darkest Hours

5. Land Girls: Series 2, Darkest Hours

Connie stands up to the overbearing Bishop in order to win Henry's respect.

Displaced Loyalties

2. Land Girls: Series 2, Displaced Loyalties

Bea falls under the spell of an Italian POW, while Connie sings for the troops.

Fight the Good Fight

4. Land Girls: Series 2, Fight the Good Fight

Connie becomes concerned that a young evacuee is in danger.

Childhood's End

1. Land Girls: Series 1, Childhood's End

Bea becomes enthralled by a charming GI, while Nancy tries to get closer to Lord Hoxley.