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Episode 2

2. Gardeners' World: 2018, Episode 2

Monty plans for a bumper harvest of fruit when he adds raspberries to his fruit garden.

Episode 8

8. The Instant Gardener: Series 1, Episode 8

In Birmingham, the team tackle wildlife-loving Sophie's neglected and boring backyard.

Episode 1

1. Gardeners' World: 2018, Episode 1

Monty reveals his new plans for the year as well as taking stock of any winter damage.

Episode 17

17. Gardeners' World: 2015, Episode 17

Garden designer Adam Frost shows us how to build a gravel garden from scratch.

Episode 16

16. Gardeners' World: 2015, Episode 16

Plants that have a head for heights come under the spotlight this week.

Episode 15

15. Gardeners' World: 2015, Episode 15

Monty Don celebrates the arrival of summer by making a start on his new scented border.

Episode 2

2. Monty Don's Paradise Gardens: Series 1, Episode 2

Monty Don explores gardens offering a slightly different vision of Paradise.

Episode 14

14. Gardeners' World: 2015, Episode 14

Joe Swift continues his quest to find the perfect hanging basket.

Episode 1

1. Monty Don's Paradise Gardens: Series 1, Episode 1

Monty explores paradise gardens in Spain, Morocco and Iran.

Episode 12

12. Gardeners' World: 2015, Episode 12

Carol Klein visits one of the gardens preparing to open for the National Gardens Scheme.

Episode 11

11. Gardeners' World: 2015, Episode 11

Joe Swift researches the art of kokedama - a modern take on the hanging basket.

Episode 10

10. Gardeners' World: 2015, Episode 10

Bees are very much at the forefront of Monty's mind as he plants up a nectar-rich border.


9. Garden Rescue: Series 1 - 30 Minute Reversions, Devizes

Andrea and Gary want an area that will attract birds and an area for their son to play in.

Episode 6

6. Gardeners' World: 2015, Episode 6

As the weather begins to warm up, there's plenty to be getting on with in the garden.

Episode 8

8. Gardeners' World: 2015, Episode 8

Everything in the garden is shooting up, so it's time to lift and divide perennials.

The Gardeners of Kabul

The Gardeners of Kabul

How the Emperor Babur's beautiful garden has been lovingly restored to its former glory.

Episode 31

31. Gardeners' World: 2017, Episode 31

Frances Tophill helps a viewer whose overgrown pond needs some renovation.

A Year in an English Garden: Flicker & Pulse

A Year in an English Garden: Flicker & Pulse

A striking and poignant portrayal of time passing in a beautiful Sussex walled garden.

Episode 29

29. Gardeners' World: 2017, Episode 29

Monty plans for next year's fruit harvest when he adds gooseberries to the fruit garden.

Episode 24

24. Gardeners' World: 2017, Episode 24

Monty shows us how to harvest and store potatoes and also prunes shrub roses.


15. Garden Rescue: Series 2, Attleborough

Charlie and the Rich brothers are asked to transform a sea of dingy gravel and paving.

Episode 22

22. Gardeners' World: 2017, Episode 22

Monty meets Jake Hobson, one of the UK's leading cloud pruning and topiary experts.


10. Glorious Gardens from Above: Gloucestershire

Christine is in the air above two glorious Gloucestershire gardens.

Oxton, Birkenhead

14. Garden Rescue: Series 2, Oxton, Birkenhead

Charlie and the Rich brothers visit Oxton, where Gareth's garden is in need of a rethink.

Scottish Borders

9. Glorious Gardens from Above: Scottish Borders

Christine Walkden's balloon odyssey takes her to the Borders region of Scotland.


13. Garden Rescue: Series 2, Northwood

Charlie and the Rich brothers are challenged to come up with a Mughal-inspired design.

Letter Q

15. The A to Z of TV Gardening: Reversioned Series, Letter Q

Including a look at the gardens of Buckingham Palace.


12. Garden Rescue: Series 2, Alfreton

Charlie and the Rich brothers conjure up a magical fairy theme for a sloping garden.

West Sussex

11. Garden Rescue: Series 2, West Sussex

Charlie and the Rich brothers tackle a narrow garden in West Sussex.

Letter I

10. The A to Z of TV Gardening: Reversioned Series, Letter I

A look at insects, including beautiful butterflies and insects eating Joe Swift's plants.

Episode 20

20. The Beechgrove Garden: 2017, Episode 20

Jim and Carole are in the Beechgrove garden taste-testing turnips.

Episode 23

23. Gardeners' World: 2017, Episode 23

In preparation for spring, Monty plants ferns and advises on the care of wildlife ponds.

Episode 19

19. The Beechgrove Garden: 2017, Episode 19

The Beechgrove team are in the Howe of the Mearns village of Arbuthnott.

Episode 20

20. Gardeners' World: 2017, Episode 20

Carol Klein chooses varieties of late-flowering clematis as her plant of the month.

Land of the Giants

Land of the Giants

Documentary which digs into the colourful world of Welsh giant vegetable growers.

Episode 18

18. The Beechgrove Garden: 2017, Episode 18

Carole and George are in the garden, tasting tomatoes and cucumbers.