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Episode 6

6. Big Dreams Small Spaces: Series 3, Episode 6

In Blackpool, Alex dreams of turning her boring back yard into a magical enchanted forest.

Episode 5

5. Big Dreams Small Spaces: Series 3, Episode 5

Monty Don visits two sets of gardeners, each facing challenges on a very different scale.

The Winter Larder

6. The Edible Garden: The Winter Larder

Alys grows Jerusalem artichokes to harvest when the rest of the garden sleeps.

Episode 4

4. Big Dreams Small Spaces: Series 3, Episode 4

Monty comes to the rescue of two couples with rubble-filled back gardens.

Episode 3

3. Big Dreams Small Spaces: Series 3, Episode 3

Monty helps build a terraced allotment on a steep slope in the middle of a wood.

Flowers and Herbs

5. The Edible Garden: Flowers and Herbs

Alys shows how flowers and herbs bring the garden and kitchen to life.

Juicy Fruits

4. The Edible Garden: Juicy Fruits

Alys grows some juicy fruits and makes jams, tangy fruit leathers and apple rings.

Roots and Leafy Greens

3. The Edible Garden: Roots and Leafy Greens

Alys Fowler shows how root crops and leafy greens are the mainstays of an edible garden.


2. The Edible Garden: Salads

Alys Fowler weaves salad crops through the flower borders of her small urban back garden.

Episode 2

2. Big Dreams Small Spaces: Series 3, Episode 2

Monty helps replicate a Japanese garden in Bath.

Peas and Beans

1. The Edible Garden: Peas and Beans

Alys Fowler makes delicious broad bean falafels and pea-shoot cocktails.

Brighton/High Wycombe

1. Big Dreams Small Spaces: Series 3, Brighton/High Wycombe

Monty advises a married couple on creating a garden suitable for a special needs child.


5. Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein: Original Series, Autumn

In September and October it's harvest time and there's tidying and collecting to be done.

Episode 26

26. The Beechgrove Garden: 2016, Episode 26

Jim, Carole, George and Chris are preparing the garden for winter.

Episode 30

30. Gardeners' World: 2016, Episode 30

In this year's final visit to Longmeadow, Monty advises on winter protection for plants.

Episode 25

25. The Beechgrove Garden: 2016, Episode 25

Leaves are falling, but that's not a bad thing as Jim uses them to make leaf mould.

Episode 28

28. Gardeners' World: 2016, Episode 28

Monty investigates how productive his bees have been at making honey.

North Wales

8. Glorious Gardens from Above: North Wales

Christine Walkden hears the story of how the Snowdon Mountain Railway was built.

Capability Brown's Unfinished Garden

Capability Brown's Unfinished Garden

Bunny Guinness finds out what Capability Brown might have created for his own garden.

Episode 29

29. Gardeners' World: 2016, Episode 29

Rachel de Thame helps Monty refresh his dry garden.

Episode 27

27. Gardeners' World: 2016, Episode 27

Monty divides some perennials and plants alpines for spring colour.

Episode 24

24. The Beechgrove Garden: 2016, Episode 24

Jim, Carole and George visit Strathkinness, the Best Kept Small Village in Fife.


7. Glorious Gardens from Above: Northumberland

Christine visits the gardens of England's northernmost county - Northumberland.

Episode 26

26. Gardeners' World: 2016, Episode 26

Carol Klein looks at the Apiaceae family in the last of her series on plant families.

Episode 23

23. The Beechgrove Garden: 2016, Episode 23

Jim takes the Camellias inside, while Carole and George plan a spring bedding display.


6. Glorious Gardens from Above: Oxfordshire

Christine Walkden meets the owner of a remarkable garden at Kingston Bagpuize.

Episode 25

25. Gardeners' World: 2016, Episode 25

Monty adds some autumn flowering asters to his borders and refreshes his strawberry beds.

Episode 22

22. The Beechgrove Garden: 2016, Episode 22

Jim is in the veggie plot cropping late veg, and Carole is in rural Aberdeenshire.


5. Glorious Gardens from Above: Sussex

Christine Walkden visits Sussex and discovers what the Romans did for British gardens.

Episode 24

24. Gardeners' World: 2016, Episode 24

Carol Klein continues looking at plant families, exploring popular relations of the rose.

Episode 21

21. The Beechgrove Garden: 2016, Episode 21

Jim is planting overwintering veg that will be ready to crop in the spring.


4. Glorious Gardens from Above: Yorkshire

Christine Walkden discovers the Yorkshireman who was the father of aviation.

Episode 23

23. Gardeners' World: 2016, Episode 23

Monty goes on an inspiring visit to the longest herbaceous border in the world.

Episode 20

20. The Beechgrove Garden: 2016, Episode 20

Jim, Carole and George begin a series of bulb plantings.


10. Garden Rescue: Series 1 - 30 Minute Reversions, Hereford

The designers come up with fabulous ideas for creating a garden sculpture on a shoestring.


2. Glorious Gardens from Above: Essex

Christine continues her airborne exploration of Britain's gardens in the county of Essex.