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Countryfile: Pembrokeshire

Ellie Harrison is in Pembrokeshire looking at the effect of recent storms on the coast.

AI, Robot

Click: AI, Robot

In part one of Future of Work, Click asks if artificial intelligence can save the NHS.

Sudan: The Last of the Rhinos

6. Natural World: 2017-2018, Sudan: The Last of the Rhinos

The remarkable story of 43-year-old Sudan, the last male northern white rhino in the world

The Mysteries of the Isles

1. Coast: Series 7, The Mysteries of the Isles

Neil Oliver explores the conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Lord Kitchener.

Broken Brains

3. The Brain: A Secret History: Broken Brains

A look at how experiments on abnormal brains can reveal the workings of the normal brain.

Professor Hawking's Universe

Horizon: Professor Hawking's Universe

How Professor Stephen Hawking copes with severe disability, his work and his ambitions.

Saving the British Bulldog

Saving the British Bulldog

Catherine Tate investigates the serious health problems affecting the British bulldog.

The Lothians and Borders

Countryfile: The Lothians and Borders

Matt Baker visits St Abbs - a community who refused to let their lifeboat service go under

International Women's Day

Click: International Women's Day

Click heads to the USA to meet survivors of sexual abuse.

Waterworlds Compilation

Countryfile: Waterworlds Compilation

Helen Skelton explores the ways in which water shapes our lives.

Killer Whales: Beneath the Surface

9. Natural World: 2013-2014, Killer Whales: Beneath the Surface

Documentary revealing the social, intelligent side of the killer whale.

Episode 1

1. Nature's Weirdest Events: Series 2: 15-Minute Cutdowns, Episode 1

Chris Packham examines some of the world's weirdest natural events.

All Aboard to Barcelona

Click: All Aboard to Barcelona

Click heads to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona to explore the world of smartphones.

Mind Control

1. The Brain: A Secret History: Mind Control

Michael Mosley traces the sinister ways science has been used to try to control our minds.


Countryfile: Derbyshire

Helen tries her hand at 'weaselling', the latest craze to sweep the Peaks.

Your Face or Mine

Click: Your Face or Mine

Click investigates deep fakes, software used to swap faces in video.


Countryfile: Anglesey

Adam finds out how the latest facial recognition technology is helping farmers.

Let There Be Light

Click: Let There Be Light

A remote village in the corner of the Himalayas receives electricity for the first time.


5. How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson: Sound

A look at the unsung heroes who allowed us to transport our voices over long distances.


Countryfile: Cambridgeshire

Tom Heap interviews Bill Gates about British agricultural expertise.

The Mystery of 'Oumuamua

The Sky at Night: The Mystery of 'Oumuamua

The team investigates the first ever object to visit our solar system from outer space.

Mars - A Traveller's Guide

Horizon: 2017, Mars - A Traveller's Guide

Leading experts on Mars discuss where they would go and what they would need to survive.

The Sky's the Limit

Click: The Sky's the Limit

Click takes to the skies to report on flying cabs and smarter airports.


4. How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson: Light

A look at the unsung heroes of invention in the surprising journey from candle to laser.

My Amazing Brain: Richard's War

1. Horizon: 2018, My Amazing Brain: Richard's War

The story of Richard Gray and his remarkable recovery from a catastrophic stroke.

Winter Special

Countryfile: Winter Special

Steve Brown mushes with a pack of huskies in the Highlands.

Law and Order: Dubai

Click: Law and Order: Dubai

Click is in Dubai meeting the newest members of the police force, police bots.


3. How We Got to Now with Steven Johnson: Cold

Steven Johnson traces the unsung heroes behind the modern skill of making cold.

Peril from the Seas

4. Coast: Series 7, Peril from the Seas

Nick Crane tells the astonishing tale of the Great Storm of 1703.

Wonders of the Moon

Wonders of the Moon

Documentary exploring how the monthly cycle of the moon shapes life on Earth.

Getting Fit

25. The Truth About...: Getting Fit

Michael Mosley examines the latest research on fitness to separate fact from fiction.

The Hidden History of Harbours

3. Coast: Series 7, The Hidden History of Harbours

Dick Strawbridge explores a forgotten project involving building airships.

France: Cap Gris-Nez to Mont Saint-Michel

2. Coast: Series 4, France: Cap Gris-Nez to Mont Saint-Michel

Neil Oliver visits the hidden remains of a fortress built by Henry VIII on Cap Gris-Nez.

Episode 1

1. Monty Halls' Great Escape: Episode 1

Monty and his dog Reuben move into a run-down cattle shed overlooking an isolated beach.

Perth and Kinross

Countryfile: Perth and Kinross

Matt Baker discovers how curling training fits around farming at a sheep a farm in Crieff.

Cheating Death in Silicon Valley

Click: Cheating Death in Silicon Valley

Click investigates technologies promising to help you live longer.