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County Durham

Countryfile: County Durham

Matt shows how to make panackelty, a traditional north eastern dish.


Countryfile: Denbighshire

Matt Baker and Ellie Harrison visit Denbighshire in north east Wales.

Episode 7

7. Nature's Weirdest Events: Series 5, Episode 7

Chris Packham uncovers the mysterious sudden death of hundreds of reindeer in Norway.

Episode 2

2. Landward: 2017/2018, Episode 2

Euan McIlwraith explores the farming legacy of the King of the Bothy Ballad.

Springwatch in Japan: Cherry Blossom Time

22. Springwatch: Springwatch in Japan: Cherry Blossom Time

A look at the lively cherry blossom celebrations taking place across Japan this spring.

Episode 3

3. Glamorgan Coastal Lives: Series 1, Episode 3

Sir Brooke Boothby prepares to hand over the Fonmon estate to his daughter.

Episode 15

15. Coast: Series 8 Reversions, Episode 15

The team look at the secret life of the sea and how it shapes our cliffs.

Nature's Wildest Weapons: Horns, Tusks and Antlers

3. Natural World: 2017-2018, Nature's Wildest Weapons: Horns, Tusks and Antlers

Professor Doug Emlen discovers the secrets of nature's arms races.

Hoo Peninsula

Countryfile: Hoo Peninsula

Matt Baker and Anita Rani are on the Hoo Peninsula in Kent.

Jaguars: Born Free - Natural World Special

6. Natural World: 2012-2013, Jaguars: Born Free - Natural World Special

Three tiny orphaned jaguar cubs are trained to be wild again.

Episode 6

6. Nature's Weirdest Events: Series 5, Episode 6

Featuring a deep sea blob, the remains of a gargantuan creature and a stowaway spider.

Colin Prior Mountain Man - North West Highlands

9. The Adventure Show: 2016/2017, Colin Prior Mountain Man - North West Highlands

Adventure Show special following landscape photographer Colin Prior.


Countryfile: Lancashire

Matt Baker learns about the Easter tradition of pace egg rolling in Lancashire.

Episode 4

4. Earth's Seasonal Secrets: Episode 4

Documentary celebrating spring on planet Earth and how animals and plants react to it.

Episode 4

4. Home Ground: Series 2, Episode 4

Jo Scott meets an ethical taxidermist who uses her work to educate the public about nature

Episode 1

1. Nature's Weirdest Events: Series 2: 15-Minute Cutdowns, Episode 1

Chris Packham examines some of the world's weirdest natural events.


Weather World: 14/04/2017

The BBC Weather team spend a day at Belfast International Airport.

Episode 1

1. Landward: 2017/2018, Episode 1

Dougie celebrates the food that shaped the nation.

Episode 2

2. Glamorgan Coastal Lives: Series 1, Episode 2

Competition heats up between friendly rivals and fishermen Chris Read and Steve Smyth.


Countryfile: Holderness

Matt, Anita and John are in Holderness in the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Future Frontiers

3. Galapagos: Series 1, Future Frontiers

The team see first-hand the impact that humans have had on the Galapagos Islands.

The Himalayas

4. Natural World: 2010-2011, The Himalayas

Documentary looking at the variety of wild animals inhabiting the Himalayas.

Understanding the Natural World

2. Attenborough: 60 Years in the Wild: Understanding the Natural World

David Attenborough looks back on the scientific discoveries that have shaped his career.

Into the Wind

Into the Wind

Tim Dee walks the flatlands of The Wash on a quest to capture the sound of 'pure' wind.

Orangutans: The Great Ape Escape

6. Natural World: 2013-2014, Orangutans: The Great Ape Escape

Following Leonora, a pioneering orangutan on an important mission back into the wild.

Leopards: 21st Century Cats

1. Natural World: 2013-2014, Leopards: 21st Century Cats

Is it possible for leopards and people to live alongside each other?

Farming Now and Then

Countryfile: Farming Now and Then

Adam Henson is in Snowdonia to discover how farming has changed in the past 60 years.

Empire of the Desert Ants

2. Natural World: 2011-2012, Empire of the Desert Ants

A look at how a new honey ant queen wages a battle for survival while building her empire.

Hotel Armadillo

2. Natural World: 2017-2018, Hotel Armadillo

David Attenborough reveals never-before-screened secrets of giant armadillo life.

Episode 1

1. Glamorgan Coastal Lives: Series 1, Episode 1

Sir Brooke Boothby gets ready for a royal engagement.

Episode 3

3. Home Ground: Series 2, Episode 3

Gavin Andrews finds out more about the seal population in Strangford Lough.

Secrets of the Deep

2. Galapagos: Series 1, Secrets of the Deep

The team set off beneath the waves in a specially equipped deep sea submersible.


Countryfile: Forests

Ellie is in Inverness-shire seeing what industrial-scale timber production looks like.

Galen and Leonardo

1. The Beauty of Anatomy: Galen and Leonardo

Roman anatomist Claudius Galen and the artist and part-time dissector Leonardo da Vinci.

Dawn of the Mammals

2. David Attenborough's Rise of Animals: Triumph of the Vertebrates: Dawn of the Mammals

How mammals developed from tiny forest dwellers to the dominant life form on the planet.

Episode 2

2. Kate Humble: Into the Volcano: Episode 2

Kate Humble abseils into a volcano containing one of only five lava lakes on the planet.