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Shark People of the Pacific

1. Tribes, Predators & Me: Series 2, Shark People of the Pacific

Gordon joins a family on a tropical island to learn how to survive swimming with sharks.


7. Countryfile: Shorts, Calderdale

Matt Baker looks at a food revolution in Todmorden and Tom Heap reports on Britain's bees.


Countryfile: Harvest

A look at how food is harvested, from large-scale crops to smaller hand-picked harvests.

Wild Tales from the Village

Wild Tales from the Village

A year in the life of an extraordinary village, hidden away in the French countryside.

Episode 5

5. Countryfile Summer Diaries: 2017, Episode 5

Margherita discovers how garlic was brought to the Isle of Wight.

Episode 4

4. Countryfile Summer Diaries: 2017, Episode 4

Keeley Donovan enjoys a dive along a new 100-mile snorkelling trail in Scotland.

Shallow Seas

9. Planet Earth: Shallow Seas

David Attenborough narrates the epic journey of a humpback whale and calf.


22. Countryfile: Shorts, 30/08/2017

The people, places and stories making news in the British countryside.

Episode 3

3. Countryfile Summer Diaries: 2017, Episode 3

Keeley Donovan finds out how the RNLI's latest campaign could save lives.

The Peak District

2. Tales from the National Parks: The Peak District

A look at a campaign to stop motorists overusing the Peak District villages' green lanes.

Episode 2

2. Countryfile Summer Diaries: 2017, Episode 2

Margherita Taylor finds out why hayfever is on the rise.

Episode 1

1. Countryfile Summer Diaries: 2017, Episode 1

John Craven enjoys the splendour of Osborne House on the Isle of Wight.

Llyn Peninsula

Countryfile: Llyn Peninsula

Steve meets the dairy farmers who both produce and deliver their own milk.


Weather World: 26/08/2017

The BBC Weather team on why city weather is so different from the coast or the countryside


3. Planet Earth: Freshwater

Following the descent of the planet's mightiest rivers from their sources to the sea.

Summer Special

Countryfile: Summer Special

The team are at the Blenheim estate in Oxfordshire to celebrate the best of rural Britain.

Invaders of the Isles 2

11. Coast: Series 8 Reversions, Invaders of the Isles 2

Coast reveals surprising stories of invasions around the British Isles.

Episode 3

3. I Bought a Rainforest: Episode 3

Nine months on and Charlie Hamilton James's grand scheme has hit rock bottom.

Episode 2

2. I Bought a Rainforest: Episode 2

Four months on, Charlie Hamilton James's grand scheme has hit the buffers.

Episode 1

1. I Bought a Rainforest: Episode 1

Charlie establishes camp and makes some unpleasant discoveries.


Countryfile: Dartmoor

Anita Rani explores the Artisan Trail, while Sean Fletcher is looking at Dartmoor ponies.

Episode 2

2. Steve Backshall's Extreme Mountain Challenge: Episode 2

Steve ventures deep within a tepui, inside a newly discovered cave.

Rivers and Seas Collide

18. Coast: Series 8 Reversions, Rivers and Seas Collide

Nick Crane explores the wealth of wildlife attracted to the Firth of Forth.

Super Small Animals

Super Small Animals

Biologist Patrick Aryee explores the secrets behind what makes small animals successful.

The Bug Grub Couple

The Bug Grub Couple

A couple try to get their insect-based food products to the mainstream food market.

Fire and Ice

1. Patagonia: Earth's Secret Paradise: Fire and Ice

Discover the secret lives of pumas and hummingbirds. Soar with condors over glacial peaks.

Roots and Shoots

Countryfile: Roots and Shoots

Ellie Harrison learns about a plant that is on the front line in the fight against cancer.

Episode 1

1. Birds of Paradise: The Ultimate Quest: Series 1, Episode 1

Frank Gardner and Benedict Allen journey through Papua New Guinea to see birds of paradise

The River Crossing

8. This Wild Life: The River Crossing

Drought is beginning to make life difficult for both people and wildlife.


3. The Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart: Grass

Looking at the spectacular game herds of East Africa's grasslands.

Plant Predators

3. The Life of Mammals: Plant Predators

David Attenborough looks at some of the biggest predators on earth who prey on plants.


1. Dangerous Earth: Avalanche

Examining the anatomy of an avalanche, including eyewitness footage from within one.

The Netherlands

Coast: Series 6 Reversions, The Netherlands

Coast ventures out to the astonishing man-made shoreline of the Netherlands.


1. The Great Rift: Africa's Wild Heart: Fire

Looking at the unique wildlife of East Africa's volcanic mountains.


Countryfile: Cities

Anita Rani is at London's Woodberry Wetlands, a haven for all sorts of wildlife.

Episode 3

3. Wild Alaska Live: Series 1, Episode 3

For the bears, eagles, wolves and whales, the great summer feast reaches its climax.