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1. Wild UK: Series 1, Rivers

A week-long adventure around the UK's wilderness begins with a look at rivers.

Episode 1

1. Royal Welsh Show: 2017, Episode 1

Highlights from the first day of the 2017 Royal Welsh Show.

Episode 1

1. Wild Alaska Live: Series 1, Episode 1

Bears, eagles and orcas are gathering for the Alaskan summer feast.


Countryfile: Wiltshire

Adam meets Simon Stott who runs a co-operative of farmers producing sheep's milk.

Episode 1

1. Yorkshire Wolds Way: Episode 1

Paul Rose explores the Yorkshire Wolds Way, perhaps Britain's least known walking trail.

The Magical Forest

3. Secrets of our Living Planet: The Magical Forest

Chris Packham looks at the annual miracle of the temperate forest.

The Emerald Band

1. Secrets of our Living Planet: The Emerald Band

The amazing web of life centred on the Brazil nut tree is revealed.


Countryfile: Fife

Tom Heap looks at the unseen side of TB and its effect on goats.

The British Garden: Life and Death on Your Lawn

The British Garden: Life and Death on Your Lawn

Chris Packham explores how wildlife thrives in suburban gardens over the four seasons.


Countryfile: Northants

Anita Rani's in the Nene Valley, where a pioneering project is just about to launch.


Countryfile: Worcestershire

Ellie ventures out after sunset to search for bats.

Killer Whales: Beneath the Surface

9. Natural World: 2013-2014, Killer Whales: Beneath the Surface

Documentary revealing the social, intelligent side of the killer whale.

The Hidden History of Harbours 2

8. Coast: Series 7 Reversions, The Hidden History of Harbours 2

Looking at harbours, which were once Britain's gateways to global adventure.

Under Open Skies

1. Hidden Kingdoms: Under Open Skies

In Africa's savannah, a baby elephant shrew fights for life.

Wye - Voices from the Valley

Natural World: 2006-2007, Wye - Voices from the Valley

Portrait of the Wye Valley through the eyes of those who earn a living from the land.

Climate Change by Numbers

Climate Change by Numbers

A look at three key numbers that clarify the important questions on climate change.

Working Animals Compilation

Countryfile: Working Animals Compilation

Sean Fletcher is in Carmarthenshire in west Wales taking a look at working animals.

Sudan: The Last of the Rhinos

6. Natural World: 2017-2018, Sudan: The Last of the Rhinos

The remarkable story of 43-year-old Sudan, the last male northern white rhino in the world

Supercharged Otters

5. Natural World: 2017-2018, Supercharged Otters

Charlie Hamilton James reveals the survival secrets of otters.

Wye: Hay Festival

Countryfile: Wye: Hay Festival

Ellie Harrison and Sean Fletcher are at one of the UK's biggest arts festivals.

Episode 10

10. Springwatch Unsprung: 2017, Episode 10

Comedian and entertainer Julian Clary welcomes Hideshare into his garden.

Episode 3

3. Nature's Weirdest Events: Series 2 Reversions, Episode 3

Featuring a village awash with billions of tiny crabs, and residents facing a mob of elk.

Springwatch Episode 12

Springwatch: 2017, Springwatch Episode 12

Martin Hughes-Games is finishing his tour of the UK from a remote island.

Episode 9

9. Springwatch Unsprung: 2017, Episode 9

Poet Pam Ayres shares her wildlife garden and her passion for hedgehogs.

Springwatch Episode 11

Springwatch: 2017, Springwatch Episode 11

Martin Hughes-Games goes to meet one of our most rarely-seen owls.

Episode 8

8. Springwatch Unsprung: 2017, Episode 8

Cole is on the sofa to share her passion for the great outdoors with Chris Packham.

Springwatch Episode 10

Springwatch: 2017, Springwatch Episode 10

Gillian Burke and Michaela Strachan are live from a special part of the British Isles.

Episode 7

7. Springwatch Unsprung: 2017, Episode 7

Chris Packham is joined by correspondent Frank Gardner and Dragons' Den's Deborah Meaden.

Springwatch Episode 9

Springwatch: 2017, Springwatch Episode 9

Including the first film in a series of four about Somerset's little egret colonies.

Episode 6

6. Springwatch Unsprung: 2017, Episode 6

Author Michael Morpurgo joins Chris Packham for a Warhorse-themed hide.

A World of Wonder

Planet Earth II: A World of Wonder

A compilation of the wildlife documentary series presented by David Attenborough.

Northern Ireland

Countryfile: Northern Ireland

Joe Crowley joins an RSPB team tagging swifts to find out where they are feeding.

Episode 6

6. Monty Halls' Great Hebridean Escape: Episode 6

Monty sets out to raise enough money to pay for a big print run of the trail guides.

Episode 17

17. Coast: Series 8 Reversions, Episode 17

A journey around the coast of the United Kingdom.

Springwatch Episode 8

Springwatch: 2017, Springwatch Episode 8

Martin Hughes-Games and Iolo Williams go head to head to find the ultimate hunter.

Episode 4

4. Springwatch Unsprung: 2017, Episode 4

Olympic champion rower Helen Glover is on the sofa chatting about wildlife in the water.