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Attenborough and the Empire of the Ants

8. Natural World: 2017-2018, Attenborough and the Empire of the Ants

David Attenborough is in the Swiss Jura Mountains to discover the secrets of a giant.

Turtle, Eagle, Cheetah: A Slow Odyssey

Turtle, Eagle, Cheetah: A Slow Odyssey

Riding onboard with a cheetah, a green turtle and a white-tailed sea eagle.

Snow Bears

Snow Bears

The dramatised true-to-life tale of polar bear cubs on a journey of a lifetime.

Reindeer Family & Me

Reindeer Family & Me

Gordon Buchanan meets the Sami people and the animals they hold so close - reindeer.

Christmas Special

Countryfile: Christmas Special

Tom Heap meets a farmer who hands out food parcels to those in need this Christmas.

Winter's Weirdest Events

Winter's Weirdest Events

Chris Packham embarks on a fascinating journey to explain some of winter's weirdest events


Weather World: 22/12/2017

Nick Miller and Sarah Keith-Lucas look at how 'fake weather' is made for TV programmes.

Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees

Judi Dench: My Passion for Trees

Over a whole year, actress Judi Dench explores the magical and secret lives of trees.


8. The Blue Planet: Coasts

How animals from in and around the sea make use of coastal areas.

My Countryside Compilation

Countryfile: My Countryside Compilation

Ellie Harrison sees her home county of Gloucestershire as she has never seen it before.

The Brecks

Countryfile: The Brecks

Ellie Harrison and Matt Baker are in Breckland on the Norfolk-Suffolk border.

The Channel

1. Coast: Series 9, The Channel

The team explores stories on both sides of the English Channel.

The Himalayas

4. Natural World: 2010-2011, The Himalayas

Documentary looking at the variety of wild animals inhabiting the Himalayas.

All at Sea

6. Coast: Series 8, All at Sea

The Coast team explore surprising stories of cannibalism and communist submarines.

Frozen Seas

4. The Blue Planet: Frozen Seas

A look at the survival techniques of creatures in the Arctic and Antarctic.

The Secret Life of Sea Cliffs

5. Coast: Series 8, The Secret Life of Sea Cliffs

Nick Crane explores some of the most spectacular and scary sea cliffs in Britain.

Joy of the Coast

3. Coast: Series 8, Joy of the Coast

The team seek out the ideal locations to discover the pleasure of seaside leisure.

Attenborough and the Giant Elephant

Attenborough and the Giant Elephant

David Attenborough investigates the remarkable real life story of Jumbo the elephant.

Our Blue Planet

7. Blue Planet II: Series 1, Our Blue Planet

David Attenborough explores the issues behind the series' most spectacular stories.

Cleveland Way

Countryfile: Cleveland Way

Helen Skelton and Sean Fletcher are on the Cleveland Way in Yorkshire.

Episode 2

2. Expedition Volcano: Series 1, Episode 2

Chris Jackson and his team are heading for one of the most active volcanoes on the planet.


6. Blue Planet II: Series 1, Coasts

Coasts are the most changeable of the ocean worlds, but they offer great riches.


Countryfile: Cairngorms

Joe Crowley is at Britain's largest national nature reserve, Mar Lodge.

Galapagos: Islands of Change

3. Natural World: 2015-2016, Galapagos: Islands of Change

David Attenborough reveals how the Galapagos Islands are adapting to a human revolution.

Episode 1

1. Expedition Volcano: Series 1, Episode 1

An expedition to one of the world's most dangerous and spectacular volcanoes.

Green Seas

5. Blue Planet II: Series 1, Green Seas

From enchanted forests to undersea prairies, the planet's green seas teem with life.

Episode 3

3. Shark: Episode 3

An international team of scientists is trying to change perceptions of sharks.

Secret Paths to Hidden Treasures

2. Coast: Series 9, Secret Paths to Hidden Treasures

Nick Crane visits Cape Wrath, discovering where wolves once trod.

Episode 1

1. Shark: Episode 1

Sharks are the ocean's great predators, living in every ocean and hunting in every way.

Cornish Heartlands

Countryfile: Cornish Heartlands

John and Margherita are in Cornwall, where John attends a food festival with a difference.


Countryfile: Hertfordshire

Charlotte Smith meets the man attempting to save the barbel in the Old River Lea.


Countryfile: Remembrance

Ellie Harrison finds out about the 'Idle' women of the canals during WWII.

Big Blue

4. Blue Planet II: Series 1, Big Blue

This vast ocean desert where sperm whales must dive 1,000 metres just to feed.

Coral Reefs

3. Blue Planet II: Series 1, Coral Reefs

The ingenious ways life exists in the undersea cities of tropical reefs.

Episode 2

2. Shark: Episode 2

Sharks have complex courtship rituals and extraordinary powers of navigation.

Fighting Forest Faiths

Fighting Forest Faiths

Rebecca Henchke investigates the impact of the palm oil industry on Sumatra's Orang Rimba.