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A collection of short films about ambition and work aimed at 9- to 14-year-olds.

Julius Caesar

3. Shakespeare Unlocked: Julius Caesar

Three key scenes from Julius Caesar are explored through performance.

Speaking Sport

Speaking Sport

Famous sports stars share their passion for learning another language.

Joey's First Fight

Joey's First Fight

In Holland, Joey is preparing for his first ever junior boxing fight.

Rock Types at Great Heights

Rock Types at Great Heights

Geologist Dr Tom Challands challenges six young people to climb a different rock face.

Children of World War II

Children of World War II

Youngsters interview elderly people who were children during World War II.



A compilation of short films providing an insight into how computers work.

Seeking Refuge

Seeking Refuge

Real-life stories of young people who have sought refuge in the UK.

Image is Everything

1. China Close Up: Image is Everything

Following Wang Lei - part hair-stylist, part image-maker.

Forever Shanghai

5. China Close Up: Forever Shanghai

How urban planner Professor Ruan is fighting to save Shanghai's historic buildings.

Mama Chen's Printing Press

6. China Close Up: Mama Chen's Printing Press

Looking at a privately run collective employing disabled people.

Monkey Man

10. China Close Up: Monkey Man

How Sichuan Television has pioneered its own wildlife programming.

The People's Diva

3. China Close Up: The People's Diva

Looks at Xiao Ya and her passion for yue ju - a form of Chinese opera.

To Mountains Far Away

8. China Close Up: To Mountains Far Away

How Sichuan students have been working with one of China's largest ethnic minorities.

Head Case: Treat Yourself to Better Mental Health

Head Case: Treat Yourself to Better Mental Health

The reality of living with mental illness is revealed through the eyes of young people.

Ceejay's Story

2. Gang Life: Ceejay's Story

Revealing testimony chronicling how it is possible to start over after leaving a gang.

Friends and Rivals

24. Ask Lara: Friends and Rivals

A handsome visitor causes a rift between the three girls.

Too Cool for School

19. Ask Lara: Too Cool for School

Gabriel's dress and attitude have changed since he made friends with a boy called Teo.


22. Ask Lara: Balance

Lara makes a new friend who amazes the group with her skateboarding skills.


23. Ask Lara: Disco

The girls are allowed to go to the disco as long as they promise to phone home.

Gabriel's First Date

25. Ask Lara: Gabriel's First Date

Gabriel has been asked out on a date, but doesn't know what is expected of him.

Bad News

26. Ask Lara: Bad News

Monica's wishful thinking that her parents will get back together comes to a painful end.

Love Hurts

16. Ask Lara: Love Hurts

Tony decides to declare his love for Brenda by emailing her a video of him singing.

Gabriel's Ups and Downs

17. Ask Lara: Gabriel's Ups and Downs

Gabriel is worried about his body when the school holds a superhero costume party.

Sticky Situation

20. Ask Lara: Sticky Situation

Gabriel is embarrassed when Monica misunderstands an overheard conversation.

My Martin

21. Ask Lara: My Martin

Monica has a crush on the older waiter in the school canteen.

Bad Hair Day

18. Ask Lara: Bad Hair Day

Lara notices that she has hair under her arms and on her legs.

Tough Break

15. Ask Lara: Tough Break

The gang have to give a presentation to the class.

Sink or Swim

14. Ask Lara: Sink or Swim

Gabriel has trouble getting to sleep at night and waking up in the morning.

Materials: How They Work

Materials: How They Work

Scientist Mark Miodownik reveals the fascinating world of metals, ceramics and plastics.


2. Human Planet: Change and Sustainability: KS3

This programme looks at how humans have learnt to live with extremes.

The Power of Poetry

The Power of Poetry

With poems from Andrew Marvell, Thomas Hardy, Tennyson and Edmund Waller.

Spanish Commentary

Mi Vida Loca: Spanish Commentary

Take part in a dramatic story of intrigue and mystery and brush up on your Spanish too.

Le Francais au Pluriel

Le Francais au Pluriel

The diverse cultures of the French-speaking world. In French with French subtitles.

How God Made the English

How God Made the English

Exploration of what it means to be English and what has shaped English identity.

Divine Women

Divine Women

Bettany Hughes uncovers the remarkable and neglected stories of women and religion.