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2016 - Midnight Mass from St Chad's Catholic Cathedral

Midnight Mass: 2016 - Midnight Mass from St Chad's Catholic Cathedral

A traditional Christmas Eve Midnight Mass led by the Archbishop of Birmingham.


Carols from King's: 2016

The traditional celebration of Christmas from the Chapel of King's College, Cambridge.

Episode 4

4. The Nativity: Original Series, Episode 4

As Mary goes into labour, Joseph must find somewhere for her to give birth.

Episode 3

3. The Nativity: Original Series, Episode 3

Joseph cannot accept Mary's explanation for her pregnancy, and her neighbours turn on her.

Nigel Benn

2. Fern Britton Meets...: Series 8, Nigel Benn

Fern Britton meets boxing legend and two-time world champion Nigel Benn.

Episode 2

2. The Nativity: Original Series, Episode 2

Mary is visited by the angel Gabriel, and she learns she will bear the son of God.

Episode 1

1. The Nativity: Original Series, Episode 1

Mary counts her blessings when her parents arrange to marry her to a local carpenter.


Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol: Llanymddyfri

Wrth i'r Nadolig agosau, dyma gyfle i ddathlu'r Adfent. With Christmas fast approaching...


Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol: Llanrwst

Y tro hwn, byddwn yn ymuno a chymanfa yng Nghapel Seion, Llanrwst. A hymn-singing servi...

Cor Lleisiau'r Cwm

Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol: Cor Lleisiau'r Cwm

Dathlu 20 mlynedd ers sefydlu Cor Lleisiau'r Cwm yn ardal Dyffryn Aman. Celebrating 20 ...

Ynys Mon - Cymanfa Gyhoeddi

Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol: Ynys Mon - Cymanfa Gyhoeddi

Cawn ddychwelyd i Gapel Hyfrydle, Caergybi a chymanfa gyhoeddi Eisteddfod Genedlaethol ...


Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol: Aberystwyth

Daw'r Gymanfa heddiw o Gapel y Morfa, Aberystwyth, gydag Allan Wynne Jones yn arwain, a...

America’s Hate Preachers

America’s Hate Preachers

Hannah Livingston spends six months tracking America’s radical Christian hate groups.

Ayahuasca in Rio

2. Getting High for God?: Ayahuasca in Rio

Mawaan Rizwan meets the Brazillian Church that uses hallucinogenics in their services.

Trip to the Mountains

1. Getting High for God?: Trip to the Mountains

Can taking Class A drug Peyote bring you close to God?

Dunster by Candlelight

Songs of Praise: Dunster by Candlelight

David Grant visits the medieval town of Dunster to take part in the candlelit procession.


Songs of Praise: 11/12/2016

The Reverend Kate Bottley visits Lapland with families of children with serious illnesses.

Episode 2

2. Muslims Like Us: Episode 2

The house discuss a survey exploring British opinion about the Muslim community.

Episode 1

1. Muslims Like Us: Episode 1

Ten British Muslims with contrasting world views move in together.

Michael Gove

3. Fern Britton Meets...: Series 8, Michael Gove

The former Conservative cabinet member talks about his career and his faith.

Living Goddesses

Our World: Living Goddesses

Sahar Zand travels to Nepal to catch a glimpse of young girls who live as goddesses.

Rebecca Ferguson

4. Fern Britton Meets...: Series 8, Rebecca Ferguson

Fern meets X Factor singing sensation Rebecca Ferguson, who talks about her faith.

Alexander Armstrong

1. Fern Britton Meets...: Series 8, Alexander Armstrong

Fern meets comedian, singer and Pointless presenter Alexander Armstrong.


Songs of Praise: 27/11/2016

Connie Fisher meets a man who gave the gift of life to a relative stranger.


Songs of Praise: 20/11/2016

Professor Robert Beckford explores the impact of Britain's first black churches.

Episode 20

20. Sunday Morning Live: Series 7, Episode 20

A 14-year-old has had her body frozen after death. What ethical questions does this raise?

Life and Death the Pentecostal Way

Life and Death the Pentecostal Way

Unprecedented access to the workings of a Pentecostal church in London.


Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol: Rhuthun

Daw'r canu o Gapel Bethania, Rhuthun gyda Nia Wyn Jones yn arwain a Tim Stuart wrth yr ...

Episode 18

18. Sunday Morning Live: Series 7, Episode 18

The legal battle that has been stirred up over bakers refusing to make a gay rights cake.

A Tale of Five Temples - The Story of Hinduism in Britain

A Tale of Five Temples - The Story of Hinduism in Britain

Exploring the history of five Hindu temples across Britain.

Part One

1. Songs of Praise: Gospel Choir of the Year 2016, Part One

Six of Britain's top amateur choirs begin their quest to be Gospel Choir of the Year.

Cofio Aberfan

Dechrau Canu Dechrau Canmol: Cofio Aberfan

Cyfle i gofio trychineb Aberfan yng nghwmni disgyblion ysgolion Cymraeg lleol, dan arwe...


Songs of Praise: 23/10/2016

Aled Jones hears from two people whose lives were changed by the Aberfan disaster.

Episode 17

17. Sunday Morning Live: Series 7, Episode 17

Naga Munchetty and guests discuss if it is racist to want tougher checks on migrants.

Pennod 3

Cymru: Dal i Gredu?: Pennod 3

Caiff Gwion ei herio gan anffyddiwr sy'n berswadiwr gwych. A fydd Gwion o'r diwedd yn h...


Songs of Praise: 16/10/2016

Kate Bottley is at Billingsgate Fish Market to prepare for a Harvest Festival of the Sea.