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Scrapheap Orchestra

Scrapheap Orchestra

The UK's top instrument makers transform junk and broken furniture into an orchestra.

The Comedy Prom

BBC Proms: 2011 Season, The Comedy Prom

The first-ever Comedy Prom, hosted by Tim Minchin at the Royal Albert Hall.

Panzee's Photograph

23. ZingZillas: Series 1, Panzee's Photograph

Panzee has lost her zing! Can she get it back in time for the fun and funky Big Zing?

Birthday Todd

20. ZingZillas: Series 1, Birthday Todd

It is Todd's birthday and the ZingZillas want his party to be a surprise.

Hide and Seek

19. ZingZillas: Series 1, Hide and Seek

The ZingZillas play hide and seek, with the help of percussionist, Evelyn Glennie.

The Fan Letter

18. ZingZillas: Series 1, The Fan Letter

Zak reads fanmail saying he is the world's best singer and the praise goes to his head.

Keep Your Castanets

17. ZingZillas: Series 1, Keep Your Castanets

The ZingZillas want to play a flamenco-style Big Zing but Drum has lost her castanets.

Tang's Clubhouse

13. ZingZillas: Series 1, Tang's Clubhouse

Tang needs to practise his guitar solo for the Big Zing, so Todd builds him a clubhouse.

Welcome Beach Byrds

14. ZingZillas: Series 1, Welcome Beach Byrds

It's bed time so Tang tells the story of when the Beach Byrds arrived on ZingZilla island.

Disappearing Drum

16. ZingZillas: Series 1, Disappearing Drum

Drum is behaving very strangely. Why does she keep disappearing?

Zak's Rubbish Day

15. ZingZillas: Series 1, Zak's Rubbish Day

It's Tidy Island Day and both Todd and Zak hope to win the Squeaky Clean badge.

Bubble Trouble

12. ZingZillas: Series 1, Bubble Trouble

It's very hot, but drinking lemonade to keep cool causes Zak all sorts of bubble trouble.

A Great Place to Live

11. ZingZillas: Series 1, A Great Place to Live

Everyone on ZingZilla Island is on the move, even the Moaning Stones.

Sweet Dreams

10. ZingZillas: Series 1, Sweet Dreams

The ZingZillas try to persuade Drum to have a nap in the afternoon.

Dame Shirley Bassey

Electric Proms: 2009, Dame Shirley Bassey

Highlights of Dame Shirley Bassey's special performance for the BBC Electric Proms.