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London to Antwerp

1. Coast: Series 6, London to Antwerp

The team starts in London and then explores the curious coast of Belgium.

Are We Still Evolving?

14. Horizon: 2010-2011, Are We Still Evolving?

Dr Alice Roberts follows a trail of clues to discover if we are still evolving.

Wales: Border to Border

5. Coast: Series 6, Wales: Border to Border

Investigates the evidence that a tsunami hit the coast of Wales and England 400 years ago.

Heart of the British Isles: A Grand Tour

1. Coast: Series 5, Heart of the British Isles: A Grand Tour

A circular tour of the Irish Sea visiting every country of the British Isles.

King's Lynn to Felixstowe

7. Coast: Series 3, King's Lynn to Felixstowe

The Coast team journey around the breathtaking shoreline of East Anglia.

Devon and Cornwall

2. Coast: Series 6, Devon and Cornwall

The team's journey continues around the stunning shores of Devon and Cornwall.

Whitstable to the Isle of Wight

18. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, Whitstable to the Isle of Wight

Alice Roberts learns the science behind the hovercraft, as well as how to fly one.

Norwegian Energy

11. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, Norwegian Energy

Alice Roberts visits a plant that supplies a fifth of Britain's gas requirements.


1. Origins of Us: Bones

Alice Roberts looks at how our skeleton reveals the evolutionary journey of our ancestors.


2. Origins of Us: Guts

Alice Roberts charts how our ancestors' hunt for food has shaped our bodies and behaviour.

Ice and Stone

4. Digging for Britain: Series 2, Ice and Stone

Dr Alice Roberts goes in search of our elusive Stone Age ancestors.

Age of Bronze and Iron

3. Digging for Britain: Series 2, Age of Bronze and Iron

Dr Alice Roberts discovers the kind of place Britain was before the Romans invaded.


2. Digging for Britain: Series 2, Invaders

Includes a visit to Orkney, where Viking dominance outlasted everywhere else in Britain.


1. Digging for Britain: Series 2, Britannia

Looks at Roman Britannia, where finds include the thickening mystery of 97 baby skeletons.

Sweden and the Baltic

6. Coast: Series 6, Sweden and the Baltic

Coast visits Sweden and explores the British connections to this stunning shoreline.

Waterford to Hook Head

19. Coast: Series 4 Reversions, Waterford to Hook Head

In Waterford, Alice Roberts learns how to make glass from sand.

Hull to London

8. Coast: Series 5, Hull to London

Neil Oliver explores the Norfolk shoreline that inspired the young Lord Nelson.


7. Coast: Series 5, Denmark

Exploring the strong bonds Britain has with its neighbour across the North Sea, Denmark.

Glasgow to Edinburgh via Caledonian Canal

6. Coast: Series 5, Glasgow to Edinburgh via Caledonian Canal

Coast takes a shore-to-shore route through the heart of Scotland on the Caledonian Canal.

Wild Swimming

Wild Swimming

Alice Roberts swims in cavernous plunge pools, languid rivers and underground lakes.


Coast: Shorts, Unst

Neil Oliver meets the man who designed the first hydrogen car in Unst.


82. Coast: Shorts, Sand

Alice Roberts boards a dredger to discover a precious resource: sand from the seabed.

Sand Castles

76. Coast: Shorts, Sand Castles

Alice Roberts goes to Weymouth, Lyme Regis and Torquay.

Southport to Whitehaven

3. Coast: Series 3, Southport to Whitehaven

Neil Oliver travels from Southport to Whitehaven and makes a visit to the Isle of Man.

Shetland to Orkney

1. Coast: Series 3, Shetland to Orkney

The Coast team take a journey from Muckle Flugga on Shetland to the Old Man of Hoy.