Anna Friel

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A young Hispanic footballer from the slums of LA dreams of playing professionally.

Episode 3

3. Public Enemies: Episode 3

Paula must decide whether she is willing to put everything on the line to help Eddie.

Episode 2

2. Public Enemies: Episode 2

Eddie claims he is an innocent man, but probation officer Paula does not want to hear it.

Episode 1

1. Public Enemies: Episode 1

Eddie Mottram has served his sentence, but is he safe to release back into the community?

Episode 5

5. Come Fly With Me: Episode 5

Immigration officer Ian Foot pulls in Taaj for questioning as part of a random check.

Goal II: Living the Dream

Goal II: Living the Dream

A young footballer from the slums of Los Angeles accepts a transfer to Real Madrid.

The War Bride

The War Bride

After marrying two Canadian servicemen, Lily and Sophie leave London to live in Canada.