Anthony Calf

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Tiger, Tiger

10. New Tricks: Series 8, Tiger, Tiger

UCOS reopens the case of a zoo keeper who was mauled to death in the tiger enclosure.

Half Life

9. New Tricks: Series 8, Half Life

UCOS reinvestigate the murder of a man found in a west London alleyway seven years ago.

Only the Brave

8. New Tricks: Series 8, Only the Brave

The team reinvestigate the murder of Eddie Chapman, leader of a notorious motorbike gang.

The Gentleman Vanishes

7. New Tricks: Series 8, The Gentleman Vanishes

The UCOS team reinvestigate the disappearance of a prominent physics professor.

Setting Out Your Stall

4. New Tricks: Series 8, Setting Out Your Stall

UCOS reinvestigates the unexplained death of a popular market trader.