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Something Nasty in the Vault

5. Dad's Army: Series 3, Something Nasty in the Vault

Mainwaring and Wilson are in the bank when an unexpected guest drops in.


11. Dad's Army: Series 3, Branded

The bravery of the gentle and well-mannered Private Godfrey is called into question.

The Miser's Hoard

4. Dad's Army: Series 9, The Miser's Hoard

Mainwaring plots to get Frazer's hoard of gold sovereigns into his bank.

Don't Panic! The Dad's Army Story

Don't Panic! The Dad's Army Story

Victoria Wood presents the true story behind Britain's timeless comedy.

Knights of Madness

3. Dad's Army: Series 9, Knights of Madness

Mainwaring and his troops stage a battle of St George versus the dragon.

Wake Up Walmington

1. Dad's Army: Series 9, Wake Up Walmington

Captain Mainwaring's platoon masquerade as traitors to test the town.

The Face on the Poster

6. Dad's Army: Series 8, The Face on the Poster

Mainwaring's recruitment drive gets off to a bad start.

High Finance

5. Dad's Army: Series 8, High Finance

Mainwaring decides that Jones's bank account has been in the red too long.

Come In, Your Time Is Up

4. Dad's Army: Series 8, Come In, Your Time Is Up

Captain Mainwaring's team attempt to bring ashore a downed German Luftwaffe aircraft crew.

The Captain's Car

5. Dad's Army: Series 7, The Captain's Car

Mainwaring is overjoyed when he is offered the use of a Rolls-Royce.

The Godiva Affair

4. Dad's Army: Series 7, The Godiva Affair

The platoon decide to Morris dance at a festival.

Gorilla Warfare

3. Dad's Army: Series 7, Gorilla Warfare

During an exercise, Captain Mainwaring poses as a secret agent.

Everybody's Trucking

1. Dad's Army: Series 7, Everybody's Trucking

A big exercise is jeopardised when the platoon find a steam engine blocking the road.

The Recruit

7. Dad's Army: Series 6, The Recruit

While Captain Mainwaring is in hospital, Sergeant Wilson lets the vicar join the platoon.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

6. Dad's Army: Series 6, Things That Go Bump in the Night

The van transporting the platoon breaks down outside what looks like a deserted house.

Sgt - Save My Boy!

4. Dad's Army: Series 4, Sergeant - Save My Boy

Pike loses his way in a minefield during night manoeuvres.

Put That Light Out

7. Dad's Army: Series 4, Put That Light Out

Captain Mainwaring sets up an observation post in the lighthouse.

Battle School

2. Dad's Army: Series 3, Battle School

Captain Mainwaring and the platoon spend the weekend at a training camp.

A Wilson (Manager?)

11. Dad's Army: Series 4, A Wilson (Manager?)

Wilson moves to Eastgate to be manager of their bank and joins their Home Guard.

A Man of Action

2. Dad's Army: Series 7, A Man of Action

Captain Mainwaring declares martial law when a bomb drops on Walmington-on-Sea.