Bill Pertwee

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11. Dad's Army: Series 3, Branded

The bravery of the gentle and well-mannered Private Godfrey is called into question.

Number Engaged

5. Dad's Army: Series 9, Number Engaged

Mainwaring's motley crew is put in charge of a vital telephone line.

When You've Got to Go

2. Dad's Army: Series 8, When You've Got to Go

Pike receives his call-up papers and, to the alarm of his mother, he is passed A1.

The Captain's Car

5. Dad's Army: Series 7, The Captain's Car

Mainwaring is overjoyed when he is offered the use of a Rolls-Royce.

The Recruit

7. Dad's Army: Series 6, The Recruit

While Captain Mainwaring is in hospital, Sergeant Wilson lets the vicar join the platoon.

Sgt - Save My Boy!

4. Dad's Army: Series 4, Sergeant - Save My Boy

Pike loses his way in a minefield during night manoeuvres.

The Two and a Half Feathers

8. Dad's Army: Series 4, The Two and a Half Feathers

The glorious history of Corporal Jones is brought into question.