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153. Doctors: Series 13, Visions

Imogen unwittingly becomes the prize in a university club initiation ceremony.

Joke Club

150. Doctors: Series 13, Joke Club

Julia is back from holiday but suspects that someone has been in the house.

No Going Back - Part Two

149. Doctors: Series 13, No Going Back - Part Two

Immie is frustrated by Jack's preoccupation with his love life during her driving lesson.

No Going Back - Part One

148. Doctors: Series 13, No Going Back - Part One

Jimmi promises to help a mother find her missing daughter but does she want to be found?

The Jug

145. Doctors: Series 13, The Jug

Cherry starts shopping for antiques, while Rob takes Immie for a driving lesson.

Clinging Ivy

146. Doctors: Series 13, Clinging Ivy

Mrs Tembe supports a family when an old secret threatens to tear them apart.

House Guest

131. Doctors: Series 13, House Guest

Imogen agrees that an old friend can stay with her on release from police custody.

Silent Partner

130. Doctors: Series 13, Silent Partner

Freya meets a ventriloquist who claims his dummy has laryngitis.

Anything You Say

110. Doctors: Series 13, Anything You Say

Kevin becomes implicated in Lauren's murder when he lies to the police.


103. Doctors: Series 13, Proof

Daniel is handcuffed to a drug addict demanding methadone, and Freya's purse goes missing.

The Devil's Daughter

102. Doctors: Series 13, The Devil's Daughter

Cherry helps a curmudgeonly food critic repair his relationship with his daughter.

Grin and Bare It

100. Doctors: Series 13, Grin and Bare It

Karen persuades a patient to follow his artistic inclinations. Eva and Jimmi catch up.

Whip Hand

101. Doctors: Series 13, Whip Hand

Lauren is involved in a love triangle. Cherry, Eva and Jimmi attend a police debriefing.


99. Doctors: Series 13, Choice

Karen uncovers a devastating secret. Elaine must cope with a challenging therapy session.

Pulp Friction

97. Doctors: Series 13, Pulp Friction

Rob investigates a missing person case. Karen, Elaine and Julia draw up a list of dreams.

The Good Daughter

93. Doctors: Series 13, The Good Daughter

Julia gets involved in a family feud. Lauren plays Jack and Kevin against each other.

Nobody's Perfect

94. Doctors: Series 13, Nobody's Perfect

Karen uncovers a devastating secret. Elaine must cope with a challenging therapy session.


92. Doctors: Series 13, Burdens

Kevin encounters a woman overwhelmed with caring for her sick father.

The Grocer's Apostrophe

89. Doctors: Series 13, The Grocer's Apostrophe

Heston bonds with a patient over their mutual love of the English language.

Message in a Bottle

86. Doctors: Series 13, Message in a Bottle

Imogen helps a mother and daughter resolve their dark history. Jimmi tries to make amends.

It's Only Natural

88. Doctors: Series 13, It's Only Natural

A newly-engaged man is reluctant to bare all to his future in-laws.

Who's the Daddy

87. Doctors: Series 13, Who's the Daddy

Rob tries to help a young father-to-be who is struggling to stand up for himself.

Back from the Dead

85. Doctors: Series 13, Back from the Dead

Jimmi discovers a dangerously determined Jack Harcourt, but what has he done with Cherry?


84. Doctors: Series 13, Atonement

Lauren agrees to help a disgraced businessman redeem himself.

Life Extinct

83. Doctors: Series 13, Life Extinct

Karen's patient is dead, but that doesn't stop him causing her a whole heap of trouble.

Life Without Yum-Yum

81. Doctors: Series 13, Life Without Yum-Yum

Julia tries to help an actor finally face up to his feelings.

The Meter's Running

78. Doctors: Series 13, The Meter's Running

When Rob avoids another family therapy session, Karen takes matters into her own hands.

Born and Bred

64. Doctors: Series 13, Born and Bred

Imogen risks breaking the terms of her community payback to help a fellow offender.

Pride and Prejudice

59. Doctors: Series 13, Pride and Prejudice

Imogen has an eventful and eye-opening first day of community service.


49. Doctors: Series 13, Cassandra

Kevin encounters a young woman who wants her recurring nightmares to stop.

Defying Gravity

50. Doctors: Series 13, Defying Gravity

Elaine finds herself caught up in an abusive man's mission to track down his ex-wife.