Christos Tsiolkas

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8. The Slap: Richie

Richie is cracking under the strain of keeping Connie's confidence that Hector raped her.


7. The Slap: Aisha

Aisha and Hector go on holiday, where she meets temptation and he makes a confession.


6. The Slap: Manolis

For Manolis, the slap illuminates the selfishness and greed of his children's generation.


5. The Slap: Rosie

Rosie has her court date and hopes that Harry will finally get the punishment he deserves.


4. The Slap: Connie

Teenager Connie uses the chance to babysit as an opportunity to get closer to Hector.


3. The Slap: Harry

For Harry, the pressure is on and he could lose all. Will he succumb to violent thoughts?


2. The Slap: Anouk

Anouk did not witness the slap - she was watching something far more disturbing.