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Something Nasty in the Vault

5. Dad's Army: Series 3, Something Nasty in the Vault

Mainwaring and Wilson are in the bank when an unexpected guest drops in.


11. Dad's Army: Series 3, Branded

The bravery of the gentle and well-mannered Private Godfrey is called into question.

Number Engaged

5. Dad's Army: Series 9, Number Engaged

Mainwaring's motley crew is put in charge of a vital telephone line.

The Miser's Hoard

4. Dad's Army: Series 9, The Miser's Hoard

Mainwaring plots to get Frazer's hoard of gold sovereigns into his bank.

Knights of Madness

3. Dad's Army: Series 9, Knights of Madness

Mainwaring and his troops stage a battle of St George versus the dragon.

The Making of Private Pike

2. Dad's Army: Series 9, The Making of Private Pike

Pike and his girlfriend borrow Captain Mainwaring's new car to go to the pictures.

Wake Up Walmington

1. Dad's Army: Series 9, Wake Up Walmington

Captain Mainwaring's platoon masquerade as traitors to test the town.

The Face on the Poster

6. Dad's Army: Series 8, The Face on the Poster

Mainwaring's recruitment drive gets off to a bad start.

High Finance

5. Dad's Army: Series 8, High Finance

Mainwaring decides that Jones's bank account has been in the red too long.

Come In, Your Time Is Up

4. Dad's Army: Series 8, Come In, Your Time Is Up

Captain Mainwaring's team attempt to bring ashore a downed German Luftwaffe aircraft crew.

The Godiva Affair

4. Dad's Army: Series 7, The Godiva Affair

The platoon decide to Morris dance at a festival.

Gorilla Warfare

3. Dad's Army: Series 7, Gorilla Warfare

During an exercise, Captain Mainwaring poses as a secret agent.

Everybody's Trucking

1. Dad's Army: Series 7, Everybody's Trucking

A big exercise is jeopardised when the platoon find a steam engine blocking the road.

The Recruit

7. Dad's Army: Series 6, The Recruit

While Captain Mainwaring is in hospital, Sergeant Wilson lets the vicar join the platoon.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

6. Dad's Army: Series 6, Things That Go Bump in the Night

The van transporting the platoon breaks down outside what looks like a deserted house.

Put That Light Out

7. Dad's Army: Series 4, Put That Light Out

Captain Mainwaring sets up an observation post in the lighthouse.

Battle School

2. Dad's Army: Series 3, Battle School

Captain Mainwaring and the platoon spend the weekend at a training camp.

A Wilson (Manager?)

11. Dad's Army: Series 4, A Wilson (Manager?)

Wilson moves to Eastgate to be manager of their bank and joins their Home Guard.

The Two and a Half Feathers

8. Dad's Army: Series 4, The Two and a Half Feathers

The glorious history of Corporal Jones is brought into question.