Ellen Thomas (actress)

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Episode 2

2. Rev.: Series 2, Episode 2

When a talented curate comes to train at St Saviour's, Adam is filled with self-doubt.

Omnibus 3

3. E20: Series 3, Omnibus 3

An angry Zainab arrives at 3 Albert Square to accuse the E20 gang of destroying Walford.

Omnibus 2

2. E20: Series 3, Omnibus 2

Living in a squat begins to take its effect and life changes when Janine calls the police.

Omnibus 1

1. E20: Series 3, Omnibus 1

Kicked out of her grandma's house, Faith seeks shelter with newcomers Ava and Donnie.

Lesbian Jumper

7. Coming of Age: Series 3, Lesbian Jumper

DK and Robyn visit a lesbian bar in an attempt to get Robyn into the gay dating scene.


6. Coming of Age: Series 3, Penguin

Ollie's foul-mouthed Aunty Olwen has come to stay with him, much to Jas's concern.

Dib Dib Dib

5. Coming of Age: Series 3, Dib Dib Dib

Mr Palmer signs DK up to his scouting group for boys. Jas launches her modelling career.


4. Coming of Age: Series 3, Robbery

The gang are on hand to help DK get his mum's engagement ring back.


2. Coming of Age: Series 3, Badvert

The students must make an advert for the college to help boost flagging enrolment.

Kissy Woo!

1. Coming of Age: Series 3, Kissy Woo!

How will the gang react when Matt introduces his new friend, Robyn Crisp, to them?