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4. QI: Series H, Humans

Jo Brand, Jack Dee, Jimmy Carr and Alan Davies are quizzed on humans.


12. QI XL: Series I, Illumination

With Jack Dee, Chris Addison, Rich Hall and Alan Davies.


12. QI: Series I, Illumination

With Jack Dee, Chris Addison, Rich Hall and Alan Davies.


2. QI XL: Series I, International

Discussing international events are Jack Dee, David Mitchell, Bill Bailey and Alan Davies.

Episode 6

6. Shooting Stars: Series 8, Episode 6

With guests Tamzin Outhwaite, Stone Roses bassist Mani, Micky Flanagan and Charlie Higson.


2. QI: Series I, International

Questions with an international flavour. With Jack Dee, David Mitchell and Bill Bailey.

Episode 5

5. Shooting Stars: Series 8, Episode 5

With guests Ronni Ancona, Sam Faiers, Ashley Banjo and Chris Tarrant.

Episode 4

4. Shooting Stars: Series 8, Episode 4

With guests John Humphrys, Lisa Snowdon, Scott Mills and Brian Butterfield.

Episode 3

3. Shooting Stars: Series 8, Episode 3

With guests Jake Wood, Gabby Logan, Jimmy Anderson and Matt Berry.

Episode 2

2. Shooting Stars: Series 8, Episode 2

With guests Chris Packham, Tess Daly, Mark Benton and Alexa Chung.

Episode 1

1. Shooting Stars: Series 8, Episode 1

With guests Brigitte Nielsen, Graeme Hawley, Ross Noble and James Martin.

Episode 1

1. My Favourite Joke: Episode 1

An insight into what influenced some of the nation's best-loved comedians.


6. Lead Balloon: Series 4, End

Rick has at last found the fame and success he so desperately craved.


5. Lead Balloon: Series 4, Blade

Rick attempts to talk his way out of trouble when he is taken hostage.


4. Lead Balloon: Series 4, Off

Magda tries to claim compensation after tripping on a paving stone.


1. Lead Balloon: Series 4, Pig

When a newspaper wants to do a feature about Mel, Rick tries to muscle in on the action.

Episode 1

1. Have I Got News for You: Series 41, Episode 1

With guest host Jack Dee and panellists Caroline Wyatt and Jon Richardson.

Christmas Special 2010

Shooting Stars: Christmas Special 2010

Festive edition with guests Ronnie Wood, Thandie Newton, Ricky Tomlinson and Joanna Page.

Episode 3

3. Never Mind the Buzzcocks: Series 24, Episode 3

Comedian Jack Dee presents. Guests include Charlie Higson, Katy Brand and Jedward.

Hodge Podge

1. QI XL: Series H, Hodge Podge

Stephen Fry asks unanswerable questions about a hodge-podge of topics beginning with H.

Hodge Podge

1. QI: Series H, Hodge Podge

Ross Noble, Jack Dee, Phill Jupitus and Alan Davies look at a hodge-podge of topics.