James Larkin (actor)

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121. Doctors: Series 13, Distraction

DCI Driver tries to get Harrison to confess before his solicitor can find a loophole.

Last Stop: This Town

113. Doctors: Series 13, Last Stop: This Town

Freya meets a young man who refuses to tell his best friend about his impending death.

Last Words

105. Doctors: Series 13, Last Words

Harrison struggles to piece together what happened in Lauren's final hours.

The Sharpest Cut

95. Doctors: Series 13, The Sharpest Cut

Jack has an insight into the world of forensic science after shadowing Harrison on a case.

Dirty Linen

91. Doctors: Series 13, Dirty Linen

Cherry and Elaine struggle to deal with the effects secrets have had on their lives.

The Grocer's Apostrophe

89. Doctors: Series 13, The Grocer's Apostrophe

Heston bonds with a patient over their mutual love of the English language.

It's Only Natural

88. Doctors: Series 13, It's Only Natural

A newly-engaged man is reluctant to bare all to his future in-laws.


79. Doctors: Series 13, Scars

Kevin is drawn into an oppressed woman's attempt to be free of her menacing boyfriend.