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Episode 23

23. University Challenge: 2011/2012, Episode 23

Two Oxford colleges, Merton and Balliol, fight it out for a place in the quarter-finals.


Newsnight: 07/12/2011

Jeremy Paxman looks at David Cameron's problems over Europe.


Newsnight: 06/12/2011

Detailing a report on the handling of intelligence gathered by policeman Mark Kennedy.

Episode 22

22. University Challenge: 2011/2012, Episode 22

University College London plays the University of Warwick.

Episode 21

21. University Challenge: 2011/2012, Episode 21

Christ Church, Oxford plays the University of Manchester for a place in the quarter-finals


Newsnight: 30/11/2011

Which side is winning the public sector pension battle?


Newsnight: 29/11/2011

Jeremy Paxman grills the Chief Secretary to the Treasury on the spending cuts.


Newsnight: 28/11/2011

Jeremy Paxman asks where the growth will come from that can save us from recession.


Newsnight: 23/11/2011

Jeremy Paxman grills Phil Bentley, the head of British Gas, over pricing.


Newsnight: 16/11/2011

How can the Chancellor boost the UK's failing growth rate as the economic outlook worsens?

Episode 20

20. University Challenge: 2011/2012, Episode 20

Two Oxford colleges - the Queen's College, and Worcester College - do battle.


Newsnight: 15/11/2011

Analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Jeremy Paxman.

Episode 19

19. University Challenge: 2011/2012, Episode 19

The University of Durham faces Homerton College, Cambridge. With Jeremy Paxman.


Newsnight: 09/11/2011

Investors fear Italy could become the next victim of the debt crisis. With Jeremy Paxman.


Newsnight: 07/11/2011

Could Silvio Berlusconi become the next leader forced out of office by the euro crisis?


Newsnight: 08/11/2011

Details from a dossier showing the News of the World was engaged in covert surveillance.

Episode 18

18. University Challenge: 2011/2012, Episode 18

University of Birmingham play University of Newcastle for a place in the quarter-finals.

Episode 17

17. University Challenge: 2011/2012, Episode 17

The University of Leeds plays Clare College, Cambridge, for a place in the quarter-finals.


Newsnight: 26/10/2011

Crunch time for the eurozone - will European leaders be able to strike a deal?


Newsnight: 24/10/2011

What will be the scale and impact of the Tory backbench rebellion?


Newsnight: 25/10/2011

Analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Jeremy Paxman.

Episode 16

16. University Challenge: 2011/2012, Episode 16

St Andrews fights it out with Worcester College, Oxford.


Newsnight: 17/10/2011

Analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Jeremy Paxman.


Newsnight: 18/10/2011

Who are the protesters who have set up camp near St Paul's cathedral.


Newsnight: 19/10/2011

The latest on the evictions at Dale Farm travellers camp in Essex. With Jeremy Paxman.


Newsnight: 13/10/2011

Newsnight examines current attitudes towards older people. With Jeremy Paxman.


Newsnight: 12/10/2011

The latest on the row over Liam Fox's friendship with lobbyist Adam Werritty.

Episode 14

14. University Challenge: 2011/2012, Episode 14

The London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine VS the University of Nottingham.


Newsnight: 04/10/2011

Jeremy Paxman's annual interview with Boris Johnson at the Conservative Party conference.


Newsnight: 05/10/2011

Will David Cameron's appeal for a can-do optimism be heeded?


Newsnight: 03/10/2011

George Osborne says there will be no deviation from his deficit reduction plan.


Newsnight: 28/09/2011

With Kirsty Wark and Jeremy Paxman.

Episode 12

12. University Challenge: 2011/2012, Episode 12

Leeds University takes on Goldsmiths, University of London.


Newsnight: 21/09/2011

Analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Jeremy Paxman.

Episode 11

11. University Challenge: 2011/2012, Episode 11

It's King's v Queen's when King's College, Cambridge plays The Queen's College, Oxford.


Newsnight: 05/09/2011

Analysis of the stories behind the day's headlines with Jeremy Paxman.