John Partridge (performer)

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4352. EastEnders: 05/01/2012

Denise takes matters into her own hands, but how far is she prepared to go?


4344. EastEnders: 26/12/2011

Yusef's revenge has have explosive consequences, throwing the entire square in danger.


4313. EastEnders: 07/11/2011

Yusef finds himself with a surprising ally as he struggles to gain Zainab's forgiveness.


4314. EastEnders: 08/11/2011

Ben's heartbreak rapidly transforms into fury when Christian gently rejects his advances.


4315. EastEnders: 10/11/2011

Phil hunts down Christian as Ben's falsehood sets in motion a devastating trail of events.


EastEnders Omnibus: 06/11/2011

Tanya receives some upsetting news, and an unwitting Jodie comes between Anthony and Poppy


4310. EastEnders: 01/11/2011

Yusef's scheming over Yasmin's paternity test continues, and Janine tries to evict Roxy.


4312. EastEnders: 04/11/2011

A hungover Roxy returns to the Square, unaware of what has happened to her daughter.


4311. EastEnders: 03/11/2011

Zainab struggles to come to terms with Yusef's deceit, and Christian offers Amira shelter.


4306. EastEnders: 25/10/2011

Christian continues to put his trust in Syed but a jealous Ben intervenes.


4307. EastEnders: 27/10/2011

Zainab and Yusef face a life-changing new arrival, and Michael helps Janine throw a party.


4308. EastEnders: 28/10/2011

Yusef persuades Christian to make an unwise decision, and Lola bonds with Ben.


EastEnders Omnibus: 23/10/2011

Syed faces a hard choice when his daughter Yasmin visits the Square for the first time.


4305. EastEnders: 24/10/2011

Whitney finds herself with a new boyfriend, and Ben exposes Syed's lies about Amira.


4304. EastEnders: 21/10/2011

Tyler tries to attract Whitney's attention at the party, and a familiar face returns.


4301. EastEnders: 17/10/2011

Syed faces a difficult choice when his daughter visits the Square for the first time.


4300. EastEnders: 14/10/2011

Syed and Christian struggle with last night's revelation, while Masood fears the worst.

Episode 5

5. The National Lottery: Secret Fortune: Series 2, Episode 5

Best friends Natasha and Siobheann play for a Secret Fortune.


4287. EastEnders: 22/09/2011

Yusef resorts to extreme measures when he fears Zainab may be slipping from his clutches.


4286. EastEnders: 20/09/2011

The day of Darren and Jodie's dream wedding dawns, but will they make it down the aisle?

Episode 3

3. The National Lottery: Secret Fortune: Series 2, Episode 3

Civil partners Roger and Chris play for a Secret Fortune.


4279. EastEnders: 08/09/2011

Michael's plans for revenge against Eddie horrify Vanessa, and Michael causes mischief.

Episode 2

2. The National Lottery: Secret Fortune: Series 2, Episode 2

Newly-engaged couple Marc and Catherine play for a Secret Fortune.


4248. EastEnders: 15/07/2011

Billy is on top of the world as he introduces Lola to the rest of the Mitchell clan.


4247. EastEnders: 14/07/2011

Christian forces Zainab into an emotional showdown over his adoption plans.


4245. EastEnders: 11/07/2011

Billy and Julie receive heartbreaking news when they finally pay a visit to their son.

Part 1

EastEnders Omnibus: Part 1

Masood's desperate attempt to halt Tam and Afia's wedding is dealt a crushing blow.


4236. EastEnders: 27/06/2011

Eddie makes a breakthrough with Michael, but a visitor spoils their reconciliation.


4233. EastEnders: 21/06/2011

Masood's desperate attempt to halt Tam and Afia's wedding is dealt a crushing blow.


4234. EastEnders: 23/06/2011

The Masoods turn on each other in the wake of Tam's revelations.


4230. EastEnders: 16/06/2011

Tanya is forced to take action when an intoxicated Rainie wreaks havoc in her home.


4229. EastEnders: 14/06/2011

Pat questions Janine's involvement in the previous evening's devastating events.


4226. EastEnders: 09/06/2011

Roxy pushes Michael to tell her what happened between him and Eddie; will he reveal all?