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5. QI XL: Series I, Invertebrates

Sarah Millican, Jimmy Carr, Johnny Vegas and Alan Davies debate insects and invertebrates.


8. QI: Series H, Hypothetical

Stephen Fry ponders the hypothetical, with guests including Sandi Toksvig and John Lloyd.

TV Greats: Our Favourites from the North

TV Greats: Our Favourites from the North

Tess Daly takes a nostalgic look back at TV classics from the BBC in the North West.


5. QI: Series I, Invertebrates

With Sarah Millican, Jimmy Carr, Johnny Vegas and Alan Davies.


16. QI XL: Series G, Geometry

Stephen Fry grapples with geometry in this extended show.

The Red King

6. Ideal: Series 7, The Red King

Moz comes face to face with a gang of deadly gingers known as the Red Mist.

The Love

5. Ideal: Series 7, The Love

Moz tries to turn his friendship with Tilly into a full-blown relationship.

The Paintings

4. Ideal: Series 7, The Paintings

Mistakenly believing Moz to be an avant garde artist, Tilly arranges an exhibition.

The Brothel

3. Ideal: Series 7, The Brothel

Moz and Nicki run rival hash dealing businesses, while Brian and Carmel open a brothel.

The Debtors

2. Ideal: Series 7, The Debtors

A penniless Moz calls in his debts but his mates seem very reluctant to pay him back.

The Police

1. Ideal: Series 7, The Police

Moz plots to win Jenny back, but discovers she has joined the police force.


Ideal: Outtakes

Johnny Vegas and Graham Duff with the best outtakes from the award-winning series Ideal.

The Housewarming

8. Ideal: Series 6, The Housewarming

While Nicki throws a monster fancy dress party, Tilly hosts a pretentious soiree upstairs.

The Ear

7. Ideal: Series 6, The Ear

Finding themselves with a body to dispose of, Moz and Psycho Paul call on Doctor Persil.

The Accident

6. Ideal: Series 6, The Accident

Moz asks Cartoon Head's gang for help when Keith and Carol are kidnapped by the Low triad.

The Lapse

5. Ideal: Series 6, The Lapse

Moz finds himself falling for the charms of his ex-girlfriend Nicki and neighbour Tilly.

The Poster

4. Ideal: Series 6, The Poster

Jenny mistakenly believes that Moz has dumped her and gets into all kinds of trouble.

The Kill

3. Ideal: Series 6, The Kill

Moz discovers that Cartoon Head's gang are involved in black market organ trading.

The Business

1. Ideal: Series 6, The Business

After nine months away, Moz and Jenny return to find Nicki has taken over the business.

The American

2. Ideal: Series 6, The American

Moz learns he has been removed from the most wanted list and Brian is dumped by Nathaniel.