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7. Young Apprentice: Series 2, Popcorn

With the final looming, Lord Sugar visits the house to deliver some dramatic news.

Discount Buying

6. Young Apprentice: Series 2, Discount Buying

The teams are given just ten hours to find ten items for ten waxworks.

The Over 50s Market

4. Young Apprentice: Series 2, The Over 50s Market

Lord Sugar sets the candidates the task of selling to the over fifties market.

Floristry Business

3. Young Apprentice: Series 2, Floristry Business

Lord Sugar wants his remaining candidates to set up two rivalry floristry businesses.

Parent and Baby

2. Young Apprentice: Series 2, Parent and Baby

The remaining candidates must design a new product for the parent and baby market.

Frozen Treats

1. Young Apprentice: Series 2, Frozen Treats

The boys are pitted against the girls in a race to create a range of frozen treats.

The Final

14. The Apprentice: Series 7, The Final

The four candidates face a gruelling interview process, and Lord Sugar picks his partner.

Fast Food Chain

12. The Apprentice: Series 7, Fast Food Chain

Sugar challenges the candidates to develop and open their own fast food outlet.

Flip It

10. The Apprentice: Series 7, Flip It

Given a pallet of wholesale items, the teams must find out what product sells best.


9. The Apprentice: Series 7, Biscuit

The teams are instructed to make, brand and pitch a new type of upmarket biscuit.


8. The Apprentice: Series 7, Paris

Lord Sugar challenges the teams to introduce British products to the French market.

Freemium Magazine Launch

7. The Apprentice: Series 7, Freemium Magazine Launch

Lord Sugar informs the teams that they will be creating and publishing a free magazine.


6. The Apprentice: Series 7, Rubbish

Lord Sugar instructs the teams to build junk collection businesses.

Beauty Treatments

4. The Apprentice: Series 7, Beauty Treatments

The candidates must set-up beauty treatment businesses in Birmingham.

Discount Buying for the Savoy

3. The Apprentice: Series 7, Discount Buying for the Savoy

The business hopefuls have nine hours to source ten products for the Savoy Hotel.

Mobile Phone Application

2. The Apprentice: Series 7, Mobile Phone Application

Lord Sugar challenges the teams to design, launch and promote a mobile phone application.

£250 Business Start Up

1. The Apprentice: Series 7, £250 Business Start Up

Lord Sugar gives the teams 250 pounds to invest in fresh fruit and vegetables.