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Episode 17

17. Celebrity MasterChef: Series 6, Episode 17

Kirsty Wark, Ruth Goodman, Phil Vickery and Ricky Groves are tested on teamwork.

Episode 16

16. Celebrity MasterChef: Series 6, Episode 16

Kirsty Wark, Ruth Goodman, Phil Vickery and Ricky Groves begin the culinary challenge.


The Review Show: 16/12/2011

Kirsty Wark and guests look back over 2011's cultural highlights and lowlights.


Newsnight: 15/12/2011

With Kirsty Wark.


Newsnight: 08/12/2011

Kirsty Wark presents analysis of the European summit in Brussels.


The Review Show: 02/12/2011

Kirsty Wark is joined by guests including Marcel Theroux, Kate Mosse and Mark Ravenhill.


Newsnight: 01/12/2011

With Kirsty Wark. How much of a danger to the UK economy is the eurozone debt crisis?


Newsnight: 24/11/2011

A look at the jobs market crunch, as net migration peaks and youth unemployment surges.


Newsnight: 11/11/2011

With Kirsty Wark. What is really happening in the Syrian flashpoint Homs?


The Review Show: 04/11/2011

Kirsty Wark and guests discuss the latest novel from Umberto Eco.


Newsnight: 03/11/2011

What next for Greece and the eurozone? Presented by Kirsty Wark.


Newsnight: 31/10/2011

With Kirsty Wark.

Episode 2

2. Celebrity Antiques Road Trip: Series 1, Episode 2

Journalists Kirsty Wark and Alastair Stewart travel across Scotland starting in Edinburgh.


Newsnight: 27/10/2011

European leaders reach a deal on debt - but does it go far enough? With Kirsty Wark.

Episode 18

18. Celebrity MasterChef: Series 6, Episode 18

The celebrities must cook one of John Torode's classic recipes as elimination looms.


The Review Show: 30/09/2011

Kirsty Wark is joined by Sarah Crompton, Ekow Eshun, Mark Ravenhill, and Amanda Vickery.


Newsnight: 28/09/2011

With Kirsty Wark and Jeremy Paxman.

The Review Show at the Edinburgh Festival - Part 3

The Review Show: The Review Show at the Edinburgh Festival - Part 3

Kirsty Wark is joined by Paul Morley, Marcel Theroux and Denise Mina.


Newsnight: 17/08/2011

With Kirsty Wark.


Newsnight: 16/08/2011

Are the sentences being handed to convicted looters too severe? With Kirsty Wark.


Newsnight: 15/08/2011

With Kirsty Wark.

Edinburgh Festival - Part 1

The Review Show: Edinburgh Festival - Part 1

Kirsty Wark and guests review a new exhibition from David Mach.


Newsnight: 04/08/2011

With Kirsty Wark.


Newsnight: 14/07/2011

In-depth news investigation and analysis with Kirsty Wark.


The Review Show: 08/07/2011

Kirsty Wark is joined by guests including Paul Morley and Natalie Haynes.


The Review Show: 01/07/2011

Martha Kearney, John Carey and Kate Mosse discuss the latest book by Alan Hollinghurst.


Newsnight: 07/07/2011

Including an interview with Labour leader Ed Miliband.


Newsnight: 16/06/2011

Paul Mason reports on the latest from Athens as a new Greek cabinet hold emergency talks.