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You Have the Right to Remain Silent

162. Doctors: Series 13, You Have the Right to Remain Silent

Jack finds himself up against Sergeant Hollins when defending his friend.


158. Doctors: Series 13, Trust

Jack questions a friend's one-night stand with a drunken first-year student.

Joke Club

150. Doctors: Series 13, Joke Club

Julia is back from holiday but suspects that someone has been in the house.

No Going Back - Part Two

149. Doctors: Series 13, No Going Back - Part Two

Immie is frustrated by Jack's preoccupation with his love life during her driving lesson.

No Going Back - Part One

148. Doctors: Series 13, No Going Back - Part One

Jimmi promises to help a mother find her missing daughter but does she want to be found?

Clinging Ivy

146. Doctors: Series 13, Clinging Ivy

Mrs Tembe supports a family when an old secret threatens to tear them apart.

House Guest

131. Doctors: Series 13, House Guest

Imogen agrees that an old friend can stay with her on release from police custody.

Silent Partner

130. Doctors: Series 13, Silent Partner

Freya meets a ventriloquist who claims his dummy has laryngitis.

The Only Way is Letherbridge

132. Doctors: Series 13, The Only Way is Letherbridge

A day out house-hunting becomes more stressful than anyone had bargained for.

Running On Empty

122. Doctors: Series 13, Running On Empty

Elaine causes relationship problems for a sexually inexperienced woman.

Fatshe Leno La Rona

112. Doctors: Series 13, Fatshe Leno La Rona

Mrs Tembe fights back when her efforts to twin Letherbridge with Tlokweng are ridiculed.


98. Doctors: Series 13, Footloose

Zara champions true love, Harrison attempts to win back Elaine and Lauren torments Imogen.

The Sharpest Cut

95. Doctors: Series 13, The Sharpest Cut

Jack has an insight into the world of forensic science after shadowing Harrison on a case.

The Good Daughter

93. Doctors: Series 13, The Good Daughter

Julia gets involved in a family feud. Lauren plays Jack and Kevin against each other.


92. Doctors: Series 13, Burdens

Kevin encounters a woman overwhelmed with caring for her sick father.


82. Doctors: Series 13, Forgiven

Daniel helps a man who has been deceiving his fiancee confront his traumatic past.

The Good Guys

80. Doctors: Series 13, The Good Guys

Jack offers support to student protesters and obtains evidence of heavy-handed policing.

The Meter's Running

78. Doctors: Series 13, The Meter's Running

When Rob avoids another family therapy session, Karen takes matters into her own hands.

Sorting Nana Mo

61. Doctors: Series 13, Sorting Nana Mo

Jack thinks he has an ingenious plan to help his friend's grandmother.

Pride and Prejudice

59. Doctors: Series 13, Pride and Prejudice

Imogen has an eventful and eye-opening first day of community service.

Carpe Diem

56. Doctors: Series 13, Carpe Diem

Jack is presented with an opportunity to make some easy money, but what is the catch?

Poison Ivy

51. Doctors: Series 13, Poison Ivy

Daniel gets more than he bargained for when he attends to a patient at a lap dancing club.


49. Doctors: Series 13, Cassandra

Kevin encounters a young woman who wants her recurring nightmares to stop.