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The Good Daughter

93. Doctors: Series 13, The Good Daughter

Julia gets involved in a family feud. Lauren plays Jack and Kevin against each other.

Nobody's Perfect

94. Doctors: Series 13, Nobody's Perfect

Karen uncovers a devastating secret. Elaine must cope with a challenging therapy session.


92. Doctors: Series 13, Burdens

Kevin encounters a woman overwhelmed with caring for her sick father.

Out of the Loop

90. Doctors: Series 13, Out of the Loop

Zara gets caught up with two sisters who get their bag mixed up with a government aide's.

Dirty Linen

91. Doctors: Series 13, Dirty Linen

Cherry and Elaine struggle to deal with the effects secrets have had on their lives.


82. Doctors: Series 13, Forgiven

Daniel helps a man who has been deceiving his fiancee confront his traumatic past.

Life Without Yum-Yum

81. Doctors: Series 13, Life Without Yum-Yum

Julia tries to help an actor finally face up to his feelings.


75. Doctors: Series 13, Charming

Zara smells a rat when her old friend announces her impending nuptials.

You People

71. Doctors: Series 13, You People

When Trevor's intimidation of Mrs Tembe escalates, will she confront her tormentors?

Storm in a Teacup

69. Doctors: Series 13, Storm in a Teacup

When his patient tells him about his blind date in a teashop, Heston is slightly jealous.

Decent People

67. Doctors: Series 13, Decent People

Jimmi is caught in the middle when a father's plan to save his son from a bully backfires.

Now or Never

57. Doctors: Series 13, Now or Never

Heston finds himself led into the murky underworld when he turns to a patient for help.


55. Doctors: Series 13, Protection

A right-wing leader in Letherbridge causes consternation for Mrs Tembe.

The Last Waltz

48. Doctors: Series 13, The Last Waltz

Heston tries to convince a man whose wife is dying of cancer that life is for living.

Smoke and Flames

47. Doctors: Series 13, Smoke and Flames

Kevin suffers from a lack of tact when dealing with a fireman suffering from PTSD.