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4348. EastEnders: 01/01/2012

Residents of the Square gather around a bedridden Pat, and some familiar faces return.


4346. EastEnders: 29/12/2011

Patrick comes clean to Denise and Kim, but how will they react? Bianca challenges Janine.


4347. EastEnders: 30/12/2011

Kat and Alfie throw a birthday party for Tommy, but will it bring them closer together?


4334. EastEnders: 13/12/2011

Phil is left reeling by the evidence he has found, but Shirley is convinced he is wrong.


4336. EastEnders: 16/12/2011

Pat takes the family for a day trip in Clacton to take their mind off their problems.


4335. EastEnders: 15/12/2011

After Phil's latest stunt, the feud between the Mitchells and the Brannings worsens.


4318. EastEnders: 15/11/2011

Alfie cranks up the Moon charm as he helps Anthony and Tyler shift some Yuletide goods.


4319. EastEnders: 17/11/2011

Kat pleads with Alfie, and he reaches a decision about their relationship.


4305. EastEnders: 24/10/2011

Whitney finds herself with a new boyfriend, and Ben exposes Syed's lies about Amira.


4303. EastEnders: 20/10/2011

Ian reaches a momentous decision after a heart-to-heart with Alfie.


4281. EastEnders: 12/09/2011

An unhinged Michael carefully lines up his pawns ready for Eddie's day of judgement.


4277. EastEnders: 05/09/2011

Alfie tries to make amends with Kat but their reconciliation does not go to plan.


EastEnders Omnibus: 21/08/2011

Vanessa spirals out of control after the affair is revealed, while Tanya disappears.


4268. EastEnders: 19/08/2011

Pat and Jean go to war in a quest to be crowned Norman's Pearly Queen.


4251. EastEnders: 21/07/2011

Max and Tanya arrange another risky rendezvous at their love nest.


4250. EastEnders: 19/07/2011

Ricky's imminent departure forces Pat to swallow her pride and to appeal to Norman.

Part 2

EastEnders Omnibus: Part 2

Michael carries out his final act of revenge against Ronnie on the day of her sentencing.


4248. EastEnders: 15/07/2011

Billy is on top of the world as he introduces Lola to the rest of the Mitchell clan.


4245. EastEnders: 11/07/2011

Billy and Julie receive heartbreaking news when they finally pay a visit to their son.

EastEnders Greatest Exits

EastEnders Greatest Exits

From taxi ride to cliff plunge, a look at the best ways characters have departed Walford.


4241. EastEnders: 05/07/2011

Ronnie resolves to deal with Michael when he frames her for the break-in at the Vic.


4244. EastEnders: 08/07/2011

Eddie has to intervene when Jack hunts Michael down to make him pay for his manipulations.


4238. EastEnders: 30/06/2011

A conniving Michael manipulates Jack in order to spend time alone with Ronnie.


4230. EastEnders: 16/06/2011

Tanya is forced to take action when an intoxicated Rainie wreaks havoc in her home.


4229. EastEnders: 14/06/2011

Pat questions Janine's involvement in the previous evening's devastating events.