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21. Flog It!: Series 10, Peterborough

Paul Martin leads the team to Peterborough Cathedral where the locals turn out in force.


18. Flog It!: Series 10, Henley

Henley-on-Thames plays host to Paul Martin and our team of antiques experts.


17. Flog It!: Series 10, Wells

Paul Martin is in the city of Wells, he is joined by experts Anita Manning and Will Axon.


16. Flog It!: Series 10, Cheltenham

Paul Martin leads the team for a valuation day at the Pittville Pump Room in Cheltenham.


14. Flog It!: Series 10, Colchester

Paul Martin takes the team to Colchester. He is joined by Kate Bateman and David Barby.


15. Flog It!: Series 10, Peterborough

Paul Martin delivers a privileged behind-the-scenes tour of Peterborough Cathedral.


12. Flog It!: Series 10, Peterborough

Charlie Ross has his head turned by a beautifully preserved Cantonese fan.


11. Flog It!: Series 10, Wellington

Elizabeth Talbot finds a collection of 17 Beatrix Potter animals.


10. Flog It!: Series 10, Cardigan

The public brings in items for the team's scrutiny at Rhosygilwen Mansion near Cardigan.

Fame and Fortune

8. Flog It!: Ten of the Best 2011, Fame and Fortune

Paul Martin presents an illustrious collection of his favourite celebrity memorabilia.

Births and Marriages

9. Flog It!: Ten of the Best 2011, Births and Marriages

Paul Martin introduces his favourite collection of milestone-marking mementos.

Natural World Treasures

5. Flog It!: Ten of the Best 2011, Natural World Treasures

Paul Martin selects his favourite collection of natural world wonders.

Pottery Lottery

4. Flog It!: Ten of the Best 2011, Pottery Lottery

Paul Martin showcases ten of his favourite pottery items from the series.

Going For a Song

2. Flog It!: Ten of the Best 2011, Going For a Song

Paul Martin presents a top ten collection with a musical theme from the Flog It archives.

All That Glitters

3. Flog It!: Ten of the Best 2011, All That Glitters

Paul Martin reveals a selection of glistening items that people have brought along.

2. Britain's Hidden Heritage: Series 1, Cragside House

Paul Martin visits Cragside House in Northumberland, home to Lord William Armstrong.


7. Flog It!: Series 10, Cardigan

Paul Martin visits Rhosygilwen Mansion and Melin Tregwynt, a woollen mill in west Wales.

King's Lynn and Yeovil

4. Flog It!: Series 6, King's Lynn and Yeovil

King's Lynn and Yeovil seek to find the best items for auction.

Warwick Castle

53. Flog It!: Series 9, Warwick Castle

Items include a Georgian silver wine funnel and a 1920s McVitie's biscuit barrel.


50. Flog It!: Series 9, Cirencester

Finds include an early Barbie doll and a fantastic diamond brooch.


48. Flog It!: Series 9, Burghley

Paul Martin explores the charms of Heckington's eight sail windmill in rural Lincolnshire.


33. Flog It!: Series 9, Truro

Paul Martin explores the entertaining and decorative world of magic lanterns.


31. Flog It!: Series 9, Cirencester

The crowds flock to a valuation day in Cirencester. Presented by Paul Martin.


30. Flog It!: Series 9, Dorchester

Paul Martin and experts Mark Stacey and David Fletcher visit Dorchester.


32. Flog It!: Series 9, Ashbourne

Paul Martin and experts Will Axon and Michael Baggott visit Ashbourne in Derbyshire.


3. Flog It! Travels Around Britain: Poets

Paul Martin savours Wordsworth's Lake District and compares the styles of two WWI writers.

Lissanoure Castle

27. Flog It!: Series 9, Lissanoure Castle

Paul Martin and antique experts Will Axon and Catherine Southon visit Lissanoure Castle.


26. Flog It!: Series 9, Bangor

Items up for valuation include a collection of thimbles and an antique sextant.


19. Flog It!: Series 9, Truro

Paul is in Truro, and learns about one of the worst mining disasters in Cornish history.


15. Flog It!: Series 9, Bangor

Mark Stacey finds a silver purse and Adam Partridge values a French violin in north Wales.


12. Flog It!: Series 9, Cirencester

Paul Martin is joined by experts Thomas Plant and Michael Baggott in the Cotswolds.

Paisley and Plymouth

Flog It!: Series 6, Paisley and Plymouth

It's north v south in a bid to find the best items to flog at auction.


10. Flog It!: Series 8, Melksham

Paul Martin's on home territory as Flog It! comes from the heart of rural Wiltshire.

Winchester and Worcester

Flog It!: Series 6, Winchester and Worcester

Winchester and Worcester go head-to-head to find the best antiques to sell at auction.


Flog It!: Series 6, Cheltenham

Paul Martin is in elegant Georgian Cheltenham with experts Charles Ross and James Lewis.


Flog It!: Series 6, Luton

In Luton, presenter Paul Martin learns more about the Enigma machine and Bletchley Park.